Conservatives fumble on embryonic stem cell research

At a White House ceremony on July 19, President George Bush explained his decision to veto a bill to fund embryonic stem cell research. He pointed out: “Embryonic stem cells come from human embryos that are destroyed for their cells. Each of these human embryos is a unique human life with inherent dignity and matchless value.” To underline this point, [...]

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It’s hard writing about Queen’s Park, an institution that needs 175 Peter Kormoses to liven it up. This is a dreadfully boring era. Years ago if this happened, a good duel would lighten things up. Now for excitement, you’ve got Premier Dalton McGuinty doing hopscotch for the media on the first day of school, only to find that the minister of education, [...]

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Mourning a pro-life friend

Upon my return from a recent vacation in Ireland, I received the sad news of the death of my most valued friend, the Rev. Ken Campbell. I think most pro-life people in Toronto are aware that I am a Catholic priest and Ken was a Baptist minister. But on one vital issue, we were totally at one and that is the pro-life [...]

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Why don’t disabilities groups embrace life?

The contemporary disability rights movement shows a remarkable lack of coherence on life and family issues. Historically, people with disabilities (PWD) have been disproportionately vulnerable to physical abuse and sexual exploitation. They are also at risk from eugenics – through forced sterilization, genetic engineering, selective abortion and targeting for assisted suicide and euthanasia. For that reason, some disability rights groups participate in [...]

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Doreen Beagan: an island warrior

“When our three girls were adolescents, we moved to a small farm with no cable TV, gave them each a pig to raise, taught them to run a tractor and began an organic market garden.” Thus began a fascinating interview with popular Interim writer Doreen Beagan. Doreen hails from Prince Edward Island, where she was the oldest of nine children born to [...]

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Q and A with: Rabbi Daniel Lapin

As the keynote speaker at Healing the Culture, this year’s national pro-life conference in Vancouver Nov. 16-18, Rabbi Daniel Lapin is the founder and president of Toward Tradition (, a U.S. organization working to advance that nation toward the Judeo-Christian values that defined its creation and served as the blueprint for its greatness. Lapin emigrated to the U.S. from South Africa in [...]

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Pope outlines the devolution of Canadian values

Pope Benedict XVI received Canadian bishops from the province of Ontario Sept. 8 at his summer residence of Castelgandolfo. The Pope noted that while Canada seems to have sufficient efforts in the area of “justice and peace,” it is sorely lacking in protection for life and family. “Canada has a well-earned reputation for a generous and practical commitment to justice and peace,” [...]

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Bear hunt to benefit pro-life causes

Interim Staff Pro-Life journalist Pete Vere, a regular contributor to The Interim, laid down his keyboard over the Labour Day weekend. “No, I’m not going to stop working for a culture of life,” Vere told The Interim prior to disappearing into the northern Ontario wilderness. “I’m just looking for something large enough to feed my expanding family,” he joked. Vere spent the [...]

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Talking to kids about abortion

When pregnancy loss affects the family When discussing abortion with children, it is helpful for adults to be sensitive to children’s possible reactions to pregnancy loss within the family. The pregnancy loss may have resulted from abortion or abortifacient contraception, or from physiologic factors such as miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy or stillbirth. Specialists often vary their recommendations according to whether the [...]

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Charities supporting unethical stem cell research

Interim Staff The Interim is often asked which Canadian charities support embryonic stem cell research – research that destroys human beings at the embryonic stage of life. Compiling this information is an ongoing and arduous project and we thank for maintaining a page ( listing such charitable agencies and societies. As LifeSiteNews states: “This is an ongoing project and this list [...]

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Media conflate stem cell debate

Marketing experts understand the value of “branding,” the creation of a mental connection in the mind of a consumer between the product and its name, slogan and advertising design scheme. A successful marketing campaign creates an indelible symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a product. The news media’s manipulation of the public debate around abortion and embryonic stem cell research [...]

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Latest stem cell deception

Interim Staff On August 23, Advanced Cell Technology, a private, Worcester, Mass.-based biotechnology firm, announced to the world that it had developed a means of acquiring embryonic cells that would put to rest ethical concerns about this type of research. In a study published online in the journal Nature, ACT researchers claimed to have retrieved single cells of two- to three-day-old human [...]

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Filthy sex ed book slated for use in Manitoba schools

Editor’s Note: Please note there is sexually graphic and mature language in this story. Please use discretion in reading, or allowing children to read, this article. High school girls in Manitoba may soon be reading detailed instructions on lesbian sex acts as part of their normal sex education curriculum, after the provincial Ministry of Education accepted a manual emphasizing homosexuality as an [...]

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Ken Campbell remembered

Canada’s pro-life movement lost one of its most valiant warriors when Ken Campbell passed away in Delta, B.C. on August 28 at the age of 72. Predeceased by his wife Norma this past January, Campbell succumbed to a cancer that was first diagnosed in 1999 and then recurred in 2005. Friends and foes remember Campbell as a passionate advocate for the orthodox [...]

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Another round at CFRB radio

As I write this column, I am about to rejoin Newstalk 1010 CFRB, the largest private radio station in the country and one of the most famous in North America. It is based in Toronto, but has an audience throughout Ontario on radio and across the country and abroad through the internet. It is an institution, the best of its kind. I [...]

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