No Condoms in Montague, PEI

Montague, PEI. In December, 1991 students here in south-eastern PEI petitioned the school board to install condom dispensing machines in the regional high school. The first such request in the province, it caused a furor. The students claimed to have some teacher support. The school superintendent said, “ I have no difficulty with the suggestion, but the board makes the decision.” This [...]

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Does abortion exploit women?

A family physician answers Pro-life physician Dr.Larry Reynolds believes that when women achieve equality they will demand to know the truth about the consequences of abortion to women, and the pro-life position will be validated. One hot night last summer at 3 a.m., Dr.Larry Reynolds delivered a baby boy at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario. After a few hours’ sleep, he [...]

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A telephone life-line: Ita Venner The soft voice on the telephone sounded close to tears as the question was whispered; ‘is this where I can get some information about having an abortion?” An equally soft voice, but cheerful with the lilt of an Irish brogue, answered, “I’ll help you in any way I can.  Why do you want to abort your baby?” [...]

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Today’s heroes and heroines

The “librarian’s choice” bookshelf, prominently located opposite the checkout desk in our small, impoverished library, displayed five copies of Eleanor Pelrine’s adulatory biography of abortionist Henry Morgentaler for months after its publication.  Meditate on the chances of finding five copies – of finding one copy – of Grace Petrasek’s charming and heartening Silhouettes Against The Snow: Profiles of Canadian Defenders of Life [...]

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The Court Party: an anti-life coalition

Many readers of the Globe and Mail’s Focus section for January 11 must have been surprised to find in it support for something that Campaign Life Coalition, REAL Women, and The Interim have been saying all along: that there exists a loose coalition of judges, lawyers, law professors, bureaucrats and media people which is pursuing a pro-abortion, anti-family agenda. “Forget Parliament.  It’s [...]

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Irish constitution under attack

The Pro-Life amendment to the Irish Constitution is under fierce attack. Pro-abortion organizations, Women’s Centers, trade unions and media personalities are in full cry.  Politicians from all parties are joining them in their demands that the amendment by scrapped, or that its enforce The outcry arises from a case in which the Attorney-general took out an injunction to prevent a 14-year-old victim [...]

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Norwegian pastor thwarted

In the most recent development in the Pastor Nessa case (see The Interim, October 1991), it appears that the Norwegian government is becoming even more intransigent in regard to the country’s liberal abortion law. An October 12, 1991 letter from Pastor Tom Haenglse reveals that Pastor Lugwig Nessa, an outspoken opponent of Norway’s permissive abortion law, was refused the right to appeal [...]

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Feminists appointed

Judy Rebick named to council On March 5, NDP Premier Bob Rae appointed Judy Rebick to the Ontario Judicial Council.  Short of Henry Morgentaler himself, Ms. Rebick is one of Canada’s most strident defenders of abortion on demand.  The appointment is for three years. A few years ago, the Liberal government of David Peterson had appointed pro-abortion feminists Doris Anderson and June [...]

Annulled adoption raises rights questions

“I believe that every baby is born when and where he ought to be, to the parents he ought to be with.” What rights does an unmarried father have regarding his newborn child? Canadians may soon be exploring this issue, if a recent news story develops as expected.  Nineteen-year-old Montrealer Peter Brassard went to court last December and had his infant son’s [...]

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“Taffy-pull” in Church

On March 20, the decision of an Anglican Bishop’s Court that homosexual minister James Ferry should be suspended from his duties was announced.  Welcome as the decision was, it had disturbing aspects. Farce The proceedings of the Court, followed with great attention by the press, contained elements almost of farce. •    When Ferry’s lawyer Valerie Edwards tried to press her claim that [...]

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You were asking

What is the objection of pro-life people to being called “anti-abortion?”  After all, they are anti-abortion.  R.P., Whitehorse, Yukon True enough, but that is only half the story. Pro-lifers are also against other evils: euthanasia; infanticide of handicapped new-borns by starvation and dehydration; the creation of human embryos (ex utero) to be vivisected in experimentation; fetal transplants and so on. Anti-abortion is [...]

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Update – Religion

Coalition of Concerned Canadian Catholics Pro-lifers are very much aware of the battle for the “soul” of their respective religious communities: will they, or will they not adopt the immorality of the permissive society and thereby earn the world’s approval as “progressive”? CCCC Within the Catholic Church in English Canada, the Coalition of Concerned Canadian Catholics (CCCC) is the current vehicle through [...]

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Wake up, voters!

At their policy convention in Hull (Feb. 20-23, 1992) the Liberals did it again, to the applause of the media. Back in the years of 1967-1969 Pierre Trudeau “hijacked” the Liberal Party of Canada for his permissive society ideals.  Parachuted into the leadership by a party clique, he launched his career by wondering out loud in December 1967 what God could possibly [...]

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U.S. A-G: “Dump Roe”

During his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the new U.S. Attorney-General, William P. Barr, said that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand, was “wrongly decided” and should be rescinded.  The Roe v. Wade judgment opened the way to the mass killing of unborn children. Mr. Barr, 41, who succeeds Dick Thornburgh as the [...]

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Bush for life

On January 22, 1992, American pro-lifers gathered in large numbers in the nation’s capital to mourn the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. President George Bush, like his predecessor Ronald Reagan, reiterated his opposition to abortion.  “I am with you in spirit,” he told the crowd by telephone. Unlike Reagan and Bush in the U.S., no Canadian Prime Minister has championed [...]

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