Bill C-43 in Senate

Following the 140-131 approval of Bill C-43 by the Commons on May 29, Bill C-43 has gone to the Senate for final approval. Senator Stanley Haidasz promised to do all he could to defeat or delay the legislation which he considers “a threat to the survival of Canada.” “We’re permitting a national genocide,” he said of Bill C-43 (Times Transcript, May 29, [...]

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Provinces react

Bill C-43 has met with various responses from provincial ministers of health and attorney general. In New Brunswick, Health Minister Ray Frenette stated that the province would continue to insist on a second medical opinion. “We have a legal right to do that.” The province does not pay for abortions done in “clinics” whether inside or outside the province. (Times Transcript, May [...]

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You were asking?

Aren’t Operation Rescue people breaking the law? M.W., Ottawa, Ontario. To the extend that they trespass by sitting or standing on private property in order to save pre-born children from being killed the answer is, “yes.” On the other hand, the people who hid the Jews during World War II also broke the law, and in doing so risked torture and death. [...]

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The Editorial

May 29 For the pro-life movement, May 29 will be – or at least should be in years to come – a day of sadness and prayer for forgiveness of our sinfulness. May 29 is the day the Commons passed Bill C-43. Spiritual disaster The Bill is a spiritual disaster because Canada has rejected God and His commandments on matters of life [...]

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ID Cards: Part II

Public interest in the Ontario Ministry of Health individual I.D. card is building. Both the televised “hot-line” and the main Queen’s Park office, are receiving calls – mainly from worried parents – spokesmen say. Despite the Ministry’s TV ad campaign, picturing loving families in cozy, at home settings, many parents are not buying the Ministry’s propaganda. They are not convinced their children [...]

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Teachers battle B.C. unions

Twenty teachers in Terrace, B.C., will be fired at the end of June if they refuse to join the local union. Terrace District Teachers Association (TDTA), and the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF). A number of these teachers object to union membership because of the pro-abortion policies of the provincial federation, admitted TDTA president Greig Houlden. Union membership was required in a [...]

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U.S. Bishops getting alarmed

On June 14, the archdiocesan weekly Catholic New York, published a 12-page statement by Cardinal John O’Connor stating that Catholic politicians risk excommunication if they insist on supporting abortion rights. Excommunication, states the Cardinal, may be the only option for Catholics who persist in advocating legislation that supports abortion on its public funding. The Cardinal’s comments drew immediate criticism from Catholic Mario [...]

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Update – Religion

Anglican Church Women ministers Although Canada was among the first of 28 autonomous churches belonging to the worldwide Anglican communion to call women to the clerical ministry, some dioceses have held out against the novelty started in 1976. On June 11, New Brunswick, one of the last of these dioceses, called its first woman, Pat Brittain, to the ministry after first getting [...]

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Pro-lifers rally in May

Pro-life and pro-abortion rallies were held throughout the country, from Halifax to Victoria, mostly before or on Mother’s Day Mary 13. An added incentive for further rallies, mostly for pro-abortionists, was the final debate on C-43 Parliament. Halifax In Halifax, over 2500 pro-life supporters participated in a rally on the eve of Mother’s Day, making it “the largest anti-abortion demonstration in the [...]

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“Pro-choice Catholics” not Catholic

On June 1, Bishop John Myers of Peoria, Illinois, issued what may well become a landmark pastoral letter on abortion. It explains in detail the Catholic teaching on supporting abortion. The bishop states that “striving for legal abortion is radically inconsistent with the Catholic faith.” Catholic politicians, voters, and especially theologians, priests and religious, who help “to make abortion more widely available,” [...]

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Ottawa protest

Reacting to the news that Bill C-43 had just been passed by the House of Commons, a group of about 25 pro-lifers marched on Mary 29th from Parliament Hill and laid a wreath at the door of the Ottawa offices of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. According to a pro-life source, this action was taken to once again express the sense [...]

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Call for better legislation issues

Statement of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the passing of Bill C-43. May 29, 1990 Now that Parliament has given this country a new abortion law, all efforts must be directed to the continuing task of building a greater sense of the value of human life, removing any social and economic conditions that may contribute to abortion, and achieving better [...]

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Father Ted Colleton

During the 1970s and early 1980s, I led several tours to such far-away places as the Holy Land, Rome, Lourdes and Ireland. With advancing years, I decided to leave such strenuous activities to younger people and had “hung up” my travel bag. But it was not to be. Early in February of this year (1990), I received an urgent phone call from [...]

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Intrepid debater

“I’ll never get involved in that dreadful pro-life movement” So spoke Margaret Purcell fifteen years ago before leaving her native Australia. Today, she’s national Vice-president of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) and editor of Vitality, CLC’s quarterly action newspaper. Margaret, 51, has always been pro-life. As a registered nurse she has refused to participate in hospital abortions. A quiet person, she never felt [...]

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Pastoral care of homosexuals failing in churches Contradiction in Toronto

In October 1987, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith released a letter to the Catholic bishops on the subject of the pastoral care of homosexual persons. Authored by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and approved by Pope John Paul II, the Pastoral Care of Homosexuals – sometimes advanced by Catholics themselves – which were at odds with the teaching of the [...]

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