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The doll with a lovable difference

When a new baby arrives, it is not long before all  his visitors are deciding whom he takes after. “There ‘s no denying he’s yours!”  someone is sure to say. Both sides of the family happily identify whose eyes and whose nose the new baby has inherited. There seems to be a primordial need to recognize ourselves and our family in the [...]

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You were Asking?

What is meant by “wrongful birth”? E.M.P. North York In a court action for “wrongful birth” physicians are sued because they did not determine (e.g. by amniocentesis) that a pre-born child would be born with a disability, or because they did not inform the parents so that the child could be aborted. The parents need only claim they would have been told [...]

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Toronto rescuers jailed

Out of 87 arrested and 42 locked up overnight on August 23 for closing the Morgentaler abortuary, twenty pro-lifers chose to witness to God’s command in jail rather than promise not to return. Rev. Ken Campbell, Baptist evangelist; Pastor John Foster of Toronto’s Evangel Temple; and R.C Father Ted Colleton are among the imprisoned rescuers. Police arrested another 61 rescuers at the [...]

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Montreal Cardinal: No right to abortion

Cardinal Paul Gregoire of Montreal re-iterated the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion on August 15 in his homily on the Feast of the Assumption. The Cardinal made a direct reference to the recent events, which had drawn the attention of the entire province. Human life is the most precious gift which God has given us, said the Archbishop of Montreal. Yet “Many [...]

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Pro-lifers pickets premier’s home

Two members of Life Savers Moncton, a New Brunswick-based pro-life group picketed the home of Premier Frank McKenna on August 6. Life Savers wants McKenna’s Liberal government to bar access to abortion, said the group’s spokesman Michel Arsenault.

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Pro-life resolution

The following resolution was adopted at the national convention in Chilliwack, B.C., July 8, 1989, of the educational (Alliance for Life) and political (Campaign Life Coalition) arms of pro-life. “The Canadian pro-life movement is united in its demand for an uncompromising abortion law which protects each Canadian unborn child from the time of conception. Following weekend meetings in Chilliwack, B.C, July 6-8, [...]

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U.S.: no to viability

In the recent Webster decision, U.S Chief Justice Rehnquist noted that the key elements of the Roe frame-work-trimesters and viability-are not found in the Constitution or anywhere else one would expect o find them. There I no reason why the state’s interest in protecting human life should come into existence only at viability, he declared. Earlier, in the City of Akron case [...]

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Bishops reject LRC

In their June 1989 response to the Law Reform Commission proposals, the Canadian Conferences of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) found much praise:- the definition of the fetus as a human being,- the recognition that abortion is not a private concern of the mother’s- the conviction that the fetus requires the protection of the criminal law. In view of this kind of awareness, the [...]

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MPPs silent as Caplan hurries “clinics”

The Ontario government is determined to make abortions legally available in every Ontario city in separate “clinics.” Some 20 “clinics” exist already. A new bill-called the Independent Health Facilities Act-envisages total government control and total government funding for dozens of free-standing clinics “for proper women’s services.” as they are called. But providing and legalizing existing and new facilities at public expense for [...]

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July’s inflamed debate

July 3 The U.S Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling in Webster vs. Missouri upholds important parts of a 1986 law in the State of Missouri, restricting access to abortion. It rules that states can prohibit public funding and the use of public facilities for abortions. It also directs that the states interest in protecting human life is not restricted only to [...]

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“All they want is a dead baby”

“All they want is a dead baby,” said Greg Murphy, the day after Morgentaler aborted the 16-week-old unborn baby of his girlfriend Barbara Dodd. No Summary of what has gone on in Canada during the month of July seems more apt than this one. And no other statement sums up more accurately the spiritual sickness whish has struck this and other Western [...]

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