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Canada After earlier asserting that infertility is not an illness, Quebec Premier Jean Charest said if his Liberal government is re-elected, it will pay for in-vitro fertilization treatments. Under his plan to bring IVF under public funding, the first two rounds of treatment would be fully covered and after that, couples could count on a 50 per cent tax credit. A cycle of [...]

2010-02-04T04:52:19-05:00December 13, 2008|Bits n' Pieces, Issues, News Bits|

Fetal pain a definite at 20 weeks, says neurologist

A leading neurologist and long-time supporter of the pro-life cause has outlined how, despite the political attempts of pro-abortion advocates to overrun science, the literature clearly demonstrates that the preborn human being can feel pain - and feel it intensely - by the 20-week point in his or her development in the womb. Dr. Paul Ranalli is a neurologist, lecturer and clinical [...]

2010-01-13T07:14:18-05:00December 13, 2008|Fetal Rights|

Exit polls, referenda show a nation divided on moral issues

Despite the resounding victory for Barack Obama and the Democrats on Nov. 4, the state-level referenda sent a mixed signal on whether the U.S. is moving left or right on social issues. While exit polls showed moral issues were less important than in other recent elections, about one-quarter to one-third still gave moral issues serious consideration when casting ballots for president, senator [...]

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Saskatchewan works together for life

The World Federation for the Right to Die Societies and the Association pour le Droit de Mourrir Dignement (France's Association for the Right to Die with Dignity) co-sponsored an international  From Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, the town of Macklin hosted the annual Saskatchwan Pro-life Association's "Working Together For Life" provincial conference. Macklin, whose population of 1,400 doubles each summer during the [...]

2010-01-13T07:10:27-05:00December 13, 2008|Events, Pro-life Groups|

Day of reflection in Newfoundland draws ‘rock’-solid crowd

Many of Newfoundland's pro-lifers rallied together on Oct. 25 for "Red Sky at Night" -- an annual day of reflection, inspiration and strategizing. The event, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition Newfoundland and Newfoundland Right to Life, brought together many front-line workers in the pro-life movement and boasted several stirring talks and presentations by some of the country's most prominent pro-life leaders. Guest [...]

2010-01-13T07:08:23-05:00December 13, 2008|Events, Pro-Life|

University of Guelph pro-lifers shut down

The campus pro-life club at the University of Guelph, Ont. was banned without prior notice in October. After being informed of the reasons the Central Student Association (CSA) banned them, the club appealed the decision at a meeting on Oct. 29. There were over four hours of heated discussion and no conclusion was reached. Instead, a motion was made to postpone any [...]

2010-01-13T07:06:13-05:00December 13, 2008|Pro-life Groups, Youth Activism|

No surprises at the world euthanasia conference

The World Federation for the Right to Die Societies and the Association pour le Droit de Mourrir Dignement (France's Association for the Right to Die with Dignity) co-sponsored an international conference, which took place in Paris, Oct. 29 - Nov. 2. The gathering takes place every two years and the last one was held in Toronto in 2006. A total of 120 [...]

2010-01-13T07:04:11-05:00December 13, 2008|Euthanasia|

Archbishop: embraces encyclical on human life

The Humanae Vitae conference, which took place Nov. 15 at St. Michael's College in Toronto, attracting an overflow crowd and was a great success, according to organizers and participants. The conference was organized to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae (On Human Life), which reaffirmed Catholic church teaching against contraception in the wake of the advent of [...]

2010-01-13T07:02:33-05:00December 13, 2008|Religion, Society & Culture|

Surviving an abortion, a feminist for life

An abortion survivor brought to Canada recently her story of not only how she survived the early attempt on her life, but her work since then with an organization dedicated to caring for both women and children. Melissa Ohden tours the continent speaking on behalf of Feminists For Life, a non-sectarian, non-partisan, grassroots association founded in 1972 that seeks to continue the [...]

2010-01-13T07:00:12-05:00December 13, 2008|Pro-Life|

Mountain of a man leaves large imprint

Frank Mountain may have spent the last 20 years of his life confined to a wheelchair, following a 1988 car accident that left him a quadriplegic, but his physical condition never for a moment slowed him down as one of the most active, tireless, and successful activists in Canada?s pro-life movement. Pro-life Canadians are mourning the loss of the man whose peer [...]

2010-01-13T06:57:12-05:00December 13, 2008|Profiles|

Tory grassroots back socon policies

A number of socially conservative resolutions were passed by the 2,000 delegates at the Conservative Party policy convention in Winnipeg, Nov. 14-16. More than 90 per cent of delegates voted for P-203, a resolution removing authority from the Canadian Human Rights Commission to regulate, investigate or adjudicate complaints related to Section 13(1), which governs hate complaints under the Canadian Human Rights Act [...]

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How does Canada compare?

Barack Obama giving pro-lifers a great gift? Before anyone starts to wonder what I’ve been inhaling, readers should know of the astonishing pro-life victories that occurred in the recent U.S. presidential election that have been largely unreported by the leftist-leaning media. Strangely, Obama was considered responsible in California for increasing black voter turnout, the vast majority of whom voted for Proposition 8, [...]

2010-01-13T06:53:29-05:00December 13, 2008|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

The Light of the World has come

It is not the worst of times, but it is certainly not the best. Cultural darkness in the West seems to be deepening. And it may well be a harbinger of greater darkness to come. In any case, we do well to remind ourselves, “The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” We are seeing a resurgence [...]

2010-01-13T06:51:57-05:00December 13, 2008|Columnist, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Let’s be more judgemental

It is always fascinating to see how modern Western man and modern Western woman obsess about not being judgemental when what they really mean is that their opponents should not say anything critical about the more sensitive issues of the day. Fine, for example, to say the most acid things about a conservative or a Christian, but terribly "judgement" to [...]

2010-01-13T06:50:10-05:00December 13, 2008|Columnist, Michael Coren|

Liberal Christians have conformed to the pattern of the world

While the great majority of pro-life activists in North America are Christians, is it true that only a faithful Christian can understand that all human life is sacred from conception to natural death? Obviously not. For years, Nat Hentoff, a prominent civil libertarian and occasional columnist for The Village Voice in New York City, has emblazoned himself as a Jewish atheist [...]

2010-01-13T06:45:09-05:00December 13, 2008|Columnist, Rory Leishman|
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