Canada needs Christian values

So what is our task as Christians? We are to be salt; we are also to be like leaven. Salt arrests the decay in meat. Leaven permeates the flour and transforms it into sustenance. As Canada searches for values to live by, we can join the discussion and be advocates and exemplars of virtues that bring Shalom. We will not seek to [...]

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Svend in the Clowns

Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson. Over the years, Svend Robinson’s flagrant contempt for the law, disregard for parliamentary decorum, and general antipathy towards the time honored traditions of Canada and her people, have made him a symbol of everything unserious in our political process. His pranks are almost more troubling than his policy positions. After the Supreme Court ruled against euthanasia, he [...]

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U.S. social conservatives weigh in on the Canadian situation

With a federal election in full swing, anti-American attitudes have once again sprung to the surface among Canada’s political class. In December, Prime Minister Paul Martin took a swipe at the United States for failing to yield to the “global conscience” on the perceived global warming crisis. The U.S. ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, responded with a thinly veiled rebuke, saying Canada [...]

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Daycare becomes a key issue

Liberal, Conservative approaches differ over the best venue for raising children The Interim “Beer and popcorn.” That’s supposedly what Canadian parents will waste their money on under the Conservative party’s new choice-in-childcare allowance. And that’s what two of Liberal leader Paul Martin’s closest advisers, Scott Reid and John Duffy, were saying about the Conservatives’ “Choice in Childcare” plan. At least, they were [...]

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Euthanasia battle lines drawn

“Don’t let up! The lines for the next attempt to legalize euthanasia are being drawn right now!” That’s the current battle call of pro-life groups and other concerned parties. Due to political divisions, the Gomery report and other factors, an election was called and as a result, Bill C-407, the bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, died a natural [...]

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Ralph Reed wows them in Toronto

One of the key figures in the social conservative political revival in the U.S., and in the election and re-election of President George W. Bush, brought his formula for success to Canada recently, in the hopes that some his accomplishments south of the border would rub off in this country. Ralph Reed, the former head of the influential Christian Coalition who has [...]

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Martin attacks Harper for re-opening marriage issue

On day one of the election campaign, Stephen Harper was asked about same-sex “marriage” and his response was completely predictable: he would be open to revisiting the issue in the next parliament and that he would allow a free vote. The next day the media dutifully reported that Harper dropped the “divisive” and “controversial” issue of same-sex “marriage” into the election campaign [...]

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Abortion: the most important issue

It is your responsibility to elect MPs that will uphold the values that you believe in. No issue could possibly be as important as abortion. Without the basic right to life all else is meaningless. There is no social justice issue that comes even close to the importance of this one. Don’t accept anyone telling you otherwise. If we stand together for [...]

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Churches and elections

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s resource material for pastors and other church leaders, a church may take part in the following election-time activities: 1) “Invite all candidates to speak at the same event or service, or organize an all-candidates debate” 2) “Encourage its members to get to know the candidates and to ask about issues of concern” 3) “Provide information [...]

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The party-versus-candidate issue

Some pro-lifers might think that a candidate belonging to a certain party is unworthy of support, even if that candidate has a solid pro-life record, because the party as a whole is anti-life. Well-deserved criticism of the Liberal and Tory records, for example, might lead people to dismiss individual candidates out of hand. It is important to remember, however, that in the [...]

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Party leader report cards

Stephen Harper Grade = C Answered the 1993 Campaign Life Coalition questionnaire as effectively pro-choice and he supports the party’s policy convention decision committing a Conservative government to not bringing in legislation restricting abortion. He voted for traditional marriage and would allow reconsideration of the same-sex “marriage” issue with a free vote, but he supports the idea of civil unions for homosexual [...]

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Eleven roses

In total, 26 sitting MPs are not running again. Sadly, 11 of them are pro-life and pro-family. Pro-lifers in the communities formerly represented by these men and women should redouble their efforts to elect pro-life, pro-family MPs to ensure that the total number of pro-life MPs does not slide backwards in the next Parliament. We will miss the presence of the 11 [...]

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Time to take our country back

Elections are opportunities – opportunities to speak up on the vital issues of the day and to influence the political process by choosing our elected representatives. Between elections, it can often seem that we, as citizens, are powerless. Too many political leaders ignore what Canadians want and pander to noisy special interest groups or manoeuver to get themselves re-elected, with little concern [...]

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Across Canada

$700 million lawsuit over Depo-Provera TORONTO – Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer Inc., manufacturer of the birth control medication Depo-Provera, has been hit with a $700 million class-action lawsuit by Canadian young women alleging the drug caused the onset of early osteoporosis. The suit also alleges Pfizer failed to adequately warn physicians to conduct bone density tests on the drug’s users. Pfizer said it [...]

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