Pro-life office looses key volunteers

Campaign Life Coalition’s national office suffered a double loss recently when two of its most long-serving and dedicated volunteers passed away. Mary Colangelo died on March 8 at the Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga at the age of 91, while Joe Grzywna died suddenly on Feb. 22 at the Toronto East General Hospital in his early 40s. Both had been helping out [...]

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Gwen Landolt – a REAL woman for Canada

Gwen Landolt is a lawyer, long-time pro-life activist and a co-founder of Toronto Right to Life, the Coalition for Life and REAL Women of Canada. But most important, she says, she is a wife and mother. Landolt’s involvement with Canada’s pro-life movement began in 1971. She and her husband had just returned to Canada, settling in Toronto, after living in the United [...]

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Humanitarian secularism: ideology of the stupid

Nation of Bastards: Essays on the End of Marriage by Douglas Farrow (BPS Books, $15.95, 116 pages) In one of the more haunting passages in Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville writes: “Thus, not only does democracy make each man forget his ancestors, but it hides his descendants from him and separates him from his contemporaries; it constantly leads him back toward himself [...]

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Why I went to the U.S. Walk for Life West Coast

The fourth annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco took place on Jan. 19. I had been to the Washington March for Life seven or eight times and the one in Ottawa several times as well. I figured Washington would get a large turn out (they ended up with 225,000 participants) and one more or less there wouldn’t be noticed. [...]

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Assisted suicide study shows Oregon patients not suffering

An important study of family members of 83 Oregon patients who requested physician-assisted suicide (PAD) shows that people who are being prescribed assisted suicide may not be experiencing significant symptoms of their disease. This study effectively proves that people are being given lethal doses for assisted suicide without fulfilling the reasons within the law. Because the study was so effective, almost no [...]

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The Interim celebrates a quarter-century

The Interim and its supporters marked the 25th anniversary of the publication in style with a dinner and silent auction at the Spirale Banquet and Convention Centre in Toronto on April 10. About 300 people filled the hall to hear from several prominent figures associated with the newspaper, as well as featured speaker Andrea Mrozek, manager of research and communications at the [...]

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A new approach to life issues and the media

Editor’s note: This is an edited version of the speech Andrea Mrozek gave to The Interim’s 25th anniversary celebration dinner on April 10 in Toronto. Andrea Mrozek is manager of research and communications at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and founder and editor of She is a former associate editor at The Western Standard and her articles have appeared [...]

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FCP maps path to success

Ontario’s Family Coalition Party announced a “Contract With Ontario,” “A Path to Success” and a four-year organizational renewal plan at its annual convention, held in Mississauga on April 12. Leader Giuseppe Gori said afterwards the measures were part of an effort to show politically disinterested citizens, who are staying away from polling booths in droves, another kind of politics in the province [...]

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GAP presented at Calgary, Toronto universities

On April 3, nearly two dozen pro-lifers, led by Rosemary Connell of Show the Truth, displayed Genocide Awareness Project signs on the University of Toronto campus outside the Robarts Library. Thousands of students and members of the public witnessed the signs that compare abortion to other historical tragedies including the Holocaust and slavery. On one picture, an aborted child and a prematurely [...]

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Pro-life messages of the Bible

Father Ted Scholarship winner Editor’s note: Beggining this month we are pleased to publish the first of three winning essays in the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. Senior high school students were invited to reflect on the pro-life nature of any work of art. Each winner received a $1,000 scholarship and all entrants (more than 30 of them this year) received a [...]

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Some people behind the scenes

At The Interim’s 25th anniversary dinner, founding editor Jim Hughes acknowledged a number of people who have made the paper what it is today. He mentioned some of the old ad sales people, the paper’s builders, financial contributors and others whose work made the paper possible. We are here today because of their selfless work and generosity. We stand on the shoulders of [...]

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Entertainment figures up in arms over tax amendment

An obscure section of C-10, An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act, could strip obscene or extremely violent films of tax credits. The changes were first proposed (word for word) in a 2003 position paper drafted by then Liberal heritage minister Sheila Copps and were re-introduced by the Conservative government last year. Parliament passed the amendments without opposition from the Liberal party [...]

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The tragic stories of children of polygamy

Texas law enforcement authorities removed 416 children from a fundamentalist Mormon compound after a 16-year-old girl complained of sexual and physical abuse. The girl claimed she was forced against her will to marry a 49-year-old man and engage in sexual relations. The man, the teenage girl and the children are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. [...]

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Retiring Supreme Court justice was, at most times, a judicial activist

Mr. Justice Michel Bastarache, who retires from the Supreme Court of Canada on June 30, was an excellent judge when he stuck to upholding the law. But alas, he did not always do so. Like most of his colleagues on the court over the past 25 years, he repeatedly encroached upon the legislative powers of Parliament and the provincial legislatures. Granted, the [...]

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