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Wrongful birth judgement decried as ‘deplorable’ and ‘appalling’

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ordered Dr. Ken Kan of Richmond to pay $325,000 to two separated parents, because he "failed" to diagnose that the unborn child had Down syndrome. The parents would have aborted their baby. It is only the second such ruling in Canada to date, but others are already before the courts. Lydia Zhang, the mother, 42, says [...]

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Abortuary move a ‘pro-choice’ defeat

One of the largest stories to go unreported in British Columbia in 2002 was the total and utter failure of B.C.'s feminist movement to maintain control and direction of the Everywoman's Health Centre abortuary, due largely to pro-life pressure that never relented. The move of the abortuary to a new location, which is under the control of the provincial government, was indeed [...]

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Pro-death group gets government cash

An Ontario government funding agency has given $177,800 over three years to the pro-euthanasia group Dying With Dignity. LifeSite News, the internet arm of Interim Publishing, found that the Trillium Foundation has provided grants to DWD, perhaps making the provincial government complicit in illegal activity; namely, promoting suicide. The story has caught the attention of the mainstream media, put DWD on the [...]

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200,000 brave cold, walk for life

Organizers say at least 200,000 pro-life citizens, including many from Canada, braved the freezing cold weather to take part in the March for Life in Washington D.C., marking the 30th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, on Jan. 22. Despite media guesses of the number of pro-lifers attending the march being anywhere from "a few thousand" to "tens of thousands," [...]

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March for Life energizes participants

We made sure to say a prayer before we crossed the border. This is always a good idea when you have a car full of pro-life signs and pamphlets. Between divine intervention and judicious flashing of four years worth of orthodontics, we slipped uneventfully into Buffalo. We were three young pro-lifers on our way to our first March for Life in Washington. [...]

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For 20 years, The Interim has ‘been there’ for us

It's been 17 years since The Interim printed my first article, a jubilant story of our success in closing down access to abortion in Prince Edward Island. Many other stories followed. It has been a great pleasure to work with some of The Interim's editors - Sabina McLuhan, Mike Mastromatteo, David Curtin, Paul Tuns - all striving to carry out the biblical [...]

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The Interim at 20 – Editorial

The Interim began publishing 20 years ago and there were many then who said it would not last. In some ways, we wish it hadn't, for the primary reason The Interim exists is to report and comment on the many offences against human dignity our society has experienced: abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, contraception, sexual promiscuity, the decline of the traditional family, and the [...]

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The Interim: 20 Years of news on life and family issues

1983 The Interim is founded by Campaign Life after mainstream media refuse to cover abortionist-turned-pro-life advocate Dr. Bernard Nathanson's challenge to the media to let the public know about the truth of the child in the womb. The Inerim provides in-depth and ongoing coverage of the Morgentaler and Smoling trials. Both operate private abortuaries despite federal law requiring abortions be committed only [...]

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Silent No More eliciting ‘phenomenal’ response

For years, pro-life activists have focused on the babies who are lost in abortions. Now, one group is bringing attention to the women who, years later, still feel the horrible after-effects of their abortions. Silent No More is the brainchild of three organizations - the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life, Priests for Life, and the Justice Foundation. The American campaign aims [...]

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