Euthanasia: Urgent Bulletin

There is a new proposal to decriminalize (in effect, to legalize) euthanasia in Holland.  Dutch pro-life groups expect that it will be presented to the Dutch Parliament in April.  They are very concerned that they will not be able to stop it on their own.  They are asking for your help in the following ways: Send a letter of concern to the [...]

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Video Rescue

This video records the sequence of events at the first Canadian Rescue in October, 1988, at the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto.  This is depicted against a background theme of pro-life activist Joan Andrews speaking at intervals on the absolute need of faith and prayer in the pro-life movement.  Andrews was released from a Florida prison in late October, 1988.  After completing half [...]

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Sue Johanson

Sue Johanson is the host of the Toronto radio program “Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue” and of the TV show, “Talking Sex with Sue.”  She has now written Talk Sex: Sue tells it like it is. Johanson, although trained as a nurse, admits that she was unable to talk with her own children about sexuality.  “No daughter of mine is going [...]

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Confessions of a Pro-Life Missionary Reviewed

This is a fast paced, exhausting journey of a man whose energy, commitment, and evident love for God and His creatures, especially children, propel him around the world in an effort to slow the spreading appeal of abortion and the slackening standards of sexual behaviour.  It is a tour full of vibrancy, colour, enthusiasm, and forcefulness.  Fr. Marx is a man to [...]

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Pro-life mission to PEI

It was, perhaps, a sign of things to come that a whirling March snowstorm suddenly enveloped the Charlottetown area just moments before the plane from Ottawa touched down. On board were two well-known pro-life missionaries from Human Life International – founder and world traveler Father Paul Marx of Washington, and Sister Lucille Durocher, director of HLI’s Canadian branch in Ottawa.  They were [...]

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Civil disobedience and the Bible

In March of this year a British Columbia Superior Court judge sentenced 102 persons to three months suspended sentences for refusing to obey a court order to stay away from an abortuary.  He said that their actions constituted “a classic example of organized lawlessness.”  No doubt “lawlessness” was the wrong term, since the accused were not opposed to all law but rather [...]

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Anti-life celebrities

The Interim has compiled a list of actors, actresses and performers who took part in the massive pro-abortion March in Washington, April 9.  Leonard Nimroy (actor, “Star Trek”)  Susan Sarandon (actress)  Bonnie Franklin (TV actress)  Cybil Shepherd (TV actress)  Whoopi Goldberg (comedian)  Morgan Fairchild (TV actress)  Glenn Close (actress)  Veronica Hamel (TV actress)  Judy Collins (folksinger)  Polly Bergen (actress)  Mario Thomas (actress)  [...]

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The March on Washington

A few weeks ago, Christians all over the world remembered Good Friday.  They re-lived that dark day when an unruly mob rallied before the judgment seat of Pontius Pilate and demanded the death of an innocent Man.  The principal reason for this demand was that He had become an inconvenience to their lifestyle.  Pilate officially declared Him innocent, “I find no case [...]

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Anglican Journal

In December 1984 the Anglican Churchman hailed the acquittal of Henry Morgentaler as an opportunity for the government to make abortions “available with a minimum of delay” to “all women…whether through a hospital or a…freestanding clinic” without the interference of a hospital abortion committee.  In the following month’s issue – after a series of complaints – the editor solemnly declared that the [...]

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Roman Catholic bishops and farms

In a pastoral statement “The People and the Land,” issued at the beginning of March, the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops (OCCB) called for action to stop the destruction of the family farm.  They stressed three urgent needs; an end to the commercial development of farmlands, help for debt-ridden farmers, and public awareness of the importance of food production. A Federal Task [...]

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Salvation Army at cross purposes

It’s good to know that in Canada no abortions are performed in eleven non-Catholic hospitals – four of them in Ontario.  One of these is Grace General Hospital in Scarborough, Ontario. Brendan Wycks, executive assistant at Grace General, said the hospital does not employ abortionists.  According to him, when doctors apply for privileges they are told bluntly that they can’t do abortions. [...]

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Cross-over abortionists

In 1987, the Pro-life Action League, under the leadership of Joe Scheidler, organized a conference of former ‘abortion providers’- nurses, doctors, and counselors involved in the abortion industry who had ‘crossed over’ and joined the pro-life movement.  The conference provided them with an opportunity to reveal publicly what had induced them to make such a radical change in their lives and careers. [...]

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Surrogate mothers

Although the fuss about Mary Beth Whitehead and her baby “M” has subsided, whenever I think about “surrogate” motherhood two items from the testimony at the Baby M custody-court hearing spring to mind.  According to one of the psychiatrists who testified against her, Mary Beth was not an approved mother because she provided the baby with soft cuddly toys to play instead [...]

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Pittsburgh rescuers suffer

A woman is carried by the seat of her pants and the scruff of her neck to a bus by a policeman, who says: “This job is a lot of fun.”  Prison guards with their name and identification tags missing, assault the women while the men are not fed for 33 hours.  Russia, you say?  No, Pittsburgh, U.S.A! In a Philadelphia Operation [...]

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RU-486: how it works

Some call it the Abortion Pill, but the inventor of RU486 prefers to call it a “contragestive,” saying that the word abortion is “automatically negative and guilt-inducing.”  Last year, Etienne Baulieu told the New York Times, I resent [it] when people present the very early interruption of pregnancy as killing a baby, morally or physically.  I think it’s a crime to say [...]

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