Shadow in the land

Homosexuality in America (Ignatius Press, 1989) By Congressman William Dannemeyer In order merely to begin to slow the spread of AIDS, Congressman Dannemeyer strongly recommends testing for the HIV virus; compulsory reporting to health authorities by physicians who discover the virus in their patients; contact tracing of the sexual partners of those infected; the restoration of laws against sodomy; and the rejection [...]

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The “gay” drive for acceptance

If the end of the 80s provides any indication, the 90s are going to see increased militancy by homosexuals, and more and more demands for recognition of “gay rights.” Judge Dube Last November Toronto Sun columnist Dick Smyth finally got proof that the world had gone bonkers. Mr. Justice J. E. Dube of the Federal Court of Canada had just ruled that [...]

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A time to Choose Life

A Time to Choose Life: Abortion, Women and Human Rights, 224 pages. Ian Gentles, Editor Stoddart Publishing A time to choose life…has made publishing history. A leading Canadian publishing house, with no church or pro-life affiliation has published a pro-life book on abortion. Stoddart views it as a potential best seller and has printed 7,500 copies. The 15 essays from 18 contributors [...]

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Activists confront Morgentaler

Pro-lifers turned out en masse to witness for the unborn while abortionist Henry Morgentaler spoke at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The 1200 pro-life supporters sang and prayed on the campus grounds March 29, as 50 meters away 200 abortion advocates clustered together chanting slogans while awaiting Morgentaler’s arrival. The rally was a concerted effort by all pro-life groups in the [...]

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“Liberation?” asks pro-life feminist

Fifty people gathered at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto March 13 to hear American activist Julie Loesch-Wiley speak against abortion. The even was sponsored by U of T Pro-Life. Ms. Loesch-Wiley is no stranger to activism. For many years she has been involved with the anti-nuclear movement, and the United Farm Workers under Cesar Chavez. However, until 1979, she regarded abortion [...]

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X-rated TV for kids

The National Film Board’s sex ed TV series for children, “Growing Up,” premiered on B.C.’s Knowledge Network on February 15. With it another state-supported agency got into the business of violating the right of parents to educate their children for chastity. In “Growing Up,” hosts Barbara Duncan and Blu Mankuma visit a Vancouver elementary school and encourage 9 to 12 year-old boys [...]

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Bishops’ Brief

This brief is submitted on behalf of the Permanent Council (1) of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Council would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to present our position on abortion and to address the particular legislative proposal contained in Bill C-43. Abortion is a complex and sensitive issue. There are scientific, legal, social, philosophical, moral, political and [...]

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Judicial Activism Invades Canada’s Courts

On March 13, 1990, the Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa ordered the Federal Government to conduct a complete environmental assessment on a massive Alberta dam project at the Oldman river. The court decision is the result of an application by environmentalists opposing the half-built $353 million dam. Two days later on March 15, the Supreme Court of Canada, interpreting section 23 [...]

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Chief Justice Dickson Retires

The announcement that Chief Justice Brian Dickson would be taking early retirement brought a chorus of praise for his accomplishments. James MacPherson, Dean of the Osgoode Hall Law School said, “I think he will be remembered as the most outstanding judge who ever served on the Supreme Court of Canada. He’ll be remembered personally and professionally for his great humanity and his [...]

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Kim Campbell: Bill C-43 is woman’s entitlement

As the April Interim reported, The Hon. Kim Campbell’s first statement as Justice Minister was to announce that if Bill C-43 was defeated, no other abortion law would be brought forward by the Conservative government: in other words, the government is resorting to legislative blackmail. As the last witness to appear before the commons committee examining the legislation, she also announced that [...]

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Pierre Lacroix exonerated

Pierre Lacroix, a charismatic Roman Catholic Quebec lay evangelist, accused in 1989 of having sexual relations with minors, was exonerated of these charges after two boys admitted perjuring themselves. Lacroix, his wife and children suffered a great deal during this ordeal of false accusations. Some of his supporters thought at the time of his arrest that he was being framed in order [...]

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Media shut out Christians

The airwaves may be public property in Canada, but the Christian view is effectively censored in a medium dominated by humanism, argues Canadian Christians Concerned About media (CCCAM), a newly founded Vancouver-based organization. A CCCAM delegation headed by broadcaster Gloria Kieler went before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the first week of March. She presented a full dossier of [...]

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“Gay” victory at St. Michael’s

In January of this year the Gay and Lesbian Association of the University of Toronto (GLAUT) filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission alleging discrimination on the part of The Mike, an independent newspaper, for failing to publish its “Homo-Hop” ad. (See April Interim) The Mike had several discussions with a representative of the Commission, and after this discussion, an [...]

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Freedoms threatened at Carleton

In the September 1989 issue, The Interim reported on a program originating from the radio station at Ottawa’s Carleton University. It featured the views of a pederastic group, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). A spokesman for the U.S. group stated that the rights of children are being abused when they are not allowed to express their “sexuality” and “explore relationships [...]

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New Statement from CCCB

On March 30,1990, Justice Minister Kim Campbell announced that the government would not entertain any amendments from the House of Commons Abortion Committee. Immediately thereafter, some prominent Quebecors, including the president of Campagne-Vie Quebec, wrote Bishop Lebel, President of the CCCB. They repeated certain objections to the Bill from a natural law and moral point of view. They also pointed out that [...]

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