The importance of meeting your MP

Campaign Life Coalition's Ottawa office is always encouraged when it receives reports from "the field" about how pro-lifers have met their MPs to educate and encourage them to support pro-life measures in Parliament. CLC exists to encourage politicians to do the right thing on life issues, but it emphasizes that the best influence comes from a politician's own constituents. It is an [...]

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The pro-life family

I was going to write a column about family when I read the most recent issue of Catholic Life and Family, a publication of Priests for Life, Canada. Fr. Jim Whalen, PFL Canada's president, put into words much better than I what I wanted to say, so I received his permission to reprint his column here in The Interim. Becoming a pro-life [...]

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Dr. Merlot, call your office

In September 1993, at a Seattle Wash., seminar put on the National Abortion Federation, Australian abortionist David Grundmann stated, "Abortion is still a very fringe-type practise. There aren't a lot of people who want to get into abortion provision. And the ones that we do have applying to us for training often have very dodgy histories and backgrounds. And if you dig [...]

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What’s going on?

I think everybody must have gotten a good laugh when they read the news story "Passengers halt flight," in the Toronto Star. Passengers on a charter flight from Italy to Cuba voted to turn back after noticing flames coming from an engine, overruling the pilot who insisted all was safe. Shortly into the March 3 Air Europe flight from Milan to Varadero, [...]

2010-07-27T10:07:26-04:00April 27, 2002|Frank Kennedy|

Eagle Psalms sets pro-life ethos to music

A southern Ontario pro-life advocate, who has supported the cause in several ways over the years, is now moving his support into the musical sphere. Peter Green is most well known in the pro-life community as the man who, for a number of years and for no cost, deejayed annual Campaign Life Coalition dinner-dances in Toronto. More recently, the St. Catharines, Ont. [...]

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Campaigne Quebec Vie’s Grondin retires

Interim columnist becomes new leader, sees challenges ahead Luc Gagnon brings a wide-ranging background to his role as the new president of Campagne Quebec Vie. In addition to extensive involvement in pro-life work for a number of years (which included the founding of a pro-life medical student organization at Laval University), Gagnon has at various times studied medicine, philosophy, literature and at [...]

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University symposium looks at stem cells

Right to life observer finds panelists prefer to discuss science over ethics On Feb. 1, York University's Bethune College held a Stem Cell Symposium, attended by about 200 students and a smattering of professors. The science of stem cells was presented with clarity as the six-member panel examined this exciting new ground of regenerative medicine. But despite giving lip service to the [...]

2010-07-27T09:28:32-04:00April 27, 2002|Bioethics|

Federal tax dollars promote gay marriage

REAL Women of Canada President Gwen Landolt believes Canadians ought to remember the words of former U.S. president Thomas Jefferson, who wrote that: "To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." Unbeknownst to most Canadians, the federally funded Law Commission of Canada released a report titled Beyond [...]

2010-07-27T09:22:05-04:00April 27, 2002|Society & Culture|

Whatcott faces intimidation from protesters, human rights investigations

The kind of police and private-citizen harassment that took place in Regina recently is nothing new to Bill Whatcott. It's all part of his determined pro-life and anti-homosexuality stand. According to Whatcott, he and four others were peacefully protesting near Regina's City Hospital Feb. 18, when police officers arrived in three cruisers and a pick-up truck. It was 4:25 p.m., a busy [...]

2010-07-27T09:20:33-04:00April 27, 2002|Human Rights Commissions|

The CHP and cultural survival

Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray has a job that no one would envy — he has to get Christians to put their faith into action, particularly in the political arena. At the Feb. 22 Christian Heritage Party convention, Gray made the case in stark terms: we have no choice. Noting the obstacles we face, obstacles that include a hostile media, threats [...]

2010-07-27T09:18:16-04:00April 27, 2002|Politics|

Our Lady of Wisdom’s ‘unwavering commitement’ to Church teaching attracts dedicated students, faculty

Imagine a college where Catholic young people can live out their faith by learning from faculty and staff who practise what they preach. Picture a small, personable school where prayer is at the heart of study, and fellow students call one another to a life of holiness and virtue. There is such a school, right here in Canada: Our Lady Seat of [...]

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God’s will is never a wasted vote

Thanks for publishing Raymond Parker's letter in your January edition, in which he describes his search for a political party which represents his values. Christians all across Canada are crossing denominational barriers, cultural, economic, and even the obstacle of pride to join together as a united moral witness. The biggest hindrance to the work of promoting Biblical principles by a single federal [...]

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Shocking, violent … and legal

As part of our continuing look back at the past during this, our 20th year of publication The Interim reprints this article, the first on partial-birth aborton, which originally appeared in the April 1993 issue. Abortionists in the U.S have introduced a gruesome new way to ply their trade and pro-lifers are hoping that it never makes an appearance in Canada. The [...]

2010-07-27T09:10:09-04:00April 27, 2002|Abortion|

Abortion is mean

Lisa Klassen wrote the following essay at the request of the editor of The Titanium, her school's newspaper. But The Titanium was not allowed to print it, even if accompanied by an opposing view. It is reprinted here with permission. Ever since I started wearing a sweater that says, "Abortion is Mean," I have received many comments both good and bad. On [...]

2010-07-27T09:03:29-04:00April 27, 2002|Abortion|

‘Thou shall not offend’ is not enough

I read with great interest The Interim's report of a Grade 11 student who was given an "unofficial suspension" for wearing a pro-life shirt that read, "Abortion is Mean" (January 2002). The principal at Central Elgin Collegiate in St. Thomas, Ont. saw fit to send Lisa Klassen home because, as he put it, some people found her message "offensive." One might argue [...]

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