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Biblical stories with a comic book twist

Michael Taube's review of two religious books from the Classics Illustrated series -- The Story of Jesus and The Ten Commandments -- appeared in the December issue of the paper. Both books make excellent Christmas presents for young children.

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The most dangerous place

Marg Baker in a letter to the editor of the National Post today: Nothing demonstrates the poverty of spirit of our society more than this subject. It seems to me that the most risky/violent place to be these days is a mother's womb. With about 100,000 surgical abortions committed in Canada each and every year -- and more than a million in [...]

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ACLU’s atheism

Paul Kengor has a very good piece on the American Civil Liberties Union and its communist/atheist roots. No wonder they are in perpetual war against Christmas. Kengor on ALCU founder Roger Baldwin: Baldwin was an atheist. He was also a onetime communist, who, among other ignoble gestures, wrote a horrible 1928 book called Liberty Under the Soviets. Notably, he was smart enough [...]

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No rape & incest exception

In a letter to the editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, Virginia Zignego, communications director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, explains why pro-lifers do not accept the rape and incest exception: it unfairly punishes the unborn child for the crime of another and makes the woman an aggressor. Zignego says: The circumstances of conception may have been criminal, but the life of the newly-created human being is [...]

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Abstaining from sex would be cheaper yet

New condom ads compare the cost of the prophylactic to costs associated for a bobo upbringing (elite daycares, fancy strollers, etc...). Reducing children to dollars and sense is always classy. But it is hard to class up a condom advertisement.

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The art of the impossible

A famous quip, attributed to Otto von Bismarck, has it that “politics is the art of the possible.” One often hears it on the lips of pragmatic politicians and savvy strategists, and, as a practical principle, this dictum is a sound and sober counsel for those actively engaged in the messy affairs of politics. In his opening remarks at the Building a [...]

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Biblical stories with a comic book twist

Ask parents to come up with things that make their children cringe, and you will have enough material to fill an entire 32-volume Encyclopædia Britannica set. Such a list would likely include the ever unpopular liver and onions, green vegetables, romantic movies and, without question, big, thick, heavy hardcover books. It doesn’t matter if your child likes to read, or would rather [...]

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Globe & Mail lists Morgentaler among ‘difference makers’

Paper also promotes Stephen Lewis, abortion, condom advocate Abortionist Henry Morgentaler was featured on Oct. 26 in a Globe and Mail series celebrating Canadians who made a difference. The Report on Business section’s 11-week “25 making a difference” series presented “transformational Canadians” in “the fields of business, science and technology, the environment, education, health care and community.” The series also [...]

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Justin Press

Justin Press, a Catholic publishing house, was founded in 2009. It is dedicated to the publication of works of Catholic culture and apologetics that reflect the teaching of the Magisterium. Justin Press will provide the Canadian public with access to the best thought and writing in the Canadian Catholic world. Among the outstanding initial group of contributors are Michael O'Brien, Douglas Farrow, [...]

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Celebrating what divides us

Sometimes life can be disappointing. Just like when I was a child and that longed-for present wasn’t in Santa’s sack, my hopes were dashed recently when I was once again not included on the list of the inductees into Canada’s Queer Hall of Fame. Last year saw the first inductees: Pierre Trudeau, swimmer Mark Tewksbury and drag queen Robert Kaiser, [...]

2010-12-06T14:13:36-05:00December 10, 2010|Columnist, Michael Coren|

Cards for life

I am the proud possessor of a Bob Feller autographed baseball card. On reflection, however, my pride should be tempered for two reasons. According to certain knowledgeable collectors, there are more of his cards around sporting his signature than not. Feller, the former Cleveland Indians ace, has been most obliging at innumerable card shows. At 92 years young he has more post-induction [...]

2010-12-06T14:23:36-05:00December 10, 2010|Columnist, Donald DeMarco, Profiles|

Immigration doesn’t make up for falling fertility rates

Rory Leishman's December Interim column is about immigration not being a panacea for Canada's falling fertility rates. First, as the C.D. Howe Institute has noted -- in two studies, "Faster, Younger, Richer? The Fond Hope and Sobering Reality of Immigration's Impact on Canada's Demographic," (2009) and "No Elixir of Youth: Immigration Cannot Keep Canada Young" (2006) -- it only slightly slows the aging of [...]

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Immigration no answer to falling fertility rates

Day by day, it is becoming more evident that legalized abortion in Canada threatens both our future economic prosperity and national security. In an attempt to cover up these looming perils to our national well-being, advocates of abortion on demand have taken to obscuring the relevant statistics on abortion rates. Statistics Canada no longer publishes complete, reliable information on the [...]

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Jail break

Take care if you aspire to be a criminal. A life of crime can be bleak and unrewarding, unless you go to jail. As long as you’re on the run, you have few options. Once you’re incarcerated, you have more than you can pursue. Like most criminals, however, you may never make it to jail. If you do, opportunities abound. [...]

2010-12-06T13:48:39-05:00December 8, 2010|Columnist, Joe Campbell|

How Rob Ford won in TO

I was invited to Rob Ford’s victory party in Toronto in a live 10-second phone invitation and he implied everybody was welcome. Ford said that people were already starting to arrive early. Ford’s people were expecting over 2000 but they came in with around 1500. That is still an amazing figure. I guess the Ford sign on my front lawn got me [...]

2010-12-06T12:11:15-05:00December 8, 2010|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|
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