The month in review

Life sentences Two recent U.S. rulings have gained close scrutiny from both sides of the abortion battle.  In September ’93, Month in Review reported on a case of a man who shot a pregnant woman during a hold-up, and caused her to miscarry.  The 4th District Court of Appeals in San Diego has since sentenced Robert A. Davis to life in prison [...]

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John Peters sings from the heart

The pro-life message does not often translate well into modern popular culture.  Pop music, especially is often a direct contradiction of the life ethic and Christian morality. But John Peters is trying to change all that.  The musician from London Ontario admits the things he sings about are “touchy.”  He pulls no punches and tells it the way he sees it. Rock [...]

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Our partner for social change

December 10th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk and spiritual author.  He is one of the most widely read Catholic authors of this century and is a favourite among Christians involved in social justice issues. Merton receives very little attention in pro-life circles; this is a shame because there is so much in Merton’s life [...]

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Dreaming the impossible

My number one Christmas wish would be for a time when a newly elected Member of Parliament – with the unlikely name of I.Yamma Windsniffer – stands up in the House of Commons in Ottawa and says: “Although I’m personally pro-abortion, I will not allow my personal convictions to stand in the way of me voting pro-life!” Then I. Y. Windsniffer will [...]

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Legislature opens the door for legally assisted suicide

In B.C., decisions will be made on a case by case basis Sue Rodriguez last her fight for a legally assisted suicide at the Supreme Court of Canada, but she may have, in effect, won the right to have someone help her kill herself.  The B.C. Attorney General will most likely not prosecute any individual who helps her, according to pro-euthanasia activists. [...]

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A time for healing

Have you heard all the fuss about the pregnant cheerleaders from Hempstead, Texas?  When four of the sixteen-member high school squad became pregnant, the school board voted to remove three of the girls who were continuing their pregnancies from the squad.  The fourth girl, who had an abortion, chose not to return. The cheerleading angle captured the media’s attention, and that in [...]

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A Modern Angel Gabriel

The Angel Gabriel and Frank D’Angelo have some surprising things in common.  Both are messengers with long flowing hair, both have “angel” in their name and both are friends to the child in the womb. In fact, Frank could never imagine how anyone could ever think of harming a child.  But, some 20 years ago, a schoolmate told him he was taking [...]

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Support the Legal Defence Fund

In a time of massive government cutbacks, the Attorney General’s office has spared no expense in its single-minded effort to gag pro-life expression in the province. There are at least four government lawyers working on the case plus four articling students.  Two lawyers representing the province are present at most cross examinations. When they were before Justice Adams to get the order [...]

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Marion Boyd takes the stand

Attorney General Marion Boyd has been ordered to testify under oath as to why she is pursuing an injunction banning pro-life picketing. Justice J. Adams ruled on November 3 that Boyd should be examined under oath.  Lawyers for the Attorney General sought leave to appeal that order but Justice O’Driscoll decided on November 25 not to grant it. Counsel for the Attorney [...]

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In defence of human rights

The Attorney General office has faced an unexpectedly well-prepared and aggressive defence from the lawyers representing the 18 pro-life defendants. David Brown, a civil litigation lawyer with Stikeman, Elliott in Toronto, is an expert in injunction and constitutional law.  Brown has been involved in a number of high-profile cases and, along with John Sopinka, now a Supreme Court Justice, represented Susan Nelles, [...]

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18 Ontarians face persecution in NDP’s brave new world

Attorney-General moves to gag peaceful expression The Ontario government wants to make it illegal to peacefully protest abortion or to counsel women in selected cities across the province. The Attorney General, Marion Boyd, began a court action in April of this year restricting pro-life activity.  She was acting on the recommendation of a Task Group Report on access to abortion in the [...]

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Gwen Landolt takes on Dalhousie

Realwomen V.P. speaks at feminist dominated law school Had Gwendolyn Landolt been subjected to protests and demonstrations when she spoke at Dalhousie University in Halifax, it wouldn’t have been surprising. This fall Landolt, the national vice=president of Realwomen and a long time pro-life activist, was invited to address the university’s feminist-dominated law school.  She spoke from a non-feminist perspective and much of [...]

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Why a media spectacle fizzled

Last minute change of heart saves Erwin Krickhahn Erwin Krickhahn and John Hofess say that Krickhahn’s public suicide was called off because of the media’s dishonesty and hypocrisy; the media’s explanation is somewhat different.  The following is the story, as reported in the three Toronto daily newspapers, over a period of just over a month. October 9 The Globe and Mail publishes [...]

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Interim Movie Guide

Remains of the Day Starring: Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson Everything about the new production of Remains of the Day is restrained. The movie is all about English reserve and Anthony Hopkins, who plays the butler, James Stevens, shows this particular British trait to a tragic degree.  Restraint, and devotion to duty, is what makes him such an outstanding servant and allows [...]

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You were asking?

Recent reports in the press and on the radio have raised many questions about cloning human embryos. What is meant by “cloning”? The term “cloning,” which applies to plants and animals as well as humans, comes from the Greek word for “two.’  One definition for human cloning is “the production, from one cell, of two (or more) different individuals with identical genetic [...]

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