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Holy Masses offered nationwide to end abortion

Offering of Holy Masses nationwide is a sure-fire way to end aboirtion, says a new Eucharistic crusade for life. Ten Catholic churches in Ontario have agreed to offer a monthy Holy Mass wit the specific intention “to end abortion.” Fr. Stephen Somerville, pastor of Blessed Edith Stein Church, who will start it in his parish in December said that it will indeed [...]

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Inmates ask: “What’s going on at Metro West?”

An incident at Metro West Detention Centre has raised concern that inmates are being pressured into having abortions. One yung woman who was diagnosed by two separate doctors as bing 18 weeks and 20 weeks pregnant was told that she “ought not to have the child.” It was suggested to heer by a counsellor that she could have a late abortion in [...]

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Christmas in Africa

Whenever I am asked to write or speak about Christmas, I am tempted to resort to my book, “Yes, I’d Do it Again,: and quote from the chapter on my first Christmas in Africa. If you have read it before, skip to the next article. “Shortly after eleven o’clock (p.m.) the church bell rang and the doors were opened. The people crowded [...]

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Gibbons: Not home for the holidays

Despite groups efforts, pro-life prisoner must spend Christmas in jail Linda Gibbons, political prisoner, jailed for defending life, has been transferred to Vanier Correctional Institute in Brampton. Linda is serving time for offering assistance and counseling to women outside Buruiana’s abortuary on Gerrard Street East in Toronto. She committed the “crime” of walking on a portion of sidewalk banned from pro-lifers in [...]

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“Can He be less than God?”

Few historical figures have been more proud, dictatorial and self-assertive than the Emperor Napoleon Boneparte. After his defeat in the Battle of Waterloo (1815 A.D.), he was exiles by the British on the Island of St. Helena, off the West Coast of Africa. Here this most ambitious of men who had almost conquered the whole known world, found himself on a mall [...]

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Post-abortion infertility on the increase in Russia

Russian studies show that 51% of women suffered impairment of reproductive system within five years of having an abortion Russian studies show that the articicial termination of pregnancy by abortion causes serious damage to women and impaird the reproductive system. Research carried out at the Russian Centre for Family Planning has shown that abortion has a negative effect on a woman’s general [...]

Conference speakers harassed at border

Scheidler: “There was a KGB quality to the situation.” Pro-life supporters have criticized Canadian customs officials for “totalitarian” measures taken against two speakers invited to the November 10 - 12 Human Life International (HLI) conference in Calgary. Pro-life Action League executive director Joseph Scheidler of Chicago, and abortion vaccine authority Lawrence Roberge of Springfield, Massachusetts, were detained for 90 minutes by Canada [...]

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Another little skirmish in the culture war

HLI encounters more protest as successful Calgary conference concludes. About 150 pro-abortion, gay and feminist demonstrators sang “This womb is my womb,” chanted “Keep you rosaries off my ovaries,” and checked their watches, counting off the hour. Calgary was enduring unseasonably cold weather. “It makes our job easier,” says a cop, peering from the Calgary hotel. Meanwhile, on the hotel’s second floor, [...]

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Loonies save lives

The next time you waste a dollar, remember how far it will go to save a life. “A dollar for life” goodwill message is fast catching on an gaining support for the pro-life cause. A group of people in Toronto who spearheaded a Pro-Life Symposium in August to help Canadian delegates to Beijing, started by requesting friends to give a dollar a [...]

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Relieving the misery at Christmas

For several decades now, Gene Domagala and driends have been making Christmas a little more merry for those living in one of Toronot’s poorer neighbourhoods. Domagala co-ordinates work in the Parkdale area of the city for the Toronto Star’s annual Christmas relief campaign, which includes the delivery of boxes containing food, clothing and toys to needy families. He began this work with [...]

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It could well have happened

Where else but in The Interim could you read such a hot news item?  Where else but in Canada would the prime minister of the country be convicted of threatening an intruder with an Inuit carving? Somebody spiked my tonic water recently and I found myself dreaming I was in a Québec courtroom reporting the trial of André Dallaire, the man accused [...]

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Hope in big supply at Kitts warehouse

Irrigation system could save drought-stricken countries  Retired florist refuses to accept government handouts–relying instead on private donations and the energy of his volunteers Surrounded by greenhouses and a quaint looking —if not fully functioning windmill —the pastoral tableau gives little hint of the caring, commitment and energy contained within. A look inside the 60 by 100-square foot warehouse reveals what appears to [...]

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U.K. ruling provokes abortion law scrutiny

Man who killed his baby in utero can be tried for murder An appeal hearing in Great Britain will define whether a person who fatally injures a child “en ventre sa mere’ (in the womb of the mother) can be charged with murder or manslaughter. The hearing follows a 1993 case where a trial judge acquitted a man accused of murdering his [...]

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Misleading ultrasound tests leads to abortion

Told by doctors her baby was dead, woman delivers two healthy sons A British study raises concern over the number of preborn children who have been killed after they were wrongly diaganosed as already dead or disabled in ultrasound scans. A study of more than 2000 babies in West Yorkshire revealed one in 200 terminations were based on misinterpretation of routine scans. [...]

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Pill causing an “epidemic of anxiety”

U.K. studies show a brand of birth control pill may be linked with “deep vein thrombosis” A health warning issued by the British Government revealed the results of studies that link seven popular brands of low dose contraceptive pills with deep vein thrombosis. This instigated an uproar within the medical profession and provoked confusion and outrage amongst the British population. The Government [...]

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