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The Month in Review

Abortion in Ireland A new bill would “stem the flow” of Irish women seeking abortions in England, said Irish Justice Minister Nora Owen.  However, the pro-life movement and the Catholic Bishops have their doubts.  The Bill was introduced in February by the government to act on the results of a 1992 referendum which saw 60% of the country voting that abortion information [...]

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Catholic schools take it on the chin

Queen’s Park Ont. Bob Rae has his sights set on destroying the Catholicity that remains in the Separate School system and most Ontario Catholics are sound asleep and totally unaware of the bomb ticking in their midst. A deal made ten years ago by a then-Liberal/NDP coalition government to ensure passage of a bill to give more equitable funding to Separate Schools [...]

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Planned Parenthood loses regional funding

Local groups hope that victory will have domino-effect in other communities Waterloo, Ont. Recent Waterloo budget cuts have left area pro-lifers ecstatic and Planned Parenthood out of pocket. In a surprising move, Waterloo Regional Council, which represents surrounding cities, voted 13-12 against providing the country’s largest contraceptive/abortion promoting organization with its annual $32,250 grant. When local pro-life groups discovered that the vote [...]

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Obituary – Frank Foley

Pro-lifers were saddened by the death on March 1 of Frank Foley, a former president of Coalition for the Protection of Human Life. Frank pioneered the pro-life movement in the Ottawa Valley from his home in Arnprior, Ontario.  The fruits of his labour are evidenced today in the strong pro-life voice which exists throughout the Valley. Not content with his educational work [...]

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Accusations stun pro-life group

Anti-Semitic claims “preposterous” maintains HLI president Montreal – Despite a storm of accusations, all things are go for Human Life International’s “You are the Light of the World” conference, set for Montreal in April. The controversy began in January when Stephen Scheinberg, vice-president B’nai B’rith Canada, accused world-wide pro-life group Human Life International and its founder, Rev. Paul Marx, of being anti-Semitic.  [...]

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Real fear haunts disabled

Groups stage rally to voice anger and fear over appeal of Saskatchewan man who killed his daughter On February 22, The Friends of Tracy Latimer called a press conference to tell the country that they were not happy with the ground-swell of sympathy that many Canadians were showing to Robert Latimer who last October ended the life of Tracy, his 12-year-old disabled [...]

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Top five reasons not to fund abortion

In Alberta, the Committee to End Tax-Funded Abortions is working to stop the Alberta government from forcing its taxpayers to pay for abortions.  Meanwhile, in Ontario, Henry Morgentaler is trying to convince the provincial NDP government to give him more money due to an increase in demand at his Ottawa clinic. This year alone, Canadian governments will pay out $30 million of [...]

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MacGuigan book: Caesar versus God

Contradictory statements and faulty reasoning give readers a firsthand look at how one Catholic politician justifies his support for abortion – without feeling at odds with the Church’s teaching. I have just finished reading a book entitled Abortion, Conscience and Democracy. The author is Mark MacGuigan, who was a Member of Parliament from 1968 to 1980.  The book shows an extraordinary breadth [...]

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NDP legacy to live on

NDP aftershocks will still be felt long after the party has faded into oblivion. As the deadline for the Ontario provincial elections draw nearer, the chill winds of change are blowing through Queen’s Park. The NDP is working furiously to provide itself a legacy so that when it is long gone as a political power in this province it will not be [...]

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Rae’s last gasp?

Floundering at the polls and desperate to enact popular legislation, the NDP has released its Royal Commission Report on Learning.  The Interim’s education specialist takes a look at the underlying agenda of what could be Ontario’s last experience with Rae-inspired dogma Enough time has passed now for the Royal Commission Report on Learning to have had a chance to filter through the [...]

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A.G.’s office pushes for trial

Attempts to settle the Ontario government’s suit against the pro-life movement have failed and the case will now go to trial. In August 1994, Justice George Adams issued a temporary injunction which placed restrictions on pro-life activities in front of 18 locations across the province. The Attorney General’s office, representing the abortion industry, has decided it is not pleased with Justice Adams’ [...]

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Groups fearful of government takeover

Volunteer-based groups which provide in-home service for the disabled and elderly question whether bureaucratic centralization will save money or pave the way to healthcare rationing. Ontario has a long history of community-based, volunteer-supported agencies helping the disabled and elderly to remain in their homes. All of this tradition was erased last December when the provincial government passed Bill 173.  What were the [...]

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