The United Nations’ International Bioethics Committee

Beyond the visible horizon line of the United Nations Conferences during the 1990s, a group of internationally-based scientists, high-powered attorneys and government-associated ethicists bid in a high stakes game for access to the human person for research. Their mission, loftily described as the "ethics of life," has been the scientific "transformation of human beings by human beings." This not-so-new-game is conducted within [...]

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Reflections on this year’s March for Life

I think that anybody who attended the March for Life in Ottawa May 11-12 will agree with me that it was the most successful we have held. More than 3,300 people from across Canada were in attendance and there was a very obvious spirit of optimism among the marchers. I think that one thing which inspired me was the obvious fact that [...]

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I’m all for ‘choice’!

Yes, I decided to come out of the closet. I am all for choice. However I am not a narrow-minded 'choicer' like some people I know. I am for choice for everybody! When I am golfing, for example, I want to have the choice whether to use a seven iron or a nine iron. (Not that it will make any difference anyway.) [...]

2010-07-19T09:12:47-04:00June 19, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

Should we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Bloc Québécois?

On June 9, 2001, the members of the Bloc Québécois celebrated the 10th anniversary of their party in Sorel. The party was supposed to have a short life when it was created after the failure of the Meech Lake agreement. The founder, Lucien Bouchard, declared at that time that the success of the BQ would be measured by "the brevity of its [...]

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On the need to show the full horror of abortion

As the pro-life movement stares into the new millennium, it begins the process of soul searching and contemplation. It's no secret that society has tired of the abortion battle. Preferring to lose themselves in ignorance, the public remain strikingly schizophrenic on the issue of life before birth. Indeed, U.S. pro-life leader Mark Crutcher went further and warned the movement in 1992, that [...]

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Research paper will guide Ottawa on stem cells

Does not acknowledge that embryonic stem cells are unnecessary for medical progress In their recent paper on stem cell research, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research acknowledges the existence of non-controversial sources of stem cells, including adult tissues, but maintains that they are not as useful as embryonic cells, which are derived from "left-over" embryos created through in vitro fertilization: "Recent evidence [...]

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Alberta pro-lifers told to get confrontational

GAP director Gregg Cunningham warns conference participants that Canada is in denial As the Canadian pro-life movement marks its 32nd year protecting human life from conception to natural death, 145 Albertans gathered May 4 at King's University College, Edmonton, for the Life 2001 Conference to consider a new way of doing things. Keynote speaker Gregg Cunningham, of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform [...]

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Euthanasia symposium was refreshingly upbeat

Experts from Canada and the U.S. gather to reflect and plan strategy Those bracing themselves for a downer were surprised to discover a recent euthanasia symposium remarkably upbeat. One audience member asked what the future could hold for her five-year-old nephew who lives with cerebral palsy. Without missing a beat, disability activist and quadriplegic Catherine Frazee replied, "He could become Prime Minister." [...]

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The Pilgrimage for Life continues

Andrew Fournier is continuing his Pilgrimage for Life across Canada, bringing his message and example of hope and commitment to communities and chance-met strangers, "from sea to shining sea." Begun on March 1, 2000 on Cape Breton Island, the then 19-year-old Fournier walked through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and as far as Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario by September 20, a [...]

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Joe was at the wrong party

On this past June 10 former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark was marshal for the "gay pride" parade in Calgary, Alberta. On being contacted by the organizers he doubtless consulted his agenda, discovered that his "dance card" was open on that date and the rest is history. As to why Mr. Clark was there is anybody's guess, but my best guess is [...]

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Men suffer lingering sadness after abortion

I stared at her in disbelief when she broke the news to me. Surely she was joking. I was 17. Judith was 19. Both of us, I rationalized, were much too young to be tied to a baby. "What do you mean, you're pregnant?" I asked quietly. Meanwhile, my mind whirled with a thousand prayers and fears. What would I tell my [...]

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Revisiting a Lion in Winter

"I may be a bit late for lunch tomorrow because I have to say Mass in the morning for the old people at a nearby seniors' home. They move rather slowly, you know, and sometimes it takes them a while to get around," said Fr. Ted Colleton, himself a delightful 88-year-old, in a phone conversation. During lunch, we talked about his 60 [...]

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Trinity Western decision gets mixed reviews

On May 17, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCOC) ruled that the British Columbia College of Teachers cannot discriminate against Trinity Western University because of the school's teaching on homosexuality, a decision which is being viewed as a partial victory for religious freedom in Canada. The BCCT, which accredits teachers in B.C., claimed that TWU's "Community Standards" document which is signed by [...]

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School Choice in Ontario

Education tax credit a step in the right direction On May 9, Ontario Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the province would phase in a tax credit program that will give parents a tax credit of up to one half of independent school tuition (up to a maximum of $3,500). Both proponents of educational choice and advocates of denominational school funding applauded the [...]

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Canada Tips Its Hand on Abortion at UN

Official delegate admits 'reproductive services' include abortion A Canadian delegate at the recent PrepCom leading up to September's Child Summit astonished pro-family advocates and social leftists alike when he acknowledged publicly that the euphemism "reproductive health services" means abortion. He added that it may not refer to abortion in the minds of other delegates, but it does when Canadian delegates to United [...]

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