Debasing the calendar

Look closely at the 1989 Girl Guide calendar, if you are asked to buy one. It celebrates the centennial of Lady Baden-Powell’s birth, and says that “The women featured in this calendar are a tribute to her vision.” For each month, there is a picture of a noteworthy Canadian woman and a statement by each of what the Guides mean to her. [...]

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The Question of Conscience re-visited

For the first time in 20 years, a Canadian bishop has dared to call a Conference to discuss the encyclical Humanae Vitae (On Human Life0, published in July 1968.  Its twentieth anniversary was a good occasion to do so. To the surprise of some, the October 15 meeting called by Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic of Toronto, but led by Bishop Marcel Gervais of [...]

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Students for Life

“All we are saying is give life a chance!”  That was the feeling put into constructive action outside one of the biggest abortion centers in Toronto.  On October 13 at 85 Harbord Street, Students for Life rallied for Justice for the Unborn, and with the attendance of well over 400 students, it was a great success. The demonstration began with the arrival [...]

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F.C.P holds founding convention

If political conventions have acquired a reputation for being sources of hot air, there was one in Toronto on November 3, 4 and 5, 1988, which was a generator of fresh air.  The Family Coalition Party of Ontario meeting at the Skyline Hotel approved its Constitution, dealt with thirty-five pages of policy resolution, and elected a new executive. The Family Coalition Party [...]

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Witchcraft and Creation – Spirituality

Recently the Vatican requested that Father Matthew Fox stop writing and lecturing.  Fox, a priest of the Dominican order, is the author of three books and founder and head of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names College, Oakland, California.  Father Fox has responded with an irate denunciation of the Vatican. Brother Ratzinger His feelings are expressed in a [...]

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Canada hosts the 1988 Human Life International Conference

Since 1983, the Washington-based Human Life International (HLI) has sponsored a yearly gathering of pro-life scholars, leaders and activists from around the world.  This year, 650 people from 27 countries came to Toronto, October 28 to 30, to talk about sex education, in-vitro fertilization, daycarism and other topics. Some did not than talk.  About 50 joined local pro-lifers October 28 in Canada’s [...]

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AIDS update Not only in Canada

AIDS education seems to be following the same ideological patterns wherever it is introduced.  In Britain, a video on AIDS for school students has been adapted to provide “a necessary moral context” for use in Catholic schools, according to columnist Auberon Waugh. Waugh reports that the accompanying manual “urges Catholic teachers to “correct myths’  about AIDS: ‘It is important for teachers to [...]

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AIDS Education in Nova Scotia

Recent responses to the AIDS crisis in the media generate more questions than answers.  Indications are that Canadians have been let down and left confused by the medical and government bureaucracies.  We are told that the majority of Canadians believe that AIDS is the most serious health threat today.  Surely this national concern deserves a serious response from both a health and [...]

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Another crack in N.A.C.

The National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC), has found itself having to tread carefully in the area of abortion policy so as not to offend either of two important member groups holding opposite views on the issue of eugenic abortion. The Canadian Abortion Rights Action  League (CARAL, has long been a member of the national feminist lobby group.  NAC [...]

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Why I joined Operation Rescue

Now and then we are asked to put our money where our mouth is and that time came for me at the end of October, when the first Canadian Operation Rescue took place in Toronto. Although I agreed a couple of weeks before to take part, I remained far from convinced that I could actually carry out my commitment.  I am, essentially, [...]

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Cakes with a Heavenly scent

A spicy heavenly scent permeates the hallways leading to a spacious basement which houses cool storage rooms and a modern bakery.  Here, all year, six Cistercian monks and brothers chop, churn, blend and bake fruits, mincemeat and natural ingredients into delicious gourmet fruitcakes.  These will be sold at Christmas time in the city. The Christmas rush began early for the monks at [...]

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You were asking?

Confusion arises because the term “abortion” has different connotations in medicine and in law.  The Oxford dictionary defines abortion as the “premature delivery of a child.”  Medical dictionaries, however, list 22 or more classifications of abortions, including accidental, septic, induced, criminal, infected and spontaneous. Are all these abortions illegal? Obviously legislation does not deal with accidental or natural causes of an abortion [...]

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Aids Experiments On The Unborn Doctors in Florida and California plan to use 20 pre-born babies as guinea pigs to see whether the drug AZT, given to their AIDS-infected mothers, will prevent infection in the babies. A child born to an AIDS-infected mother has an approximately 50 per cent chance of being born with the virus.  AZT is not a cure for [...]

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What Feminism did to Laura Sabia

Why a discussion of Laura Sabia?  The answer is that she still writes columns in the Toronto Sun, campaigns for abortion and judges religion according to the standards of militant feminism.  When an item entitled, “Catholics for Choice” appeared in the Toronto Sun last June, her photograph was published alongside that of Frances Kissling, executive director of an American group called “Catholics [...]

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The Significance of Christmas Today

Billions of babies have been born during the past 2000 years.  A few of them, who happened to be of royal blood, had the privilege of having their birthdays celebrated with some pomp and ceremony in their own countries.  But with their deaths and passing of time, not only their birthdays but the people themselves have been forgotten, or their names have [...]

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