The truth doesn’t kill; abortion does

  "Religious leaders didn't pull the trigger on Dr. Slepian or bash in the skull of Matthew Shepard, but their blood is dripping off the hands of religious leaders who have, with vitriolic language, incited zealous followers to murder abortion doctors and gays and lesbians. "We must hold accountable the Pope, the bishops, local clergy, conservative Protestant leaders such as Dr. [...]

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Senator targets ‘theo-conservatives’

Tory Senator Ron Ghitter, Q.C., believes that religious conservatives "pose the greatest threat to the maintenance and advancement of human rights in our nation." In Ghitter's estimation, "theo-conservatives" are more dangerous to Canadian society than "skinheads, the Aryan Nation and white supremacists." Senator Ghitter's recent address entitled, "Theo-conservatism: A Threat to Human Rights," delivered at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B., amounts [...]

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Dr. Dobson

QUESTION: I have a friend who was married for nine years before her husband left her for another woman. I think she was a loving and devoted wife, yet she seemed to feel that the breakup of her marriage was her fault. As a result, her self-esteem disintegrated and she has never recovered. Dr. Dobson: It has always been surprising for me [...]

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Poor Garth

Garth Drabinsky was on the phone! Why on earth was he calling me?, I wondered. I said to him, "I don't think we've met, Mr. Drabinsky, but I was down to your office a few months ago to try to get a donation for Campaign Life. Your secretary had a big picture of Henry Morgentaler over her desk, and she told me [...]

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With an election looming, grassroots Ontarians are asking whether the Mike Harris Tories are more "progressive" than conservative. They've certainly been a huge disappointment for one of their most natural constituencies: pro-life, pro-family voters. With an Ontario election seeming imminent this spring, Ontario voters for whom life and family are the first priority are feeling deeply betrayed by the Tories. It seems [...]

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International Digest

Pro-life victory in El Salvador Danish memorial for unborn babies ‘Morning-after pill in Ecuador Abortion deaths claimed in Nigeria Scottish MP told to butt out Experiments on embryos proposed Pro-life victory in El Salvador SAN SALVADOR - El Salvadoran pro-life leader Julia Regina de Cardenal is reporting that efforts to reform the country's constitution to recognize the unborn as human beings from the instant [...]

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U.S. Digest

$100 million award in lawsuit Clintons renew support for abortion Abortionist, administrator indicted Duncan jailed and fined Bauer running for president ‘Unite for Life' campaign announced Bill would make killing unborn a crime $100 million award in lawsuit A federal jury has ordered anti-abortion activists to pay more than $100 million, in the conclusion of a lawsuit launched by a coalition of pro-abortion groups aimed at [...]

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VANCOUVER - Coroner's report a "significant" medical cause contributing to death being the "therapeutic termination" of an intrauterine pregnancy ST, JOHN'S - Campaign Life Coalition sent questionnaires sent to candidates before the recent election to let politicians know that the pro-life organization was on the scene. WINNIPEG - Sept 7 trial set for Second World War veteran charged with assisting in wife's [...]

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Editorial – Having the courage of our convictions

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity - W. B. Yeats, "The Second Coming" Unfortunately, these oft-quoted lines ring true now even more than when they were written in 1920. They point to one of the most peculiar tragedies of modern culture: while Error asserts itself aggressively with unblinking self-confidence, Truth can barely clear its throat [...]

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Remembering our ‘Day of Infamy’

Last month, part one of this article traced the history of legalized abortion from 1969 to 1988. The 1988 Regina vs. Morgentaler decision, which left Canada lawless with regard to abortion, has come back to haunt our current Supreme Court Chief Justice, Antonio Lamer. Justice Lamer shocked Canadians last winter with his admission that he voted to strike down Section 287 of [...]

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Holy woman’ mourned

The Toronto-area pro-life community is mourning the death of one of its most stalwart supporters. Michelle Mary Fleming passed away in her home on New Year's Eve after a lengthy illness. Even in sickness, however, she had kept the pro-life movement in her thoughts and prayers. "She went through a great deal of suffering, which she bore very bravely," said her friend, [...]

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New ways of donating strengthen pro-life cause

Cake, tape and book sales, draws, promotions and special events aren't the only ways Canada's pro-life movement is raising funds to combat the considerable and money-laden forces of the anti-life side. A recent trend has seen increasing numbers of people diverting to the pro-life cause monies destined for flowers at funerals, in memoriams or birthday gifts. "It happens occasionally," noted Campaign Life [...]

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Bishops nix pro-life political affirmation

A "Pro-Life Pledge" initiative, launched by the Pro-Life Pledge Alliance in Santa Ana, Calif., appears to be meeting stiff resistance in circles where you would expect it to obtain at least grudging support. Brian Murphy, a father of five grown children who lives in Mission Viejo, Calif., and one of the strongest promoters of the pro-life pledge, has failed to find a [...]

2010-07-15T11:02:35-04:00February 15, 1999|Pro-Life, Religion|

MP seeks to rein in UN agreements

Whether due to naivete or a bold streak, Reform MP Eric Lowther has decided to take on Ottawa's pro-United Nations bureaucracy all but single-handedly. Being told to get lost by a bureaucrat in the Department of Canadian Heritage was added motivation to push ahead. Mr. Lowther is the Reform Party's children and families critic and also a member of the Parliamentary Heritage [...]

2010-07-15T11:48:43-04:00February 15, 1999|Politics|

MPP aims to build palliative care

Loree Moores loved spending summers at her cottage. But in 1996, she was diagnosed with cancer. As her health deteriorated, she moved in with her son. At the start of her last summer, she and her family assumed that the 33-year tradition of summers at the cottage would have to be broken. But Loree Moores had a palliative care team. These health [...]

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