Prestwich was known as a prescient researcher

Long time pro-life campaigner, Campaign Life Coalition activist and Interim columnist Winifride Prestwich, passed away in her 93rd year on Dec. 6 in Toronto. Prestwich, a prominent geologist and geographer, taught at Toronto's Havergal College. She was a published author of Canadian geography textbooks and was, notably, one of five geologists chosen to examine damage to the Niagara escarpment the first time [...]

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Book examines enduring institution of marriage

Marriage: The Dream That Refuses to Die, by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (Intercollegiate Studies Institute, $33.50, 196 pages) The push for same-sex "marriage" in much of the Western world is only the most recent example of how the concept of marriage has changed. As Elizabeth Fox-Genovese demonstrates in Marriage: The Dream That Refuses to Die, the movement to redefine marriage as a relationship between [...]

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Quebec man acquitted of assisted suicide

Stephane Dufour, 30, was found not guilty in assisting the hanging suicide death of his uncle, Chantal Maltais, 49, of Alma, Que. Although he initially denied even being in the room with his uncle at the time of his arrest, Dufour told the court he gave into pressure to help Maltais commit suicide. Family members who talked to the press when Maltais [...]

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Obama’s election prompts pro-life song

It was the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency of the United States that spurred Elizabeth Schmeidler to action. The news had just come in that the virulently pro-abortion Illinois senator had been successful in his quest to attain the highest office in the land when the Kansas mother and singer heard the call to compose a piece of music [...]

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Corporate Watch Update

The American Family Association has issued a "hall of shame" report on "Corporations in Opposition to Conservative American Values," produced by the Research Institute for Corporate Accountability. It examines the worst U.S. offenders in terms of support for elements such as abortion, the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender agenda, pornography, anti-family media and more. The report cites as the worst offenders: Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Comcast, Walt Disney, [...]

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Across Canada

Lakehead student union erects strict club restrictions THUNDER BAY, Ont. -- On Nov. 28, the board of directors of the Lakehead University Student Union voted to adopt an amendment to the student union constitution adding a broad range of restrictions applying only to religious and political clubs. The restrictions include: "Campaigns must be positive in nature and cannot slander the opposing stance [...]

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Conference revitalizes northern pro-lifers

A northern Ontario city on Lake Superior held its first-ever pro-life conference, bringing pro-life leaders from across the continent together with local pro-life activists and supporters. The All Points North: Facing Truth conference was hosted by local right to life group and Alliance for Life Ontario and was held Dec. 5-6 at the United Reformed Church. Speakers included Vicki Thorn of Project [...]

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In the boneyard of ambition

            Into an Ottawa government office poured a distraught looking young woman carrying a load of files that she dumped on a desk near the door, which she then kicked shut with her foot. She turned and spoke to a slim, bespectacled, middle-aged man in an ill-fitting suit standing behind a much larger desk near the window. [...]

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World Briefs

UN honours abortion, gay-rights activists NEW YORK - UN General Assembly president Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann announced the 2008 winners of the UN Prize in the Field of Human Rights, an award for "outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms," and they included former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour and Human Rights Watch, both [...]

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Medics refuse to face the truth

On Nov. 23, The Washington Post published a remarkable profile entitled, "A hard choice: a young medical student tries to decide if she has what it takes to join the diminishing ranks of abortion providers." The article focused on 24-year-old Lesley Wojcik, an activist with Medical Students for Choice who recently attended a conference for aspiring abortionists at the Johns [...]

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… and censorship renewed

Sadly, the effects of the HRCs' pernicious thinking were displayed by the University of Calgary last month when, without even a fig-leaf of justification, authorities attempted to halt a display by the campus's pro-life group. The Genocide Awareness Project, which has held similar displays on the U of C's campus for the last five years, was threatened and intimidated by campus thugs, [...]

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Censorship rebuked …

In a time of unprecedented political upheaval, it seems that there is only one thing about which all Canadians can agree: that Section 13 of the Human Rights Act should be repealed. In a stunning display of intellectual honesty, voices from all across the ideological spectrum have emerged to denounce the outrageous behaviour of Canada's self-appointed censors. The human rights commissions' campaign [...]

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Q&A with Ezra Levant

The Interim talks to its first Person of the Year about human rights commissions Editor's Note: Interim editor Paul Tuns interviewed Ezra Levant by e-mail on Dec. 12 about his own case with the Alberta Human Rights Commission and his ongoing battle against the human rights commission industry.   The Interim: In your reply to the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, famously posted [...]

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Mark Steyn honours his fellow freedom fighter

    Ezra has been the indisputable man in the battle against the "human rights" racket. I've been happy to coast along, but he's doing the heavy lifting. I'm Dean Martin to his Jerry Lewis: he's doing all the work and I feed him the occasional line.   Shortly after this thing started, I had lunch with a journalistic bigshot in Montreal [...]

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