Paul Martin on abortion and maternal health

Former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin talks to about abortion and maternal health. He starts off well enough clarifying a matter that many people do not understand: abortions in the developing world are not done in safe conditions because few are performed in hospitals or by doctors. In that sense, it is like any surgery that is performed in unhygienic conditions with few modern technologies and [...]

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The Barbara Dodd Story

It all started with a phone call to Campaign Life Coalition. Greg Murphy was on the line stating that his girlfriend, Barbara Dodd, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was getting an abortion and what he could do about it. The word “baby” was mentioned so the caller referred to Aid to Women. Richmond Cochrane, the able executive director of Aid to Women, [...]

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Injunctions and Rescues in July By Anthony Hawkins, The Interim

During the month of July, Canada’s media headlined the Dodd-Daigle injunctions, interviews and court cases, and overwhelmed the country with their pro-abortion slanted articles, editorials and columnists. During the same month pro-lifers had their own injunctions, and court-appearances, which went mostly unreported of, received brief local coverage only. On Monday, June 26, Marc Somerville, Cambridge, Ont. Lawyer for abortion doctors Norman Assad [...]

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A framework of sanity

What an outrage! The very idea of men going to court to try to save their babies’ lives has the feminists screaming with indignation. Predictably enough, a new men’s group has sprung up to defend the so-called woman’s right to choose and to protest the temerity of Gregory Murphy and Jean-Guy Tremblay who had the nerve to believe that their children should [...]

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The pro-life movement lost a dedicated and determined friend. Dr. J. Reginald Bannister died suddenly on July 2, 1989. He was 65. “He’s been a real forefront in the abortion issue for 15 years,” said Stan Bolger, a Cambridge Right to Life member. “Someone like him is irreplaceable. He’s going to be really missed.” Anneliese Steden, past president of Cambridge Right to [...]

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The Cambridge (Ont.) ruling The assault on civil liberties widens

Toronto On Saturday, June 24, 1900 people marched in Toronto in silent protest against the sweeping nature of the injunction granted Morgentaler. This injunction, invoked on April 13 and confirmed on May 5, 1989, makes it illegal to picket, demonstrate, make a nuisance, etc., within 150 meters. It also states that it is illegal for any person, including clergy to persuade a [...]

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The Dave Forsyth Trial

Finally, there is the Dave Forsyth trial in which the arguments against the Magistrates are summed up eloquently. Dave Forsyth was tried for his third rescue on June 15. I was deeply honored to act as counsel for him. The following are a few quotations from his statement: It is my conviction that the unborn human being is exactly that – a [...]

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Trapped in legalism

The “Quote of the Day,” on the front page of the Toronto Glove and Mail for Saturday, July 15, said: “If their behavior goes unpunished, we may have a society with no abortions, but we may end up having a country that is not worth living in.” (Mr. Justice John Bouck on anti-abortionists in B.C.) On July 14, Mr. Justice Bouck of [...]

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Chilliwack – an inspiration

The name “Chilliwack” means “A gathering place” in the local Indian tongue. It certainly lived up to its name for some three hundred pro-life people who gathered there from July 6 to July 9, 1989. The occasion was the “Alliance for Life/Campaign Life Coalition Annual Convention.” In the early morning of July 6, some twenty-eight “religious fanatics and born-again bigots” enplaned at [...]

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Devine rights of parents

Not all homeschoolers are Christians. But for those who are, home-centered education very much suits the Christian belief that parents have the right and the obligation to teach their own children. Whether Catholic or Protestant, home schoolers who pass on the Christian faith fulfill their duties as the first educators of their children. Parents, says John Paul II, should educate their children [...]

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Media blankets the country with pro-abortion bias

In the past The Interim has published a number of articles concerned with the pro-abortion bias of Canadian newspapers. We feel it is our duty to continue to draw readers’ attention to this feature if for no other reason than to raise awareness about the nature of the Canadian media. The pro-abortion bias in Canadian media, especially the press, is expressed in [...]

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The In basket

At home - on the air for good. Since it was founded in 1977by Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family has waged its “winnable war” through books, magazines, video tapes – and on more than 1200 radio facilities in 35 countries, including Canada. For copies of the radio log (listing the Canadian stations), write to Focus on the Family, Pomona, CA [...]

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Pope speaks on life

On February 5, 1989, Pope John Paul II held a brief reflection from which we present the following extract. ….We must recall that today, through the initiative of the Italian Episcopal Conference, all the dioceses are observing the “Day for Life” which has as its theme this year, ‘Solidly in support of life for the future of mankind’. “This future is threatened [...]

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Church’s Stand Attacked

The Los Angeles Region of the American Jewish Congress has taken issue with a statement made by Archbishop Robert Mahony that Catholic public officials “have a positive moral obligation” to oppose liberal abortion laws. (our emphasis). In an eight-page statement issued June 2, the Los Angeles Archbishop said, “All our Catholic people and I expect our Catholic public officials (for whom it [...]

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Board imposes abuse “courses”

The Metropolitan (Toronto) Separate School Board (MSSB) plans to make a child sexual abuse awareness and prevention program compulsory in all its elementary schools in September of 1989, despite mounting criticism of such programs from psychologists, educators and parents. One such parent, Scarborough, Ontario mother of 3, Joanne Boudreau, voiced her concerns at the June 15 meeting of the MSSB. Boudreau opened [...]

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