Abortionists rake in vast sums of public monies

In 1999, we reported that taxpayers had already coughed up $2,611,828 in rent for the operation of the Toronto-based abortuary of Henry Morgentaler, according to Ontario Freedom of Information and Privacy documents obtained by the Toronto Free Press newspaper. Morgentaler is still on the multi-million dollar gravy train. According to information obtained in a new Ontario Freedom of Information and Privacy search [...]

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Death with dignity?

Speaking in the House of Commons on Oct. 31, Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde said that “the Parliament of Canada and its members cannot dither any longer and expect the courts or government to make the necessary changes to the Criminal Code to recognize the right to die with dignity for the people of Quebec and Canada.” There are several things wrong [...]

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Conscience rights under siege

Tony Gosgnach The Interim A proposal explicitly to deny pharmacists in Ontario a right to refuse to provide services on the basis of religious belief or personal conviction has implications beyond the matters of simply abortifacient medications and birth control. Some pharmacists fear that, under such a stricture, they may eventually be called on to dispense medications for the purposes of euthanasia, [...]

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Canadians misconceive of themselves as social liberals

Linda Burns The Interim Over 150 people gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Walkerton, Ont., for a dinner sponsored by Business for Life Awareness. People of many faiths and political viewpoints joined together to promote and encourage a re-awakening of life and family values in our nation.  The keynote speaker was Conservative MP and foreign affairs critic Stockwell Day. In [...]

C-407 may serve just to soften opposition to euthanasia

Paul Tuns, Terry Vanderheyden and John-Henry Westen The Interim After the first hour of debate on Bill C-407, a private member’s bill that would permit assisted suicide, pro-life groups were concerned that while the government opposed this particular bill, it might offer its own euthanasia legislation in the next Parliament. The Liberal Ministry of Justice expressed its opposition to many aspects of [...]

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CLC president visits P.E.I.

Doreen Beagan The Interim “Jack Layton, Paul Martin, Dalton  McGuinty. All had pro-life dads,” Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes told a surprised Charlottetown audience during a short visit to Atlantic Canada in mid-November. So why are they doing this to our country? “Because not enough good people are standing up and speaking out,” said Hughes. “When they don’t, all sorts [...]

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Christmas and the first lady

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim It is no doubt the lingering effect of original sin that has allowed the canons of political correctness to interfere with such an innocent and blessed pastime as the singing of Christmas carols. One distraught lady told me how she was sharply rebuked by her church minister for selecting Away in A Manger to be sung [...]

2010-08-04T08:02:49-04:00December 4, 2005|Equal Rights, Religion|

Marriage battle not over

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The battle to bring back the traditional definition of marriage in Canada is NOT over. That was the message brought loudly and clearly to hundreds of attendees at the 2005 National Pro-Life Conference in Montreal by Pat O’Brien, the independent – and formerly Liberal – MP for the riding of London-Fanshawe, Ont. He spoke along with other Canadian [...]

Kempling gets ECP Centre backing

Interim Staff Rev. Tristan Emmanuel presented embattled British Columbia teacher Chris Kempling with a cheque for $9,500 at the second annual Ignite Our Culture Conference in Burlington, Ont. Nov. 12. Kempling, a teacher with the Quesnel district school board, has been battling both his employer and his teachers’ union after both of them disciplined him over comments he made outside of the [...]

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Interim wins press gallery fight

Interim Staff In a surprising victory for pro-life journalism, Interim columnist Frank Kennedy has arrived at a compromise with the Queen’s Park Press Gallery in Toronto, thus maintaining his press credentials at the Ontario Legislature. Just prior to a specially called meeting, Kennedy, who has been the Queen’s Park correspondent and a columnist for The Interim, Canada’s life and family issues newspaper, [...]

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Rights tribunal won’t hear Kempling’s plea

Interim Staff On Nov. 15, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal announced that it would not hear the case of Christian teacher Chris Kempling, who says he is being discriminated against due to his religious convictions. Kempling, a teacher with the Quesnel School Board, has repeatedly been chastised by his teachers’ union and employers for his outspokenness on the issue of homosexuality. The [...]

2010-08-04T07:49:29-04:00December 4, 2005|Marriage and Family, Religion|

Churches are growing

Peter Stock The Interim A major reversal in a key demographic measure indicates a sea change is under way in the Canadian culture war. Despite the tide of militant secularism that has washed over Canada in recent years, the high water mark of secularism, perhaps best represented by the imposition of homosexual “marriage,” may already have been reached. If polling is to [...]

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Canadians want protection for unborn

Paul Tuns The Interim Polling conducted by Environics Research in October has yet again confirmed that the vast majority of Canadians are opposed to the status quo on abortion. Currently, abortion is legal and easily available for any reason, for all nine months of pregnancy, at taxpayers’ expense. The LifeCanada-sponsored poll found that six in 10 Canadians want at least some legal [...]

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C.S. Lewis in the spotlight: He’s about to become big business, indeed

Michael Coren The Interim C.S. Lewis was arguably the finest popular communicator of the Christian message in modern times and he is about to become very big business, indeed. There are five movies being made of Lewis’s seven-book Narnia series, the first and most famous being The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Each book is self-contained, but as a whole, the [...]

2010-08-04T07:35:21-04:00December 4, 2005|Profiles, Religion|

Pro-life conference hurdles obstacles

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The Canadian pro-life movement pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat when it came time to stage its annual national conference in Montreal this year, Nov. 17-19. Dealing with both the cancellation of its venue a scarce 24 hours before the conference was to begin, as well as ominous threats from leftist anti-life factions, the three-day event [...]

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