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Growing irrelevance of Parliament

The Chatter Box: An Insider's Account of the Increasing Irrelevance of Parliament by Roy Rempel (Dundurn Press, $24.99, 246 pages) Roy Rempel believes that Canadian politicians could campaign for the right to life until they were blue in the face, but it would not have the slightest impact. "Individual MPs' positions are irrelevant," he told The Interim, "because power in Canada is [...]

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U.S. Briefs

Fetal tissue horror The American IVF slaughter Embryo stem cells no miracle cure Suspected abortion-related death Fetal tissue horror NEW YORK - A trial involving the use of tissue from aborted fetuses to treat Parkinson's disease has had the same catastrophic results for patients as a similar 2001 trial. This time, of 23 patients at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine that [...]

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Across Canada

Morgentaler subject of TV movie CA opposes C-250 Bishops speak out on gay marriage Hospital urged to abortionists Euthanasia advocate in court Morgentaler subject of TV movie MONTREAL - The Montreal Gazette reports that Park Ex Pictures will produce a made-for-TV movie about abortionist Henry Morgentaler, entitled "Choices: The Henry Morgentaler Story." The Gazette reports that when freelance writer Linda Massarella called [...]

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World Briefs

Doctor claims clone imminent Two Italians jailed for illegal abortions Wrong diagnosis in pregnancy PM condemns euthanasia Pro-lifers hold off abortion in Namibia Abortion leads to Indian gender imbalance Doctor claims clone imminent ROME - Italian cloning promoter and medical charlatan Dr. Severino Antinori claims to know a patient who is eight months' pregnant with an "absolutely healthy" cloned baby boy.Of course, [...]

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An experience I will always cherish

As the end of our pregnancy draws near, I am struck with the realization that this will be one of the last letters I write to you. Your daddy had the idea for me to write to you and to share with others the journey we are going on in preparing for your arrival. These letters have come to mean so much [...]

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Ontario Tories lied to voters

The Ontario government is aware of two abortuaries that are run out of doctors' offices in Toronto in violation of a pledge that Mike Harris made to the voters June 2, 1995 when he was running for premier of Ontario the first time. Despite that Harris pledge seven years ago, the Tories have failed to close them down. But first, let's go [...]

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Laughable cases of ‘harassment’

A story soon to appear in the pages of The Interim about the complete and total failure of the feminist movement to maintain Everywoman's Health Centre as a feminist beacon, comes, in part, from information we received a number of years ago - information we can now reveal. For reasons I am sure you understand, a plain brown envelope was delivered to [...]

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Why I’d choose life

A new opinion poll claims the vast majority of Canadians now support abortion rights. (Editor's note: see 'Poll on abortion criticized,' page 1, for story.) No surprise really, in that billions of dollars have been spent in promoting abortion in all aspects of our culture. But just a few points. Pro-choice advocates sometimes argue that men have no right to comment on [...]

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Editorials The media and James Kopp

When word emerged that James Kopp had confessed to being the trigger man in the shooting of Buffalo, N.Y. abortionist Barnett Slepian, pro-lifers throughout North America doubtlessly braced themselves for another flogging at the hands of the mainstream media. In a surprising development, however, that media onslaught never really emerged. The Buffalo News newspaper, whose reporters interviewed Kopp for the confession, followed [...]

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Month In Review

Ann Coulter writing in Human Events: "The party formerly known as 'the Democratic Party' will henceforth be doing business under the name 'the Abortion Party.' That would have the virtue of honesty. Love of abortion is the one irreducible minimum of the Democratic Party. Liberals don't want to go to war with Saddam Hussein, but they do want to go to war to [...]

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Looking back to 1986 Borowski appeal heard at last

Three days of hearings on an application by former Manitoba Highways Minister Joe Borowski to declare Canada's abortion law invalid, concluded in Regina on Dec. 18, I985. The hearings were before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, which reserved judgement until later. Although a full complement of seven judges was originally considered for the case, second thoughts led to a hearing by three [...]

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Ottawa musician promotes the pro-life cause in song

She's on old lady and she's rich/She's got a two-car condo and a tub/She's got truths to tell but she won't/She had yesterday by the tail. An Ottawa musician has produced a song aimed at both getting a pro-life message out and generating funds for the cause. Ken Wintle and his band Kwin (a name formed from Wintle's first and last names) [...]

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Pro-life wishes from Atlantic Canada leaders

All pro-lifers hunger for a great breakthrough - if not this year, then surely next. Recently, three from Atlantic Canada shared their dreams for 2003. Herm Wills, president of Campaign Life Coalition in Nova Scotia, thinks the energies of Canada's "pro-life movement are too thinly spread. We desperately need victories. But we are fighting so many battles on so many fronts, that [...]

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The Romanow Report on Health Care in Canada was issued Nov. 28, and pro-life leaders are criticizing the missed opportunity to free up healthcare funds by directing the provinces to de-list abortion. Pro-lifers note that abortion is not a medical necessity and therefore, should not be funded. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes said that Romanow "did not look at, nor [...]

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From the editor’s desk Mad Englishmen and dogs

Editor's Note: This column refers to issues of bestiality, bisexuality and homosexuality. It may not be appropriate for young or sensitive readers.In November, on the other side of the big lake, David Blunkett, Britain's home secretary, announced the government's plans to set in law a new sexual morality. The blueprint paper, "Protecting the Public," is typical Blairite arrogance, believing that a new [...]

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