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Klusendorf disputes new woman-centred pro-life strategy

A leading pro-life educator has rejected a new right-to-life strategy that calls for a radical shift in the way abortion is presented to a mass audience. Scott Klusendorf, director of bioethics for the San Pedro, California-based Stand to Reason organization, says any move to deviate from the moral truth of the right-to-life position in order to make it more attractive to a [...]

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NCLN speaker: Pro-lifers need new words for timeless truths

Students are well situated to re-emphasize the essential truths of the right-to-life position, says a leading U.S. pro-life educator. Scott Klusendorf, director of the San Pedro, Calif.-based Stand to Reason organization, made the comments during the annual National Campus Life Network (NCLN) symposium Jan. 8-10 in Toronto. Nearly 50 students from Canadian universities attended this year's symposium. The event attracted delegates from [...]

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RC hospital to be linked with secular ‘health clinic’

Last year, a seemingly simple and largely bureaucratic move that merged two hospitals set off a flurry of protest, editorials and radio talk show discussion. The Health Services Restructuring Commission, an Ontario panel looking at ways to improve healthcare and save money, ordered the merger of two downtown Toronto hospitals, St. Michael's and Wellesley. Wellesley specialized in AIDS treatment. It also provided [...]

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Probe gets mixed pro-life reaction

The Jan. 19 National Magazine television documentary on "anti-abortion violence" has evoked a varied response from Canadian pro-life activists. The range of reaction includes thinking that it set the pro-life movement back, while others thought the movement came out ahead because of the coverage. Clayton Connell is a pro-life activist from Haliburton, Ont., who, along with his wife Rosemary and others, helped start [...]

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CBC documentary alleges pro-life links to U.S. extremists

A so-called documentary by the CBC on anti-abortion violence covered a legitimate news topic. But it went too far and was completely unfair when it characterized Canada's pro-life movement as complicit in attacks on abortionists. The Jan. 19 National Magazine focused on two American pastors, Matthew Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn, and Michael Bray, a pastor in the Reformed Lutheran Church, [...]

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U.S. pro-lifers mark Roe v. Wade

The 26th annual (U.S.) March for Life took place on Jan. 22 in Washington, D.C. as a witness to the sanctity of human life and a call for a reversal of the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision. Under a cloudy, grey sky, more than 100,000 people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate life and to pray for all victims [...]

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New Phil Main CD debuts

Love the Dark Away, the latest musical release from Phil Main, was introduced recently at an inspirational concert held at Wingham United Church in Wingham, Ont. Guest vocalist Leslie Pike joined Main, and musical backup was provided by the band Silence. The audience was entertained with selections from Main's new CD, as well as past favourites. Sales of the CD (the profits [...]

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Having fled Ghana fearing for his life, pro-life activist Joseph Korka Waadah seeks a new home in Canada.

Many pro-life groups have written articles about how population policy is being forced upon Third World nations through the World Bank, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, UNICEF, and other government and non-governmental agencies. Pro-life people should know that Third World nations are being coerced into accepting the culture of death based on their acceptance of loans and assistance from the wealthier nations. [...]

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Abortuary tries to hide emergency

January 20 started off much like any other day at the "Cabbagetown Women's Clinic" in Toronto. In fact, the abortuary was preparing for the installation of a large, shiny, blue sign that would proudly proclaim its presence to the local community. But plans went awry around noon, when an ambulance raced to the small, non-descript structure that houses the abortuary, even as [...]

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State must not usurp parents’ role

Vancouver's Roman Catholic Archbishop submitted this letter to the Vancouver Sun, in response to the B.C. Supreme Court's overturning of the Surrey School Board's ban on primary-level books treating same-sex parenting as normal. When you meet a parent walking down the street holding a child by the hand and you ask that parent, "Whose child is that?" the parent will say, "That [...]

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College vindicated in gay lawsuit

On Jan. 4, in a 2-to-1 decision, the B.C. Court of Appeal directed the British Columbia College of Teachers to approve Trinity Western University's application to offer the final year of its teacher-education program. Currently, students have to complete the program at another institution. The BCCT denied TWU's application in 1996 citing the University's requirement that students sign a statement pledging they [...]

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Judge in Demers case bows out

A British Columbia man is challenging the province's "bubble-zone" law, arguing that all life, including the baby in womb, must be accorded human rights as spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 11 other international law documents. Jim Demers of Nelson, B.C. was before the B.C. Supreme Court Jan. 12-14, arguing that from conception, children in the womb are [...]

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Court nixes final HLI tax appeal

The decision by the Supreme Court of Canada not to hear an appeal by Human Life International Canada could have ominous implications for charities. HLI Canada appealed a federal court ruling affirming Revenue Canada's decision to strip the pro-life group of charity status because the ministry claims HLI Canada is a "political" organization. Revenue Canada said that to qualify for charitable tax [...]

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Revenue Canada’s uncharitable bias against pro-lifers

HLI ruled 'political,' while abortuaries given charity status Weird things have been coming out of Ottawa recently. Planned Parenthood, a $462-million-dollar-a-year operation that operates 915 abortuaries under its own name in the U.S., has been ruled a charity by Revenue Canada. In a letter to this writer, sent Nov. 27, 1998 in response to my charge that Planned Parenthood was a business [...]

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Child porn ruling case of freedom gone wild

The recent decision of the B.C. Supreme Court which found that, despite a risk of harm, there was a "right" under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to possess child pornography, reveals a flawed approach to "freedom of expression" and the concept of "privacy." What is striking about the decision is that the notion of the person it shows is dangerously individualistic [...]

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