The month in review

Not a good month It has been a brutal month for North American radical homosexual lobby groups.  First came President Clinton’s waffling on allowing homosexuals in the military.  Next came the crushing findings of an Allan Guttmacher (Planned Parenthood) survey which revealed that only 2% of North American men have ever engaged in homosexual conduct and that just over 1% considered themselves [...]

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UNICEF: Final segment of a three part series

UNICEF’s Collaborators Among the recommendations which UNICEF endorsed at a 1987 Kenya Conference were: “Community education programmes should emphasize the risks involved in pregnancy in order to ensure social support of contraceptive practice.” “This conference…calls on the sponsoring organizations to further extend their collaboration at a notional level…” Two of the sponsoring collaborators of UNICEF are perhaps less well known.  The Population [...]

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Will the real Anita Hill please stand up

I feel sorry for all those poor media types who have recently, in numerous heart rending columns, eulogized the brave and courageous Anita Hill. Here she is hobnobbing with the likes of Hilary Clinton and Gloria Steinem and being named Vanity Fair’s Woman of the Year.  Why she’s even given credit for the election of President Clinton, the number of women elected [...]

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Germany will not fund abortions

Germany – With a recent decision on abortion availability, the German Supreme Court has taken modest steps towards advancing the pro-life cause in Europe. In a controversial ruling on May 27, Germany’s top judges overturned a liberal abortion law which would have allowed virtual abortion on demand. Under the new legislation, abortion will remain legal up to three months or in the [...]

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Geneticist battles “world-wide assault” on life

A distinguished guest slipped into the April board meeting of The Interim a few weeks ago.  He was awaiting a ride to Toronto International Airport.  Impeccably dressed in gray flannel suit, he sat with us at the board table, sipping coffee, breaking bread and joining in the discussions.  When the topic of story ideas arose, someone suggested that we do an informal [...]

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EUTHANASIA: Death on Parliament’s doorstep

Text from a speech given in Vancouver by pro-life MP, Don Boudria Before I begin to talk to you about what we are fighting for, let me take a moment to tell you who and what I am not fighting against.  I know that there are many people who endure physical and mental pain when they are terminally ill.  One such person [...]

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It’s darkest before the dawn

Perhaps we in the pro-life movement feel that we have had quite a lot of bad news in recent months.  First, the election of an avidly pro-abortion President in the United States, with a fully supportive wife, was certainly a blow for the unborn babies of that “great” nation.  Then the shocking murder of the abortionist in Florida was used widely by [...]

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PEI abortion policy under attack

“Our policy on abortion is one the government and executive council stand behind.  We don’t plan to change it.” …..Health Minister Alan Buchanan Charlottetown, PEI – On April 22, Henry Morgentaler launched a lawsuit to force the Province of Prince Edward Island to pay all associated costs for women obtaining abortions at his clinics outside of the province. Alan Buchanan, PEI’s Liberal [...]

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Benny and Joon

The film Benny and Joon directed by Canadian Jerimiah Chechik is a must see.  No doubt, it will be one of the best movies of the summer and, maybe, of the year. Benny and Joon is a wonderful story about a beautiful, mildly insane, young woman named Juniper (Mary Stuart Masterton) and her relationship with a shy, illiterate, and almost mute young [...]

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Much Ado About Nothing

Director Kenneth Branagh continues to work his way through the Shakespeare cannon playing opposite his wife Emma Thompson again in this comedy classic.  The interplay between Branagh, who plays Benedick, and Thompson, who is a marvelous Beatrice, alone makes this movie worth watching.  Branagh sets this comedy in a villa in the luscious Tuscany countryside in the summer.  The scene evokes the [...]

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An unrivaled smear campaign

As the abortionists and their supporters in the Ontario government seek an injunction banning pro-life activity, the media have played a very important role – and have done real damage to the pro-life movement. Media accounts of the pro-life picketing regularly portray pro-lifers as dangerous fanatics.  Abortion clinic operators have been quoted alleging that clients have been assaulted, shoved to the ground, [...]

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The Onslaught of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2nd Edition

Explaining the STD crisis Risky Sex is one national bestseller that should be in every public and high school library.  It isn’t a steamy romance.  Just read its subtitle: “The Onslaught of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”  Yet teens and adults are grabbing this book.  The humourous illustrations beak the ice but it is Genuis’ combination of knowledge and compassion that wins the day. [...]

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Morgentaler v. Borowski Abortion, the Charter, and the Courts

Canadian courts flex new muscle over abortion debate Near the end of a 1989 appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, Henry Morgentaler was holding court in a hotel room with the cream of Canada’s media elite. “The tone was informal,” says F.L. Morton in his wide-ranging study, Morgentaler V. Borowski: Abortion, the Charter and the Courts. “The reporters chatted and joked [...]

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What does the future hold?

The United Nations Population Division has no clear idea how many people there will be in the world, even within the next 50 years. One projection says the world’s population could actually drop by a billion people within the next half century.  Yet family planning programmes continue even though in many countries, such as Nigeria, there are far fewer people than was [...]

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Test your population IQ

Answer each question true or false.  The correct answers and references are listed below. WORLD SIZE AND POPULATION The total area of the world is about 197 million square miles. The total land area of the world is about 73 million square miles. The world population is about 4 billion people. Everybody in the world could lie down in one city with [...]

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