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Supporter began Third World assistance project

Ted van der Zalm wanted to make the most of his retirement years and today, the Warehouse of Hope in St. Catharines, Ontario stands as a monument to that ambition. A strongely committed pro-lifer, van der Zalm died in St. Catharines April 15 at age 67. After retiring from the flower business in 1987, van der Zalm became active with the Warehouse [...]

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Double loss for Ontario pro-life community

Interim special The pro-life community suffered a double blow in March with the deaths of committed supporters Dr. Art Dunn of Toronto, and Anthony Kuttschrutter of Madoc, Ontario. Dr. Dunn, 73, died suddenly March 24 at his home in mid-town Toronto. Born in Almonte, in eastern Ontario, Dr. Dunn was a proud member of the University of Toronto’s School of Medicine class [...]

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Mourning memorial

BRAMPTON, Ont. - Pro-lifers in Brampton, northwest of Toronto have scheduled a National Memorial of Mourning (MOM), for 11 a.m. Saturday, May 9 to raise community awareness of the wide-ranging impact of abortion. The event, to be held at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Brampton, is part of Respect for Life Week, May 4-9. It is similar to memorial events held throught the [...]

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Inspiring tales help overcome suffering

Mother of Mercy and of Love Therese Marie Green WinePress Publishing 95 pages, $7.95 (U.S.) Three brief diary entries in 1975 of a pregnant, unmarried 19-year-old pressured into having an illegal abortion is the first stirring witness in author Therese Marie Green’s transformation. She had tender conversations with the “living one” inside her, and acknowledged more than a month later that “my [...]

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Care of hard-to-adopt part of evangelical work

Ann Shields is one evangelist who walks the talk. She is perhaps best known for her appearances with Ralph Martin on The Choices We Face, a Catholic evangelistic television program that airs weekly in Canada on the Vision network. The program attracts some 700,000 viewers in North America, the Caribbean and the Philippines. But Shields not only talks about the love of [...]

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Toronto youth off on Irish pro-life tour

A Toronto-area woman is currently on the first leg of a four-month speaking tour of Ireland to bring a fresh perspective to the hotly-debated abortion situation. Emma Maan, 21, of Georgetown, Ont., is the public relations director with Ontario Students for Life (OSFL), an organization coordinating pro-life efforts among the province’s high school students. She was invited to Ireland by the Dublin-based [...]

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Pro-life issues key part of Christian TV show

A national television program based out of Whitby, Ont. is serving as a unique and exciting platform for the pro-life message. The Eh JJ Show has for seven years been providing positive and moral programming as an alternative to the trashy, sex-laden and violent fare that dominates most of the television air waves these days. According to producer Jerry Jonkheer, the show [...]

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The empty promises of the sexual revolution

In the decade of the 1960’s, two important revolutions intertwined: the sexual and contraceptive revolutions. The sexual revolution promised a more healthy, less inhibited sexual lifestyle, and the contraceptive revolution made possible, at least theoretically, its immediate delivery.  Together, this revolutionary tandem promised an attractive array of human improvements: less sexual frustration, better marriages, fewer divorces, better child spacing, fewer unwanted pregnancies, [...]

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Truth must be part of ‘homophobia’ teaching

British Columbia education minister Paul Ramsey recently put on hold the ministry's plans to introduce a new curriculum to eliminate homophobia and heterosexism from B.C.'s schools. This was followed by the BCTF (BC Teacher's Federation) passing a number of resolutions designed to push ahead with just such a program. All of which signals, once again, that homosexuality has become one of the [...]

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Battles with the PEI media

Pro-family group exposes a media bias CHARLOTTETOWN - In 20 years of writing letters to our local papers, I had found that a logically written argument would always be accorded respect, even if it wasn’t politically correct. Thus I was shocked this winter to find myself and REAL Woman/PEI under attack by the province’s largest newspaper. For four months The Guardian misrepresented [...]

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Bringing family concerns to public square

New leader chosen for FOF-Canada The newly named president of the Focus on the Family (Canada) Association says social issues will continue to be an important aspect of his administration. “Certainly, from a social action perspective, my heart beats for that,” says Darrel Reid. “I want to make sure the cause of the family is represented well in all aspects of Canadian [...]

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Computers & the Internet: Help for amateurs

Thinking about buying a computer, but don’t know what to buy? You have a computer, but don’t know the best way to get hooked up to the Internet to view LifeSite and other family-friendly sites? You’re on the Internet, but find it confusing and useless? You’re not alone. Since launching LifeSite, I’ve found that many of you are in the above categories. [...]

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Police deny seeking pro-life membership lists

WINNIPEG - Police have denied claims of a concerted effort to obtain the membership lists of pro-life organizations in their investigation into the shootings of Canadian abortionists. In an April 1 interview with The Interim, Sgt. Ron Oliver of Winnipeg Police Services said police have no policy of poring through pro-life group membership lists for potential suspects. Sgt. Oliver was responding to [...]

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Even born alive law is meaningless

The Pro-Life Society of British Columbia is calling on the Minister of Health to launch an official investigation into incidents of live births following abortion attempts. News of a BC Supreme Court lawsuit were released the week of April 21 involving a girl born alive at Vancouver General Hospital. The lawsuit alleges that doctors and staff allowed the baby to be delivered [...]

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A chilling underside to Vriend decision

Canada's homosexualist community is gloating over another milestone passed on "the road to equality for homosexuals," as one of their advocates put it, and bragging that the falling-domino insinuation of homosexualism into Canada's social fabric represents progress rather than decay. Many Canadian Christians beg to differ. On April 2, the Supreme Court ruled for the plaintiff in Vreind v. Alberta. Delwin Vriend [...]

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