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Ottawa cuts funding for CFSH

Former Planned Parenthood loses 99 per cent of federal funding An Interim investigation has found that over the past half decade, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health has had its federal government grants cut by more than 99 per cent. The federation, formerly the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and still the Canadian member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, has charitable [...]

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Tiller murder verdict

Scott Roeder was found guilty of the first degree murder of abortionist George Tiller. The jury deliberations were brief (37 minutes) after Roeder admitted during his testimony yesterday that he shot Tiller to stop the killing of unborn babies through abortion. It is sad that someone who purportedly holds pro-life views resorted to death as answer to the problem of abortion. To fall [...]

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Tebow Super Bowl ad

By now everyone knows about the Focus on the Family ad that will air during the Super Bowl February 7th. You know, the commercial featuring collegiate football star Tim Tebow's mother talking about her choice to keep her unborn baby 20 years ago. This has caused a furor among feminists and pro-aborts. Kierra Johnson, executive director of Choice USA, like many abortion advocates (including [...]

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The future of Obamacare

Dr. David Gratzer, a senior fellow at the prestigious and influential Manhattan Institute, is well respected in conservative and Republican circles for his opinions of about health care policy. But his acumen on politics is suspect. After Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts he predicted that Obamacare was dead and that either a compromise approach must be undertaken by the Democrats or there will be no health care reform. [...]

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Abortion is not maternal health

Brian Lilley does amazing work covering the Canadian political scene for His latest post is about the promise by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reduce maternal and infant mortality abroad. Unfortunately, in doing so, Harper has aligned his government with abortion advocates and population control zealots: I asked Minister Oda whether the Harper government was leaning toward the aggressive family planning model or [...]

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New at

Everything from the January issue of The Interim that hasn't already been posted is now online: "Family Coalition Party boasts new leader." "U.S.Senate opens door to Obamacare abortion funding." "Legal challenge to Morgentaler Order of Canada rejected." (Background to that story can be found in our November issue.) "CLC sign taken off crèche display." "National Campus Life Network expands" in Atlantic Canada The latest [...]

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Paper links UN promotion of ‘safe’ abortion to maternal deaths

A recent submission to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) provides evidence of the potentially fatal consequences of “safe” abortion promoted by UN agencies, and includes a list of 113 studies linking abortion dangerous complications such as pre-term birth in subsequent pregnancies. “The encouragement by (the UN Population Fund) and (the World Health Organization) of the [...]

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National Campus Life Network expands

The National Campus Life Network works with pro-life students to maximize the promotion and effectiveness of the pro-life message on Canadian university and college campuses. Over the summer of 2009, it hired a new director to work with students in the Maritimes. Sara Hall was hired for this part-time position and began serving students for the fall 2009 school term. [...]

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Legal challenge to Morgentaler Order of Canada rejected

A Federal Court ruled that the Governor General’s 2008 induction of Henry Morgentaler into the Order of Canada cannot be legally contested. Frank Chauvin, a retired Windsor police officer and a member of the Order of Canada, challenged the abortionist’s award, objecting to the secretive process by which the Order’s Advisory Council made its selection and taking issue with reports that the [...]

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Msgr. Armstrong RIP

Monsignor Thomas Barrett Armstrong, a Toronto priest, long-time teacher and choir director at St. Michael’s Choir school, and fervent pro-lifer, died Nov. 14, days before his 80th birthday. He is credited by St. Michael’s Choir School with “engender(ing) a love for music in the hearts of hundreds of students who passed through” the school from 1958 to 2004. He was [...]

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Corporate Watch Update

As 2009 draws to a close, we look back at the various gay pride events that took place in major cities across the country and the government, community and corporate sponsors who helped make them happen. From west to east … In Victoria, Vancity Pride 2009 had as a platinum sponsor Sleeman brewery. Silver sponsors included Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Okanagan Premium [...]

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U.S.Senate opens door to Obamacare abortion funding

In November, the House of Representatives passed the Stupak-Pitts amendment (240-194) prohibiting direct or indirect federal taxpayer subsidies for abortion through the comprehensive health care reform bill before the House. The battle then moved to the Senate where senators Robert Casey Jr. (D, Penn.) and Ben Nelson (D, Neb.) fought for a similar amendment in the bill brought forward by [...]

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IMFC conference in March

Information about the Institute for Marriage & Family Canada event in March can be found here. Two of the speakers are Miriam Grossman, author of You’re Teaching My Child What? and Brian Lee Crowley, author of Fearful Symmetry: The Fall and Rise of Canada’s Founding Values. Grossman was interviewed for our September cover story on how young people can maintain their values when they head off to [...]

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Family Coalition Party boasts new leader

Ontario’s Family Coalition Party is riding a wave of enthusiasm as it prepares to enter 2010 by welcoming its third leader in its 22-year history. Phil Lees, a Hamilton-area educator and municipal family issues activist, was acclaimed to head the party during its leadership convention at the Hamilton Convention Centre on Oct. 24. He succeeds Giuseppi Gori, who took over [...]

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CLC sign taken off crèche display

On Dec. 2, just days after erecting a nativity scene in front of old city hall in downtown Toronto, Gethsemane Ministries founder Suresh Dominic received calls from a Toronto news website inquiring about the display’s sign mentioning that it was made possible through a donation from Campaign Life Catholic. Since 2006, Gethsemane Ministries has erected the Christmas display featuring an [...]

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