Alarm bells ring for Irish pro-life

Law Reform Commission to review abortion ban The Irish Law Reform Commission plans to study the legal situation arising out of Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion, stated the Chairman, Mr. Justice Ronan Keane, November 17, 1991, in an address to a criminal law conference. Mr. Justice Keane said that the Commission would soon begin work on proposals for re-drafting the Offenses Against [...]

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Halifax hospital starts fetal transplants

Last December 13, the first fetal tissue transplant in Canada for Parkinson’s Disease took place at the Victoria General Hospital (VGH) in Halifax. Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder characterized by loss of motor functions and coordination; it affects about 70,000 people in Canada, most of them over age 50. The transplant of fetal tissue from an aborted child into an adult brain [...]

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Anglicans waffle on ‘gay’ clergy issue

In the ‘Charge’ he delivered last September to the 139th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, Bishop Terrence Finlay stated, “I need people who will reach out and listen to someone on the other side, to act with care, to know how to give and take.” Such care and sensitivity were required, he thought, in “an effort to understand how the [...]

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Ontario parents: “Say no to sex ed.”

The Ontario Association of Catholic Families issued a letter in December 1991 addressed to fellow Catholics asking to oppose sex ed in school. School is not the automatic social context for sex ed, the letter says, despite what people are saying. The association was founded several years ago and has some 100 member families.  Its current president is Brian Taylor, a father [...]

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Unmarried mothers demand ‘welfare apartments’

Single mothers in North Bay elect to live in welfare-subsidized apartments rather than Columbus House, a residence operated by the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. Columbus House closed recently due to a lack of clientele, Martin Martinello, chairman of the Columbus board of directors, told The Interim. Refusing to live by the rules laid down by Columbus House, the majority of unmarried [...]

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Parents fight ‘Sexuality fair’

A high school ‘safe-sex’ display has led to parental calls for an abstinence-based sex-education curriculum.  Janice Morris said she and other parents in the Grey County school district were motivated to speak out when they discovered the contents of a ‘Sexuality Fair’ that was touring local schools. “When we looked at the fair and discovered  what sort of things they were teaching,” [...]

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Toronto public board promotes homosexual ‘lifestyle’

Toronto.  A Toronto high-schooler still suffers emotionally following the abuse she received for speaking out against homosexuality.  (For an eyewitness account of this incident, see “School board promotes ‘gay’ lifestyle,” by Sue Careless on this page) Diane Mallot says her teen-aged daughter enrolled in the West End Alternative school to take an accelerated diploma course. One of the electives was called “Challenging [...]

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Confrontation in Cabbagetown

On Monday, January 6, 1992 the official opening of the new Way Inn and Aid to Women offices in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood took place.  Since the premises are right next door to the Cabbagetown Women’s clinic at which Dr. Monole Buruiana performs abortions, a pro-life picket preceded the reception.  The opposition came out in force too, and helped make the opening a [...]

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Pro-lifers breach Edmonton injunction

On December 17, ten people were arrested for blocking access to Edmonton’s four-month-old abortion “clinic.” By blocking the rear and front entrances, they violated the terms of a blanket injunction that was obtained by the “clinic” after the first Operation Rescue on November 17. At 7:00 a.m. on a very crisp winter morning, rescuers went to a special Mass offered for them [...]

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“IN ALL MY WANDERINGS IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE GRACE OF GOD IS IN COURTESY.” So wrote the famous English writer of the 1930s, Hilaire Belloc. As this is my first column for 1992 – the January column was written in December 1991 – I was trying to think of something positive as a subject.  Then on Sunday last I happened [...]

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Pro-life plans strategy in Halifax

At its annual strategy meeting in Halifax, N.S., in November 1991 Campaign Life Coalition asked all Canadians to reject the appeal of Mr. Ed Broadbent for a ‘penny per Canadian’ to raise $250,000 for the International Centre for Human Rights in Montreal. “CLC Canada condemns the Centre’s plan to provide funds for pro-abortion propaganda in Poland, as announced in the Centre’s press [...]

Further thoughts

“It is difficult to conclude that Nancy has good reason to shorten her life.” Kurt Gayle’s thoughtful letter together with a re-examination of the principles involved in such cases and further information about Nancy’s condition, has in face led me to a different conclusion from the one I reached before. People hold very strong opinions about whether or not suicide and euthanasia [...]

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The case of Nancy B. Is this Euthanasia?

Editor:  On January 6, 1992 Mr. Justice Jaques Dufour handed down his ruling in favour of Nancy B’s request to discontinue her respirator.  The following is a summary of his conclusions. Judge Jaques Dufour “It would be nature taking its course.” Summary The plaintiff, Nancy B., is twenty-five years old.  She suffers from a progressive motor paralysis caused by Guillain-Barré syndrome.  She [...]

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HINA SCHOLAR John Aird worked with others in his field to distinguish between the versions of the one-child policy produced for Western consumption (and often decked out in ‘freedom of choice’ phrasing), and instructions to Communist Party cadres who actually implement the policy. They’re eye-opening: •    “Those who insist on having a second or excessive birth must be treated according to the [...]

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One child or else: birth control in China

The western population lobby is reluctant to condemn China’s brutal and repressive birth control program for one critical reason: it works. So concludes China scholar John S. Aird in The slaughter of the Innocents: Coercive Birth Control in China, a painstaking and definitive history of Communist China’s inhuman experiment in social engineering. Working with other China watchers, Mr. Aird has assembled irrefutable [...]

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