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The Editorial – We were wrong

In the Election ’88 supplement to the November Interim it was stated that “in ridings without a pro-life  candidate, it is still possible to make distinctions for voting purposes such as “not pro-life” and is “pro-abortion.”  We were wrong.  We apologize to our readers for any confusion this statement may have caused. For the truly pro-life voter there is no distinction between [...]

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U.S. Elections & pro-life victories

A New York Times headline, November 10, 1988, read “3 State Referendums Give New Impetus to Anti-Abortion Efforts,” and the journalist commented on speculations by  political analysts whether these three pro-life victories indicate “the shift in public attitudes towards abortion.” At present, federal law in the United States prohibits Medicaid funds to be used for abortion, except when the mother’s life is [...]

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McTeer Muddle

In the final days of the federal election campaign, defeated Carleton-Gloucester candidate Maureen McTeer found her abortion views criticized on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen by an Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa. Ms. McTeer had written earlier that she had discussed her directorship of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL), with “her Bishop” and was advised that her position was [...]

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Operation Rescue Comes to Canada

Angry abortion activists stormed the building.  Police carried off 40 rescuers to waiting paddy wagons, including Joan Andrews, the U.S. pro-life activist released from jail October 18, and Joe Borowski, president of the Winnipeg-based Alliance Against Abortion.  But six children were saved from certain death and their mothers from exploitation went pro-lifers successfully shut down Henry Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary on October 29 [...]

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Ups and downs

Brian Mulroney’s Tories swept back to power November 21 by a reduced majority of 169 seats in a federal election fought on the issue of free trade.  Free trade easily dominated all other issues including abortion. Anti-free trade sentiments were responsible for the Liberals returning in strength to the Maritimes and in Ontario, while boosting New Democrats numbers in Saskatchewan and British [...]

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U.S. Abortionists denied malpractice insurance

A new American publication entitled Abortion Malpractice Report, has documented the staggering financial implications of the numerous legal actions filed against the abortion industry in the U.S.  A publication of Legal Action for Women in Pensacola, Florida, the eight-page tabloid newspaper contains a litany of lawsuits filed in bungled abortions, stories of women and families physically and emotionally ruined by abortion, and [...]

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How many babies do we save?

Pro-lifers’ successes in saving babies through sidewalk counseling outside abortuaries and hospitals are often unknown to the public and ignored by the secular media.  Here are some success stories… Joanne Dieleman and friends Joanne Dieleman, despite having two disabled children at home, manages The Way Inn, a counseling service-come-snack-bar adjacent to Morgentaler’s notorious Toronto abortuary and a considerable pain in the neck [...]

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Eagle Forum Dissects Daycare

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum held its seventeenth annual leadership training conference in late September in St. Louis, Missouri.  Over 400 of Schlafly’s “Eagles” gathered from across the United States to attend the three-day conference which focused almost exclusively on the topic of day care and its effects on the family.  Delegates includes homemakers, lobbyists, chapter presidents and political hopefuls whose dedication to [...]

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The Interim interviews Bill Sherwin

Bill Sherwin is the Executive Secretary of the International Right-To-Life Federation (IRLF_, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.  In Toronto to attend the Human Life International Conference of October 26-20, Sherwin dropped into The Interim office to discuss the IRLF’s latest concerns, especially the “pesticide against humanity,” the drug RU-486. Interim: You were established in 1984.  What occurred in that year to precipitate the [...]

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