“Winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win”

I can thank pro-life lawyer Angela Costigan for this quote. She used it in her talk at the July 1990 “Challenge of the 90’s International Pro0Life Conference,” in Ottawa. What follows will explain why I find this saying relevant to the present pro-life sentiment in Canada. About mid-July, I left for Ireland just after Bill C-43 had been passed by parliament. As [...]

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Book Review 5 Years Rescuing at “the Gates of Hell”

Those who have heard the Rev. Ken Campbell speak at pro-life rallies know what to expect of him. Each chapter in this account of his recent experiences begins with an appropriate Scriptural quotation; the style is direct, vigorous, and argumentative; there are plenty of exclamation marks. Whites are white and blacks are very black; Attorney-General Ian Scott is described as “the subversive [...]

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Book Review The Heart of Rescuing: Following Christ in opposing abortion

In this little book of just 120 pages, James Hanlon and David Forsyth make a powerful case for physically impeding access to abortuaries in order to save the unborn. They say, “Abortion has been legal in our country for twenty years now because we, as Christian churches, have not sacrificed to try and save our pre-born neighbors.” Given that failure, and the [...]

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Does Operation Rescue save babies?

What good does Operation Rescue do? Does it really save babies from abortion? Does blocking the entrance to an abortuary or even walking up and down in from of it – but not outside Morgentaler’s in Toronto, now shielded by a court injunction – save babies? Don’t the mothers-to-be just come back some other day? Ask Adrian, born May 7, 1990. Ask [...]

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Helping to kill

After the revelation that a Detroit doctor, Jack Kevorkian, had invented a “suicide machine,” and that a 54-year-old Oregon woman with Alzheimer’s disease had used it to take her own life, so-called mercy killing was very much in the news again. Vancouver AIDS activist David Lewis (who has the disease himself) said that he had helped eight AIDS sufferers to kill themselves. [...]

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Challenge of the 90s Conference decries anti-women attitude

The effects on women’s bodies of the powerful anti-life steroid RU-486, Henry Morgentaler’s false claims regarding his solidarity with poor women, abortion clinics that endanger women’s lives – all were topics addressed by speakers at the Action Life hosted “Challenge of the 90s” conference held in early July in Ottawa. C-43 backfires Over 600 delegates heard from respected doctors, educators, authors, lawyers [...]

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Reflections of a political cynic

Here we are in the middle of another provincial election, and while we complain about the millions of dollars this unnecessary election is costing general tax coffers over cool drinks on the summer patio, no one is likely to do anything about it. To be Canadian, it would seem, means to be impervious to political injustice. One glaring example is what the [...]

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Home for single moms

A new maternity home for Peel County, a large suburban area west of Toronto, is in the works, according to Mr. Paul Crawford, newly elected Ontario State Warden of the Knights of Columbus. It is a first-time-ever joint project of District 53, K. or C., under the direction of Len Abraham, District Deputy, and Barbara Bishop, chairperson of the 13 council Peel [...]

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A solo tax revolt

Antigonish, N.S. About a dozen years ago, Fr. Bernard MacDonald became convinced it was immoral to pay the portion of income tax that is used for anti-life purposes. A professor at St. Francis University here, he developed a plan to make a meaningful protest. When filing his income tax returns in 1979, he deliberately placed himself in a deficit position in order [...]

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Homosexuals sabotage AIDS conference

“The honeymoon is over,” said an official from Ghana in commenting on the Sixth International Conference on AIDS held in San Francisco at the end of June. Some 12,000 scientists and public officials from around the world attended it; but so did thousands of homosexual activists, and they made it clear that they no longer trusted or respected researchers in the field. [...]

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‘AIDS a plague’ says editorial

The Fredericton Gleaner stirred up the anger of AIDS spokesmen at the beginning of July by declaring editorially that AIDS ought to be treated like the plague and its victims put in isolation. “A strong body of opinion,” the paper said, “believes that homosexual AIDS victims got exactly what they deserved; that if they had conducted themselves properly, according to the norms [...]

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Court sides with the family

Early in July, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that Toronto translator Brian Mossop was not entitled to bereavement leave to attend the funeral of his homosexual lover’s father. All three judges overturned an earlier decision of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) which determined that by excluding homosexual couples from the collective agreement, Mr. Mossop’s employer and his union discriminated against him [...]

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Cardinal Basil Hume

Criminal Basil Hume, speaking for the bishops of England and Wales, published a statement commenting on the passage of the abortion and embryo research bills. Several excerpts are reprinted here. “This week has seen Parliament take two decisions of the gravest importance for our society. The debates on embryo experimentation and abortion have provided an opportunity unrivaled in recent years for a [...]

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World Update

Europe, Strasbourg On March 12, the European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the legalization of abortion throughout Europe. It was adopted by a vote of 146 to 60. A similar resolution was passed in 1982. At the moment resolutions such as these have no binding force on the members of the European Community, but they do exert pressure on parliamentarians in [...]

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‘Britain no longer Christian’

One of the arguments put forward by some who voted for or advocated the passage of the recent Canadian abortion bill was that it could be amended. Recent developments in Britain show just how hard it can be to improve on abortion laws once they are in place; constant vigilance is necessary to see that they are not made worse – and [...]

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