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A compendium of life- and family-related news from south of the border Abortion rate held steady in '96 The rate of abortions in the United States held steady in 1996, at its lowest level in two decades, according to the Atlanta-based Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. There were 1,221,585 abortions that year (or 314 per 1,000 live births), representing a rate [...]

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International Round-up

Row grows over ‘abortion pill' BONN - The German government's plans to allow the sale of the so-called abortion pill, RU-486, have prompted attacks from the Roman Catholic Church, which is calling use of the pill an illegal act of killing that violates the constitution and the law. The new Social Democratic government licensed the drug for use beginning this month. Chancellor [...]

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Dear ol’ Will, at it again

Over the years I've learned that one of the perils of being a national columnist is that my writings can be used against me. In a recent Freedom of Information request I came across one of my columns, kindly submitted to the British Columbia Ministry of Health courtesy of the mother of all pro-abortion "researchers," Will Offley. Mr. Offley has been a [...]

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The Trials of Trying Kevorkian

On hearing that U.S. suicide champion Jack Kevorkian is to be tried again for "helping" someone to commit suicide, we were tempted to say, "Put us out of our misery! Convict the man already!" So far, no jury has been willing to hold the de-licensed "Dr. Death" responsible for even one of the scores of deaths he has presided over in his [...]

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Canada still needs its Judeo-Christian roots

Many Canadians still think of Canada as a "Christian country." Unfortunately, a more descriptively accurate term nowadays would be "anti-Christian country," since overt and aggressive hostility to Christianity has become a commonplace motif in popular culture, and lately in government as well. Multiculturalism, pluralism, and tolerance are buzz-words of contemporary political correctness, and applied to virtually everyone except Christians who wish to [...]

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Joshua’s Story

A mother recalls how the doctors didn't recognize that the child they wanted her to abort was a 'hidden miracle.' They never imagined that, even though Joshua had spina bifida, he'd eventually play baseball, pretty much like everyone else: In 1990 at the age of 19, I was told that the child whom I had been carrying for 16 weeks had a [...]

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‘The Clinton Chronicles’

Queen's Park "Rumour has it that inside every Clinton ‘Bible' is a bound copy of Playboy." "Bill Clinton makes a pretzel look straight." Clinton jokes are as numerous as Clinton lies, but the real story about the U.S. president has yet to be told. If Democrats in Congress think the president's actions in the Lewinsky matter don't "rise to the level of [...]

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Voters Have the Power to Burst Bubble Zones- Editorial

Imagine the following scenario, if you will: A local hit-man operates out of a store-front made to look like a legitimate business. There's a huge demand for his services; so for the sake of efficiency, and to ensure the bodies won't start piling up on the streets, he has his clients bring their victims to him at his office. The people they [...]

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Editor was dedicated to the pro-life cause

Shortly after 4 a.m. on Oct. 17, 1998, James Patrick McFadden, the founder and the editor of the pro-life publication Human Life Review, fell to the floor of his New York home and died, due to an oesophageal hemorrhage. McFadden's resume is impressive. From 1971 to 1983, he was associate publisher of the prestigious conservative magazine National Review, where he began with a probationary [...]

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Pro-life stand an assett in recent U.S. elections

Data indicate people who cared most about the abortion issue were more likely to vote pro-life With the generally pro-life Republican party expected to make huge gains because of the Clinton scandal, the results of the U.S. election Nov. 3 were generally seen to be disappointing. Earlier this year, out-going Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was predicting a pick-up of three [...]

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Reflections on a UN conference in Edmonton

Edmonton rolled out the red carpet to welcome the world to the International Human Rights Conference, Nov. 28, 1998, marking the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Seven hundred delegates and dignitaries hailed accomplishments and condemned the failures of nations which did or did not measure up to a standard arbitrarily set by the organization in 1948, [...]

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The UN, the IMF, the World Bank, and abortion

World financial institutions key leverage in de-population of Third World On Oct. 15, the U.S. Congress decided to approve an $18-billion funding package for the International Monetary Fund - one that will, for the first time in three years, be accepted by President Bill Clinton. U.S. monies to the IMF had not been approved of for two years previous to this, since [...]

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Top court to rule again on preborn

The justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, in keeping with their tendency to lean toward pro-abortion rulings, have decided to reserve their judgment - probably for several months - in a case involving a New Brunswick boy who is suing his mother for injuries sustained in a car crash while he was still in her womb. Nonetheless, they offered strong indications [...]

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Remembering Canada’s Day of Infamy

Understanding the significance of May 14, 1969 Abortion is not murder. When a child is killed before birth, even one second before, even if most of the baby has been deliv- ered, abortion is not - legally speaking - murder. To this country's great shame, there is no law concerning abortion in Canada. It was done away with in 1988. But I'm [...]

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Hospital visitor sees ‘de-humanization’ of patients

Some time ago, my brother and I were visiting our ailing grandmother at a Toronto hospital. She was put in a room on the main floor which contained about five beds, each separated by privacy curtains. There was only one other patient in the room, on the bed next to hers, and I caught a glance of him as I entered the [...]

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