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Bill C-38: what do we do now?

Peter Stock The Interim Now that the federal Liberals have passed Bill C-38, which redefines marriage, the provinces of Canada will have to adjust their provincial marriage acts to address the reality. While Parliament has the power to define marriage under Canada’s Constitution Act, the provinces have exclusive jurisdiction to “solemnize” it, including licensing those who will preside over wedding ceremonies. That [...]

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Homolka and the ‘injustice system’ of Canada

Karla Homolka was released July 4 from the prison of Ste. Anne des Plaines. Media from all over Canada were present in this small town of Quebec to film the first moment of freedom of this killer after 12 years in prison. She is still considered dangerous after her participation with ex-husband Paul Bernardo in the horrible murders of two Ontario schoolgirls [...]

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Did he say that?

I was having a nightmare recently on account of the Martin Liberals ramming through Bill C-38, when an angel interrupted my screaming. She shook me by the shoulders vigorously. “Frank! Wake up! Do you want to see the judgement of your former prime minister, Paul Martin, Jr.?” “Is Paul Martin dead?” I wondered. I looked up startled. “Whaddya mean? That’s how you [...]

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No checking your religion at the door

Rory Leishman How can Paul Martin sleep at night? Judging from his public statements and frequent attendance at Mass, he sincerely considers himself a devout Catholic, yet has no compunction about publicly flouting the most solemn and authoritative moral teachings of his church. In an interview with a Vancouver radio station in June, Martin was asked specifically about his defiance of the [...]

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New pro-life group reaches out to evangelical churches

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Hundreds of protesters were gathered outside barricades and along major roads leading to the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont. June 16. The institution was awarding notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler an honorary degree inside its Alumni Hall as part of convocation ceremonies. A large contingent of media personnel was present, covering events on both sides of the [...]

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Vatican corrects pro-abortion Catholics

Interim Staff The Vatican released a working document for the 11th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, scheduled to be held Oct. 2 to 23 this year on the theme, “The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church.” The document, drawn up on the basis of input from Catholic church leaders throughout the world to [...]

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Orwellian Canada: tenant to be evicted simply for displaying a sign defending traditional marriage Special to The Interim “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The famous line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a satire on a Marxist revolution and the lies and distortions required to achieve and maintain it, is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens, but give power and [...]

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Event recognizes and supports yet another persecuted Christian

John Jalsevac Special to The Interim As Presbyterian minister Tristan Emmanuel handed Chris Kempling a check for $18,000, with a promise for $32,000 more to come before the year is through, he encouraged the beleaguered B.C. school teacher, saying, “Chris, I want you to realize that God has not forsaken you. God does not forsake his people.” With that, he pointed out [...]

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Morgentaler gets his degree, but the fallout persists

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Although the dirty deed has been done, the fallout from the University of Western Ontario’s awarding of an honourary doctor of laws degree to abortionist Henry Morgentaler continues. Discourse leading up to the conferring of the award on June 16, as part of convocation ceremonies, had focused on financial and enrollment losses that would be accruing to the [...]

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Faith and games of chance

Peter Stock The Interim Is gambling an age-old, harmless pastime, or is it a pernicious vice to be publicly condemned by the Christian church? Gambling is never specifically condemned anywhere in the Scriptures. Yet, some of the attitudes of the heart that may accompany gambling certainly are, such as greed or laziness in trying to gain something without honest labour. Christian denominations [...]

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Here’s what Jesus wouldn’t endorse

Commentary by Fr. Paul K. Nicholson The Interim At a time when the Liberal government has tried to expunge all references to personal faith and religious belief from public discourse, it is quite remarkable that a senator in Ottawa now invokes the name of Jesus and uses her misinformed religious views as the basis for her support for Bill C-38. Religious leaders, [...]

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Senator: Jesus would back gay ‘marriage’

Dina Kok The Interim In early July, Bill C-38, the government bill leggally permitting same-sex partners to “marry” in civil ceremonies, was debated in the Canadian Senate. For one senator, the debate became a theological question: what would Jesus do? “As a Christian, I often ask myself: ‘What would Jesus do?’” Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, a New Brunswick Liberal, commented. “In this case, [...]

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Mother of modern hospice care changed history

Commentary by Wesley J. Smith Special to The Interim Ralph Nader once mused to me about what a terrible thing it was that Jack Kevorkian was (at the time) the world’s most famous doctor. He was right. That distinct honour should have belonged to Dame Cecily Saunders, the founder of the modern hospice movement, who died at the age 87 in London [...]

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Report probes secular mindset on marriage

Kathy Shaidle The Interim During the same-sex “marriage” debate, Canadian Senator Marilyn Trenholme Counsell declared that Jesus Christ would have joined her in voting for the controversial legislation. Not likely. Chrétien would never have appointed Him. The senator (that rarest of creatures – a convert to Anglicanism) quoted a bumper sticker (“What would Jesus do?”) rather than Scripture to bolster her case. [...]

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Gambling crisis realization sets in

Peter Stock The Interim After several high-profile suicides and bankruptcies involving gambling addicts who had been using provincially licensed video lottery terminals, or VLTs, Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm has ordered a quarter of the province’s 3,200 machines removed from bars and restaurants. The move will likely cost the province a substantial portion of the $170 million it annually rakes in from [...]

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