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What to do about starvation?

We have seen that starvation is the ‘prescription of choice’ for many Canadian doctors and hospitals; a simple, effective way of easing patients into death. Of course, we oppose it. But what do we do about it? First, as pro-lifers, we have to make sure where we stand. Many “authoritative sources” tell us that our zeal is misplaced; that, instead of protecting [...]

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Judge: No rights for Dad

Mr. Justice George Walsh declined February 13 to stop Mississauga, Ontario resident Samantha Allison, 20, from getting an abortion. Allison’s boyfriend, Terrence Banting, was seeking an injunction against the abortion in the Supreme Court of Ontario. Having heard lawyer Angela Costigan argue in Banting’s favour, Justice Walsh curtly dismissed the application for standing, saying Mr. Banting has no right to intervene. “I [...]

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Pro-abortion rally ends in chaos

Pro-life demonstrators provided a counterweight to a widely-publicized pro-abortion rally held February 10 in the council chamber of Toronto’s City Hall. Questions put to the pro-abortion speakers were answered with cries of ‘fascists,’ ‘male chauvinists’ and gutter language. City alderman Jack Layton had issued a call for supporters of abortion on demand to assemble in the City Hall Council chamber to voice [...]

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First ever in Lloydminster

Biting winds and bitterly cold temperatures did not deter 60 to 70 pro-lifer from attending the first-ever rally in Lloydminister January 28, 1990 The small western city on the boarder of Alberta and Saskatchewan hosted the event which drew supporters from several nearby towns. The group gathered in remembrance of the day two years ago when in the Morgentaler decision the Supreme [...]

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Teens to the Rescue

On January 31, Teens Rescuing Unborn Tiny Humans (TRUTH), held their eighth rescue at the Colodny abortuary in Toronto. TRUTH has been rescuing babies and mothers since July 1989. The first two rescues were held at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kitchener. Subsequent rescues have been held at either the Colodny or Buruiana abortuaries in Toronto. Colodny’s “The Women’s Choice Health Clinic” [...]

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Arrests in Edmonton

It could have been just another dogged attempt by two rookie sidewalk counselors to persuade women not to go for abortions at Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital. But on February 2, Sheila Dollard, a mother of three and Lianne Laurence were arrested for “assault by trespass” by hospital security guards. Twenty hours later they were released from the Edmonton Remand Centre on $500 [...]

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“Gays” and St. Michael’s College

The curtain is rising on the “gay” 90s. How different is our decade from the last Gay 90s – a century ago. They may have been decadent, but they were civilized compared to our own era, when “gay” has become a euphemism for a militant campaign to reconstruct perversion into something acceptable, even desirable to society. Bill 7 As we have noted [...]

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School joins condom crowd

Condoms were distributed in classrooms at Lawrence Park Collegiate in North Toronto February 6 to all grade 11, 12 and OAC-level students who were instructed on how to put them on two fingers by “health educators.” Coasters were also distributed to all grades with the message “Play it Safe: Join the Condom Crowd.” How safe? Five million dollar product liability insurance coverage [...]

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The AIDS controversy

At a conference in Montreal at the end of November 1989, Dr. James Chin of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there is a marked increase in the number of reported cases of AIDS in all major regions of the world. George Wells of the Centre for Disease Control in Ottawa said that in Canada 2,168 cases had been reported to [...]

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A prayerful presence on parliament

There’s a prayerful presence on Parliament Hill these cold winter days, in the presence of Father Anthony Van Hee, a 54-year-old Jesuit priest from Guelph, Ontario. Outside the Parliament buildings, directly opposite the entrance to the House of Commons, Father Van Hee fasts and prays publicly. Here, alone or with a companion or a few supporters, he comes every day to remind [...]

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Christ and Caesar south of the border

Over the past six months or so there have been some very interesting and significant happenings in the United States, relevant to the abortion issue. Christ and Caesar appear to be firming up for a “no holds barred” confrontation. A quote from the magazine 30 Days will put things into perspective: “The American bishops moved into battle formation…Meeting in Baltimore to mark [...]

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Update Cardinal O’Connor visits Rescuers in jail

New York, N.Y. John Cardinal O’Connor recently visited 27 Operation Rescue prisoners in Westchester County Valhalla jail and hailed them “for doing the work God has called them to do.” The 27 mean and women were attending Mass while serving ten days in jail stemming from a Rescue action in Dobbs Ferry last March. In addition, they were ordered to either pay [...]

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Albertans seek school funding

Edmonton A Protestant group here is poised to take legal action against the public school board and the city for alleged religious discrimination, and has already approached the Alberta Human Rights Commission, says group spokesman Reverend Edward Crawford. Right to taxes At issue is the right of Protestants to direct tax support to their own school system, or alternatively, to establish Protestant [...]

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Prayer campaign

On January 29, more than 270 Catholics assembled in Kitchener, Ontario to embark on “Miracle for Life ‘90” – a nationwide campaign of prayer to the Virgin Mary. “Our goal is to have over a million people praying to our Lady of Fatima, enlisting her efforts to save the lives of the unborn,” said Elmira, Ontario residents Terry and Nancy Parks, principal [...]

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Churches updated

Pentacostals On abortion In a letter to the government dated November 17, 1989, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada declared Bill C-43 to be unacceptable. While they commend the government for re-affirming abortion as a criminal act, they declare that the Bill “in practice, provides for abortion on demand.” Says the letter: “We do not believe this legislation will reduce the number of [...]

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