U.S. Briefs

U.S. abortion rate declines Virginia increases abortion biz regulations Delaware to enforce waiting periods PP commits nearly all Vermont abortions Parental consent laws strengthened U.S. abortion rate declines WASHINGTON - According to the Knight-Ridder news service, the U.S. abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level in 29 years, a trend triggered, according to the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute, by the existence [...]

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Across Canada

Toronto mayor's race heats up Anglican priest quits over gay unions No jail time for killer mom Misconduct charges dropped against Christian MD Taxpayers to cover prison sex-changes Morgentaler vows more abortions Toronto mayor's race heats up TORONTO - Barbara Hall is trying to regain the mayor's throne, a position she lost in 1997 when Toronto was merged into one supercity. Hall [...]

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The Interim at 20 Editorial

The Interim began publishing 20 years ago and there were many then who said it would not last. In some ways, we wish it hadn't, for the primary reason The Interim exists is to report and comment on the many offences against human dignity our society has experienced: abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, contraception, sexual promiscuity, the decline of the traditional family, and the [...]

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Why doesn’t this woman have an Order of Canada? Editorial

The Globe and Mail newspaper abandoned all pretenses of objectivity in a recent 3,000-plus word feature on Canada's abortion pioneer Henry Morgentaler in a story entitled, "Why doesn't this man have an Order of Canada?" Columnist Heather Mallick, in space outside her usual 750-word column allotment, failed to even acknowledge that another side in the abortion debate exists. Tony Gosgnach examines the [...]

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Underwhelming pro-abort event

Editor's Note: Please be advised that the author alludes to some sexually explicit terms in this column.Despite Vancouver media's attempts, we never learned just how the recent Rock for Choice event worked out. I mean, we heard lots about it before it occurred, but for some reason either the media checked out of the festivities or just plain forgot that they even [...]

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Letters to my family: Welcome, my little one

My darling baby, It is so wonderful to say that you are finally here. We were all so anxious for your arrival. The house was ready, your brothers were prepared and your daddy, grandparents and I had a plan for when I went into labour. It was now up to you. It all began the evening of Jan. 30. You started to [...]

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Paul Martin disappears

I had a horrible dream recently. Readers know that that is not rare for me. I dreamt that Paul Martin, a willing successor to Jean Crouton, had disappeared on a trip to Bermuda in his private jet, leaving no trace. When the news broke, I was privileged to be standing in Jean Crouton's inner office in the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, totally [...]

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About ‘Catholic’ politicians

"A time comes when silence is betrayal." I believe that the above statement regarding silence in some circumstances was made by the late Dr. Martin Luther King and I think it perfectly true. Just as I was preparing to write my column, I glanced at the Jan. 24 issue of the Toronto Star and saw the following headline: "Copps to enter Liberal [...]

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Month In Review

President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address: "We must not overlook the weakest among us. I ask you to protect infants at the very hour of their birth and end the practice of partial-birth abortion" ... President Bush threatened to veto budget legislation if it omitted language that prohibits the use of federal funds for agencies that committ [...]

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Inside the mindset of a conservative commentator

Mere Christian: Stories from the Light by Michael Coren (Castle Quay Books, 172 pages, $19.95 ) Review by David BoltonWhen asked to review the latest offering by writer, TV, and radio personality Michael Coren, whose column occasionally appears in The Interim, this writer was a little wary. What if I hated this little volume of essays? Could I afford to offend the [...]

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Principal issues condemnation

The principal of the Catholic University of St. Michael's College - an affiliate of the University of Toronto - has denounced a Nov. 8 lecture given at the university by world-renowned Catholic philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft. Professor Mark McGowan, who was earlier embroiled in controversy over his support for a "gay and lesbian" group at USMC, said in an open letter to [...]

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Parliament tackling ‘gay union’ question

Gay activists pledge churches have nothing to worry about, but pro-family leaders are leery Religious and pro-family organizations are defending traditional marriage before the House of Commons Justice Committee, which is acting on Justice Minister Martin Cauchon's request to consider options in adressing how the federal government should recognize same-sex relationships. The committee has been forced to examine the issue after the [...]

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Roses & Thorns

Roses Responding to complaints from abortion advocates about the state's Choose Life licence plates, South Carolina state representative John Graham Altman said: "They're pro-choice. Well, they've got a choice - whether to buy (the tag) or not." Thorns Wichita, Ks. abortionist George Tiller renewed his annual publicity stunt of celebrating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by offering women free first-trimester abortions. [...]

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Flawed cloning ‘ban’ proposed in U.S.

A bi-partisan plan to ban reproductive, but not "therapeutic" or research cloning, will result in "the establishment of human embryo farms," according to the National Right to Life Committee. The bill, which falsely claims to make "human cloning a crime," was proposed by Senators Orrin Hatch (R, Utah) and Dianne Feinstein (D, Calf) and would allow the cloning of human embryos while [...]

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Sheila proves to be a disappointment

Her father was one of Hamilton, Ont.'s most popular mayors, a man noted for his Catholic beliefs and leadership in the pro-life Catholic men's organization the Knights of Columbus. Her mother was similarly a highly regarded city councillor, who among other things, spoke against the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood organization when it came to city council seeking public funding. She is a product [...]

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