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Don Valley North (Toronto) – Mother running as pro-life candidate

Bernardette Michael, running as an independent in Don Valley North in the forthcoming federal election, doesn’t have to be convinced of the necessity of protecting the unborn from the moment of conception – it just makes common sense to her. She said recently in an interview: “When I was pregnant with any of my ten children – I never said that I [...]

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Politics and abortion

On October 18, the Toronto Star revealed that John Turner was about to announce a “new” abortion policy: unrestricted abortions up to 22 weeks, and some restrictions thereafter.  The “new” policy was leaked by an aide, apparently upset (please note) at the restrictions to be applied after 22 weeks. Statistics show that 90 per cent of abortions in Canada are done up [...]

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McTeer challenged

Ottawa lawyer Terese Ferri will provide a welcome counterpoint to the pro-abortion, radical feminist stand of Maureen McTeer in this federal election.  Mrs. Ferri has been acclaimed as the Christian Heritage Party candidate in the East-Ottawa riding of Carleton-Gloucester. Ms. McTeer won the Conservative nomination in the riding in May despite a superb effort by pro-life candidate Dr. Andre Lafrance to defeat [...]

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Election ‘88

Introduction The following is a record of where candidates stand on the abortion issue.  The list has five columns: 1.         Voted for protection of unborn life on July 18, 1988 (This column applies only to incumbent MPs) 2. Spike publicly on behalf of unborn life. (Evidence is based on Hansard for sitting MPs, newspaper clippings, or reliable witnesses present at public occasions [...]

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Maria Hinds

Maria Hinds just celebrated her first birthday in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.  By rights, she should have been at home in Yorkshire, where she and her mother could have enjoyed that special day with her father and seven brothers and sisters.  Bur Maria, who has Down’s Syndrome, needed heart surgery and British doctors refused to perform the operation.  They said it [...]

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Borowski Has Wrist Slapped

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Winnipeg, Adam Exner, has rebuked Joseph Borowski for a large sign on the wall of his store and the use of same in an advertisement placed in several magazines. Borowski’s sign was painted on the outside wall of his store in July, after the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) had expressed preference for ‘Amendment A’ of [...]

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George Grant Obituary

George Parkin Grant, probably Canada’s best known philosopher, and the country’s most articulate pro-life voice, died at Halifax on September 27, a month and a half prior to his seventieth birthday.  He had been suffering from cancer for some time. Mr. Grant was born in Toronto in 1918, into a distinguished family, and was educated at Upper Canada College, Queen’s University, and [...]

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Book Review – Planned Parenthood & its legacy

George Grant Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood [Wolgemuth & Hyatt, Brentwood, TN: 1988] Planned Parenthood is an international network of affiliated organizations whose chief aim is the slaughter of the unborn in the name of sexual liberation, population control, and eugenic manipulation. In this book, George Grant, an American pro-life activist, has given us almost 300 pages of compelling and [...]

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An Iniquitous Inequity

The iniquity of the inequity consists of allowing tax-exemptions for contributions offered to groups advocating abortion, while withholding those exemptions from groups opposed to abortion, but supporting life.  Those in favour of Morgentaler’s abortion clinics, for example, and his legal battles, are able to extend him financial assistance with tax-exempt dollars, whereas those of us who wish to help Joe Borowski with [...]

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Abortuaries – old and new

Toronto – Picketers at Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary will be commemorating the fourth anniversary of their 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., five day a week, witness on December 10, 1988.  No picketing takes place at the Scott abortuary on Gerrard Street for lack of volunteers. On September 27, a third abortuary opened in Toronto at Parliament and Wellesley Street (Donvale Medical Centre).  It [...]

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Heroic Mother walking 3600 kilometers for life

On January 27, 1988, Helen Walsh’s dream of the day when all pre-born Canadians would have the right to live was known only to her family and her friends and neighbours in the town of Bedford, Nova Scotia.  The slim, blonde mother of five – four her own and the youngest adopted – took an ordinary part in her local pro-life group, [...]

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The Editorial Here we go again

In September 1984, we wrote that abortion is the election issue. Nothing has happened in the past four years to make us withdraw that statement.  In fact, November 1988, the situation is even more critical. The political report card for the last four years shows that grassroots pro-life work has begun to pay off.  In June 1987, the pro-life Mitges’ motion was [...]

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Borowski’s Legal Costs Skyrocket

Joe Borowski’s anti-abortion crusade is in dire financial straits.  These were the opening words of a front-page story of the Winnipeg Free Press, August 24, 1988. Mr. Borowski believes that if one is to be successful in seeking financial help, one had better be honest with the public.  He had just received three legal bills totaling $79,000, he told the WFP.  In [...]

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High Court may avoid ruling

After 10 years in Canada’s courts the landmark Borowski case may never receive a ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada.  Joe Borowski’s odyssey to claim the constitutional right to life of the pre-born child under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has ended in a quagmire of legal uncertainty and political hypocrisy. Borowski’s final appeal to the Supreme Court began October [...]

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Pro-life Vote ’88: Ignore Party Colours!

Brian Mulroney did not attend debate or vote on July 28, 1988.  On August 2, 1988, reading from a prepared statement on an open line radio show in Vernon, B.C., Prime Minister Brian Mulroney declared: “I do not favour abortion on demand.  I have recognized that, as the former statute specifies, abortions could be obtained in certain circumstances.” Mr. Mulroney did not [...]

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