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Do Not Proceed On May 22, Parliament will once again discuss the crime of abortion.  This new debate will come 21 years after the original one concluded with the passing of Omnibus Bill C-150 on May 14, 1969.  The Toronto Globe and Mail called that moment “a great day for Canada” and thanked Pierre Trudeau for settling the issue.  It never occurred [...]

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Churches act

Baptists In March, a Baptists Church in Salem, NH, denied membership to State Rep. Stephanie Micklon because she sponsored pro-abortion legislation. Rep. Micklon said the church’s action amounted to “religious blackmail.”  She stated, “I’m not pro-abortion, and now they’re saying that is a sin.” Explaining his church’s decision, Senior Pastor Clement Sutton III of the First Baptists Church observed, “We feel that [...]

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Canada’s Commission on Reproduction

The Canadian government announced its plans to establish a Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies in the Speech from the Throne which opened the second session of the thirty-fourth Parliament (April 3, 1989).  The Commission will inquire and report on current and potential medical and scientific developments related to new reproductive technologies.  It will also consider social, ethical, health, research, legal and economic [...]

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Amending Bill C-43?

The Speaker of the House of Commons has ruled out of order 13 proposed amendments, while permitting 14, of which a number cover the same ground. RULED OUT OF ORDER -          Prohibition Of Abortion After 20 Weeks; -          Insistence On Abortions Being Done In A “Medical Facility”; -          Insistence on a second medical opinion; -          Prohibit abortions “to prevent the birth of [...]

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“Abortion corrupts; legalized abortion corrupts absolutely”

Third and final reading on Bill C-43 will begin on May 22.  The Mulroney government hopes the Commons will pass the re-legalization of abortion before the end of the month. IT will be just over 21 years that the original approval in principle of abortion in Canada took place.  On May 13, 1969, the House of Commons approved an Omnibus Bill (C-150), [...]

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Orphanage lessons

Somewhere in the picture morgue of the Halifax Chronicle Herald is a faded photograph of a nine-year-old runaway from St. Joseph’s Orphanage.  If the photo were to be unearthed, it would depict a cheeky little girl seated on a pickle barrel, feasting on chocolate bars and sipping coca cola.  Between unladylike bites, she was pontificating at large to a small but most [...]

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O’Malley fights back with prayer

A novena to St. Therese of Liseux has saved Campaign Life Calgary from threatened eviction, claims its president Michael O’Malley. “It’s adversity leading to a spiritual grace,” Mr. O’Malley told The Interim, as Campaign Life now plans to purchase the property, which houses a pregnancy counseling centre, Campaign Life offices and Mr. O’Malley’s residence itself. Landlord Ben Woo sent one 90-day eviction [...]

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A father’s shining example

Steve Jalsevac, aged 42, once a successful business entrepreneur, is now using his sharp business skills to help Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) in Toronto.  Officially, he is their office manger.  But he is much more: political and financial strategist, policy-maker (part of a team), Vitality newspaper publisher, marketing director (fund raising), special projects supervisor, treasurer of the CLC national board and “ideal [...]

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U.S. Operation Rescue alive and well

The rescue movement in the United States continued steady growth in 1989, although there was less national publicity than in 1988.  Solid rescue organizations capable of organizing rescues exist in almost every state and in most major cities.  There were fewer large national or regional rescues, primarily because pro-lifers were putting their energy into local groups. The Finn family from southern California [...]

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Trial balloon on “Living Wills”

Norm Sterling Conservative MPP for Carleton, introduced into the Ontario Legislature on April 26, a private member’s Bill to sanction Living Wills.  Mr. Sterling aimed to gauge the response of the House to legislation which would open the door to legalized euthanasia in the province.  The bill had the tacit support of Attorney General Ian Scott, but was allowed to die. The [...]

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Byfield: “Aim for positive solutions”

There are two responses to the question of morality.  One says that we can distinguish between right and wrong, because there is a real difference between them.  The other says that morality is whatever the individual wants to make it. Today’s media The second view of morality and approach to education has produced today’s Yuppies.  They are, by and large, pre-eminently comfortable, [...]

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REAL Women put up with new attacks

Arriving in Vancouver on the last weekend of April for their sixth annual meeting and convention, members of REAL Women found themselves again under attack. This time the furor was caused by a newsletter signed by Peggy Steacey, the president of the B.C. chapter of REAL Women, and sent to members across the country. The letter discussed such topics as abortion, the [...]

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Rescues in far away places

This year (1990), was the first time in over 20 years that I found myself part of a permanent parish staff for Holy Week.  I must admit that I had forgotten how busy the last three days are – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday morning.  By Sunday evening I felt as if I had climbed Mount Everest at [...]

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