Pharmacist fired Interim Staff

Early in 1992, citing “unreasonable accommodations,” the University of Florida dismissed pharmacist Michael Katsonis for refusing to dispense the “oral” contraceptive Ovral for use as a “morning after” abortifacient. Dr. Katsonis is a member of the U.S.-based Pharmacists for Life, but aside from a formal protest lodged by the president of the Florida chapter, no other professional pharmacy organization has come to [...]

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(Counter-witness is a column of record for those who have eyes and never see, ears and never hear.  (Ezek. 12:2) Perhaps some day they will see and hear.) Family Violence London, ON – The pastoral Study Days of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London (to be held October 13-15, 1992) will focus on Family Violence. Fr. Tony Daniels, chairman of the organizing [...]

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Another unproven charge

In June 1992 a letter was sent out on Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) stationary with a handwritten message on the envelope: “In Toronto they bombed a clinic.  I need your help today!”  In the top left-hand corner of the envelope was the writer’s name: June Callwood. The letter, addressed to “Dear Friend,” began as follows: “I have a direct warning [...]

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Saving babies

When Joanne Dieleman talks about saving babies from the clutches of abortionists, it’s not idle chitchat. In a remarkable booklet, author Joanne, long time pro-life activist and rescuer, mother of eight children and 249 foster children and grandmother of eight, tells how to save babies from instant death while their mothers – often unwittingly – march their children into a death camp. [...]

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Rev. Ken wins court battle

Toronto – Rev. Ken Campbell, Evangelical Minister from Milton, Ontario, had a Justice of the Peace in Toronto lay charges against Merle Terlesky for disturbing a religious service.  This charge was later changed to disturbing the peace.  Terlesky, aged 27, was found guilty of the latter charge and was ordered to perform 75 hours of community service over a nine-month period.  He [...]

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Taxpayers fund lesbian festival

Halifax – Halifax hosted the region’s first Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Video and Film Festival, June 19-25. The weeklong event was hailed by organizers as “A Queer maritime celebration of our art, our lives, and the very miracle of our survival.  There is something here and queer for everyone,” films, workshops and other entertainment. One workshop on “Sex, God and Film,” was [...]

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Feminists mix “spirituality” and sex

Charlottetown – In recent months, the University of Prince Edward Island, part of which was formerly the Roman Catholic St. Dunstan’s University, has been the setting for several feminist-engendered events and personalities. In May, June Callwood co-founder of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League) was the Convocation Speaker and received an honorary degree.  A few days later Doris Anderson, founder of NAC [...]

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In my opinion- Peter Kormos: his own party?

Ontario NDP member Peter Kormos, now a backbencher, has a reputation for being Premier Bob Rae’s greatest nemesis on many issues, the most notorious being no-fault auto insurance and Sunday shopping.  Some believe he will successfully run for leader of the NDP when Rae steps aside to enter the federal scene. In an informal interview with Kormos, the Interim’s Frank Kennedy tries [...]

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The anti-life Internationals: part II

Part I appeared in the July issue.  It provided a brief history of how abortion legislation has changed during this century.  Part II focuses on some of the important organizations which promote the anti-life, anti-family philosophy and concludes with a reflection on Ireland. Who are the people who promote abortion and why? The best-known promoter of abortion around the world is the [...]

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A slippery slope: baby Theresa

In March 1992, in a Florida hospital, Theresa Ann Campo Pearson was born with anencephalia, a rare condition in which most of the upper skull and brain cortex are missing, but in which the partially developed brain stem can still produce breathing and a heartbeat. The parents – anticipating baby Theresa’s death in a matter of days – asked a Florida court [...]

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Update – Religion

Church and society Pope John Paul II, when he is not traveling, receives an unending stream of visitors, in groups or singly, dignitaries of every kind and every profession, local curial officials, bishops on their once-every-five-years visit, laity and clergy from every corner of the world.  The Holy Father listens to their speeches or addresses and then almost always responds in kind.  [...]

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Text of new Vatican document

Highlights First the letter recalls some recent history. 1.    In 1975 the CDF (Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) noted the distinction between the homosexual condition and homosexual activity, declaring the latter to be “intrinsically disordered.” 2.    This led some Catholics to promote the view that while homosexual acts may perhaps be sinful, there is nothing wrong with being a [...]

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Ontario Court sides with “gay” activists

Ottawa – Homosexual activists won a major victory August 6 when the Ontario Court of Appeal, siding with the “gay community,” declared that the Canadian Human Rights Act is unconstitutional because it does not protect “sexual orientation.” Far-reaching The Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen stated that the decision will, for two specific reasons, have “far-reaching implications”.  First, homosexuals may use [...]

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Be skeptical of population statistics

“Nothing certain in people figures” was the heading of a Globe and Mail story on June 6 related to the conference on the environment in Rio de Janeiro. Reporter Christina Mungan pointed out that just establishing how many people there are in the world today is a major problem.  For example, Nigeria’s 1991 census showed that Africa’s most populous country did not [...]

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The reunion of families

Communism has collapsed in Eastern Europe after 45 years – 70 in the old Soviet Union – of destructive presence. Feminism, in its modern and similarly destructive form, has a shorter (though related) history, but already the informed critique is exposing it and presaging its certain eventual collapse. Betty Steele has now contributed a second book (after The Feminist Takeover published in [...]

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