‘Maahtin!’ cry the daycare kids

It was, as we say here, a sight for sore eyes: Prime Minister Paul Martin, story book in hand, sitting on the floor with the kids in the Montessori daycare centre in the tiny crossroads community of Poole’s Corner, P.E.I. He had to do it, of course. Steven Harper had just announced in New Brunswick that the Conservatives would provide parents with [...]

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Who’s getting your vote?

A longtime friend of mine, an expatriate from the United Kingdom via Toronto, living permanently in Quebec, is voting for the Bloc and so are almost all of his English-speaking friends. They want to rid themselves of the Gomery-tarred Liberals. (And there isn’t a pro-life candidate to be found.) If this becomes a trend in the forthcoming election, maybe the Liberals in [...]

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We can change the future of Canada

Recently, it has come to my attention that only about 50 per cent of Christians ever bother to vote. Anecdotal, to be sure, but from my own experience, entirely believable. How else can we account for the fact that we live in a country that kills unborn babies, experiments on tiny human life, has now institutionalized homosexual “marriage” and is considering legalizing [...]

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Not the way to rescue the ‘right’

There is much shrewd policy advice in Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution by Tasha Kheiriddin and Adam Daifallah. However, the overall plan of the work is fundamentally flawed. If Stephen Harper and his conservative advisers were to adopt the libertarian policy platform advocated in this book, they would consign the Conservative party of Canada to political oblivion. Kheiriddin and [...]

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Crucial elements glossed over in Narnia film

On the way home from the theatre, after seeing The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I was troubled with doubts. I had heard from various sources, just as I had about the Greatest-Christian-Movie-of-All-Time-that-Will-Change-Your-Whole-Life-and-Convert-the-Heathen-Liberals-and-Probably-Cure-Cancer (aka, The Passion of the Christ), that Narnia was going to be the answer to our wildest evangelistic dreams. The mainstream media’s anti-Christian fortification had finally been breached [...]

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John Muggeridge remembered as a man of ‘national significance’

John Muggeridge, a Catholic writer and retired teacher, passed away at the age of 72 at Princess Margaret Hospital on November 25 after a long battle with cancer. Muggeridge, an editorial adviser to LifeSiteNews.com and senior editor at the New York-based Human Life Review, was the son of noted English author and journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, the husband of Catholic author Anne Roche [...]

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Lafrance’s passing leaves ‘large gap’

It was perhaps appropriate that Dr. Andre Lafrance should have passed away while coming back from a demonstration in support of one of the causes close to his heart. Lafrance collapsed and died Nov. 23 while walking from a prayer vigil he had held with Father Tony Van Hee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Van Hee is a Catholic priest who has [...]

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Kerfuffle over calling the Christmas tree what it is

The Interim For years, the centerpiece of a beautiful Christmas display on Boston Common has been a majestic Christmas tree from Nova Scotia, a thank you gift for Boston’s outstanding help in the wake of the devastating Halifax Explosion in 1917. The lighting of the “official Christmas tree” on Dec. 1 has come to mark the traditional start of Boston’s Christmas season. [...]

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Messy hearings loom on Alito confirmation

Americans are bracing themselves for a divisive cultural battle, because on Jan. 9, the U.S. Senate will begin confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito, who was nominated as an associate Supreme Court justice by President George W. Bush in October, to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Unlike the relatively genteel John Roberts, however, who was easily confirmed as chief justice last [...]

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Groups meet to discuss euthanasia

Interim Staff On Dec. 2, 2005 the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Bioethics Institute hosted a meeting in Toronto for the purpose of bringing Catholic leaders from across Ontario together to focus on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Alex Schadenberg, of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, found the meeting to be an excellent opportunity to bring leaders from the Knights of [...]

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Same adjudicator heard human rights cases

Heather MacNaughton, who chaired the three-panel B.C. Human Rights Tribunal in the mixed judgement of the Port Coquitlam Knights of Columbus v. two lesbians, is the same justice who fined Christian printer Scott Brockie and denied an appeal by Christian teacher Chris Kempling. In 2000, MacNaughton was the adjudicator in a Ontario Human Rights Commission decision against Scott Brockie, a Toronto printer, [...]

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Musician brings culture of life message to his concerts

“What took place during the 60s was a moral tsunami,” the musician said between songs. “Please allow me to explain. The name of this moral tsunami was contraception. The world laughed at Pope Paul VI when he warned us about the dangers of the pill, but he was right. Contraception was followed by abortion during the 70s, no-fault divorce during the 80s [...]

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Expelled for upholding the faith

By now, you have probably heard of Katelyn Sills. As my friend John-Henry Weston reported at LifeSite, this vivacious Catholic teen “was expelled from Loretto High School in Sacramento last week, two weeks after the teacher, who was found to be an abortion clinic escort, was dismissed at the behest of the local bishop, William Weigand ... Katelyn informed her mother after [...]

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Mixed reactions greet tribunal’s ruling in hall rental case

Interim Staff Pro-family supporters are treating with some ambivalence the decision of a British Columbia human rights tribunal. The ruling upheld the right of church-affiliated groups to deny access to their facilities for purposes opposed to their core religious beliefs. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled Nov. 30 that a Port Coquitlam Knights of Columbus council could discriminate against a lesbian [...]

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18 years later, still no abortion law

Parliament can and must act to protect unborn life Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the June 2004 The Interim. We live with a terrible reality in Canada. Unlike any other modern democracy, there is no law regulating abortions at any stage of pregnancy. A pregnant woman can get an abortion at any time, for any reason, at any stage of [...]

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