Pro-lifers can help to save the planet

Strident population control factions in the pro-planet movement demand further destruction of human life as a panacea for the woes of the world.  Their shrill voices can be heard condemning human babies in the womb, as they parade for the rights of baby seals, or snails.  The Pro-Life plea for respect for all life is lost amid cries for “abortion rights.” Environmental [...]

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“Peace with God the Creator; Peace with all Creation”

The ecological crisis and the struggle for a healthy environment is very much a concern for the pro-life movement. On the negative side, environmentalism threatens to become an anti-people movement, as indicated, for example, in two recent Interim stories on the Green Party in Britain.  At the same time, a resurgence of pagan religion and worship threatens to bur what is left [...]

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The greening of the pro-life movement

Al the Globe 90 Conference in Vancouver in March, wrote Globe and Mail columnist Terence Corcoran facetiously, the term “sustainable development” was employed 4,279 times by 500 speakers – and none of them knew what it meant.  It was wrapped in conceptual fog.  When Environment Minister Lucien Bouchard committed our government to “vigorous promotion of the concept of sustainable development,” did that [...]

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The Basket

At Home Toronto is a dying city.  According to 1988 Department of Health figures, 13,185 children died at the hands of abortionists, as opposed to 8,995 who beat the odds and were born. Gutless Department Speaking at a public forum hosted by Concerned Citizens of B.C. in January 1990, Vancouver Alderman Don Bellamy tried to justify the city’s right to allow this [...]

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Permanent I.D. numbers in Ontario

Ontario’s Ministry of Health, headed by Elinor Caplan, has initiated the numerical registration of every man, woman and child in the province.  Preceded by a flurry of news reports describing the fraudulent use of Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) cards.  Mrs. Caplan unveiled her plan to assign individual plastic health I.D> cards to replace the current “family system” now in use. Incorrectly [...]

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Family Conference

The Companions of the Holy Family, an organization of lay Roman Catholics, mounted a successful conference April 7, on the family at Toronto’s St. Anselm’s Church.  It was highlighted by the presence of Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, a Canadian stationed in the Vatican, who is President of the Pontifical Council for the family. The Cardinal was kept busy during his stay in Toronto.  [...]

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Injunction decision

A decision by Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Tevie Miller upheld an injunction protecting an abortion-providing “clinic” in Edmonton. The injunction bans picketing, demonstrating and leafleting within 50 feet of all entrances to Hys Centre, which houses the Women’s Reproductive Health Care Clinic, a facility where abortions are booked for the Royal Alexandra Hospital. The injunction was granted by Justice Miller [...]

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Edmonton abortuary?

As he has done in other provinces, abortionist Henry Morgentaler has approached Alberta Health Minister Nancy Betkowski with an offer to train doctors to perform abortions and to advise on setting up a clinic in this province. Morgentaler wrote the minister stating that an abortion “clinic” could be set up for $100,000 and the need for such a clinic exists in Alberta, [...]

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Alberta Sex Seminar

“Get thee to a nunnery” took on a whole new meaning May 2-5 in Edmonton when a retreat facility run by the Sisters of Providence gave space to a controversial sexuality seminar. The seminar, sponsored by the Edmonton Board of Health, has been held through out the province for some years but recently achieved notoriety when publicly criticized by several past participants. [...]

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Rights Commission annuls family

The recently released annual report of the Canadian Human Rights Commission would lead one to believe that this supposedly non-partisan government organization favors efforts by homosexual activists to redefine what the word “family” means.  The report also makes it clear that the Human Rights Commission is opposed to any foreign government regulations that would require tourists to prove they are free of [...]

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Pornography & Decency; ‘the power of one’

The eighth annual conference of Canadians for Decency, held in Toronto on April 28, opened with tributes to Nancy Pollock, the organizations founder and recently deceased president.  Noreen Marshall compared her to a little tugboat hooked up to a big ship and determined to pull it straight. With her in mind, the conference chose as its theme “The Power of One.”  Single-handedly, [...]

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Dollars for depopulation

One of the major pro-life victories in the U.S. under Ronald Reagan was the initiative known as the Mexico City Policy.  This policy, which went into effect five years ago, prevents American foreign aid agencies from funding any “family planning” organizations which promote and perform abortions overseas or support or participate in programmes which include coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization. This policy [...]

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“Porn Rock”: What the kids are hearing (Part II)

If, as the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind,” then rock music is the universal language of youth.  They get up to it in the morning, spend their waking hours listening to it, and then fall asleep to its beat.  For about four to six hours a day the average North American teen becomes engrossed in [...]

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Science ousts morality: fetal tissue

In January this year Swedish researchers announced that they had the first clear evidence that fetal brain tissue can help people with Parkinson’s disease. In a study published in the U.S. journal Science, doctors at University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, reported dramatic improvements in a 49-year-old man which began a few months after material from fetuses was transplanted into his brain. Dr. [...]

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You Were Asking?

I know that the I.U.D is an abortifacient, but is the diaphragm also an abortifacient?  J.M. Toronto. I checked wit two very pro-life doctors to make certain that I answered you correctly.  Both doctors say that the diaphragm is a contraceptive, but it is not an abortifacient. First, pro-lifers neither deny a woman the right to bear a child, nor do they [...]

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