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Jerry Falwell brought faithful into political realm

Jerry Falwell passed away on May 16, by which time he had become a caricature of himself, all too often fullfilling the need for Larry King or some other journalist to have some bloviating Christian fundamentalist on their show. Whether it was accusing a children’s television character of promoting homosexuality or blaming the feminists, homosexuals and abortionists for the September 11 terrorist [...]

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A perspective on Christian political involvement

State vs. Church: What Christians Can Do to Save Canada from Liberal Tyranny Written and published by Timothy Bloedow ($25, $20 pb, 189 pgs) “One of the most dangerous – and fundamentally false – views held by Canada’s establishment leaders today,” says Timothy Bloedow, is “that the options before us are a civil government that is influenced by religion or a secular [...]

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A personal miracle, a public display

Following up on the promotional piece in June’s issue, entitled, “Personal miracle spawns Aid to Women benefit,” I was able to attend the Ben Navaee Gallery’s show in support of Toronto’s Aid to Women, which ran June 1-11. To recap, Ben, the curator and artist whose work was on display, and his partner Lenka encountered Ann Wilson and Aid to Women through [...]

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Calgarian sheds light on the arts

A Calgary-based musician, painter and broadcaster is working to shed the light of life and faith in the realm of the arts. Scott Kelly recently released his debut music CD 70 X 7, is working on another album of original music, has paintings in Calgary’s Collector’s Gallery and Cochrane, Alta.’s Westlands Art Gallery and hosts a weekly Catholic radio program on Calgary [...]

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Rapping priest lays it on the line for young people

“At the end of the day,” says Fr. Stan Fortuna, C.F.R., “we teach more by example than anything else. And that’s always difficult, because our example is not perfect.” Fr. Stan, beloved as the “Rapping Reverend” from the South Bronx, was addressing parents and teachers on the topic of “Reaching Youth in a Media Culture” May 16 as part of a three-day [...]

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Alex Schadenberg: battling the onset of euthanasia

As a young man, Alex Schadenberg travelled the country promoting the culture of life. His parents, Harry and Mary Schadenberg, were pioneers in Canada’s pro-life movement. During his first year of university, Alex was elected the national youth president of the Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization. In giving his talks across the country, he rubbed shoulders with Canada’s pro-lifers from all walks of [...]

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T.S. Eliot: he changed literature

He was arguably the greatest English-language poet of the 20th century and a figure who changed world literature. He was also a dedicated Christian who embraced Anglo-Catholicism and would almost certainly be a member of the Roman Catholic Church if he were alive today. Thomas Stearns Eliot, was born in the United States in St. Louis in 1888, but became a British [...]

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The Crossroads Diary

Six young persons walk across the country for life What is Crossroads? On May 19, six young adults from across North America started their cross-Canada trek in Vancouver. In a span of 12 weeks, they will cross more than 5,000 km, taking them as far east as Montreal before arriving in Ottawa on August 11. As they walk, wearing T-shirts emblazoned with [...]

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Kevorkian released

Euthanasia activist and convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian, 79, was released June 1 after serving eight years of his 10- to 25-year sentence for second-degree murder. Lawyer Mayer Morganroth argued his client’s health problems and good behaviour justified early release from prison. Kevorkian was charged and found guilty of the 1998 second-degree murder (by carbon monoxide poisoning) of Thomas Youk, 52, who had [...]

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British Columbia pharmacies will now offer Plan B “emergency contraception,” the so-called “morning-after pill,” without a prescription and without a mandatory informed consent sheet. The abortifacient drug, used to prevent conception or end early-stage pregnancy, can cause the death of an unborn human being in the first days of life by preventing him from implanting in his mother’s womb. The pill has [...]

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The National Campus Life Network spreads west

The National Campus Life Network is expanding its staff to include a Western Canada co-ordinator. Sarah Buckle just completed a year with the NCLN as executive director for 2006-07 and her move to British Columbia has created the opportunity for a new staff member for it. The NCLN works to train, equip and network pro-life post-secondary students at over 40 post-secondary campuses [...]

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The corrupting effect of TV watching is proven

Heavy television watching parallels a decline in moral values and a sense of personal responsibility, a new study by the Culture and Media Institute of the Media Research Centre has found. In a new Special Report entitled, “The Media Assault on American Values,” released by the CMI June 6, a clear correlation was shown to exist between an increase in the number [...]

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Freedom of religion threatened

Canadians concerned with preserving human life and the traditional family have a steep road ahead of them – one that will require an enormous effort to traverse. Nonetheless, in a united fashion, they must rededicate themselves to the cause and create a culture of life. That was the message brought by a longtime pro-life activist and the editor of Canada’s leading Catholic [...]

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The facts about Dutch euthanasia

A report entitled “End-of Life Practices in the Netherlands under the Euthanasia Act” was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 10. The media are claiming that the report states euthanasia in the Netherlands has dropped since its legalization in 2002. When reading the actual report, however, we learn of a different reality than that presented in the media. [...]

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