Paul Ryan’s pro-life statement

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan delivered a sweet but strong pro-life statement in his speech last night: “We believe that in every life there is goodness; for every person, there is hope. Each one of us was made for a reason, bearing the image and likeness of the Lord of Life. We have responsibilities, one to another – we do not [...]

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How to have more kids

Bryan Caplanhas six "rules for optimizing your family size" which concludes with this: When you're on the fence, err on the side of having another kid. A life well-lived includes achievement as well as happiness. Creating and raising one more child is a great achievement, even your last child makes you marginally less happy. A year ago, I reviewed Caplan's Selfish Reasons [...]

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Changing sides

Since abortion became legal in the United States in 1973, many abortionists and abortuary staff have switched sides. But how do people so ensconced in the abortion industry abandon the profession and become pro-life advocates? What is the spark that moves them to reconsider not only their employment, but their worldview? In many cases it’s nothing less than “the great awakening.” [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Blogger Blazing Cat Fur exposed the fact that Lee Hicks, an elementary school teacher for the Toronto District School Board, developed a 70-page guide for a new curriculum entitled “Both/and …” that encourages students to cross dress. The guide is for students from kindergarten to Grade 6. Hicks comments on some of his methods, “I ask the class members to all [...]

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Coren to the defense (of Christianity)

Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity by Michael Coren (McClelland & Stewart, $29.99, 240 pages) On the heels of the surprise 2011 best-seller, Why Catholics are Right, broadcaster and columnist Michael Coren, has come out with another book on religion, this one with a broader appeal as it applies not only to Catholicism, but Christianity. In it, Coren comes to the defense [...]

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Catholic parents’ group: trustees obliged to refuse to implement Gay-Straight Alliances

A Catholic parents’ group is urging Catholic trustees to refuse to comply with Ontario’s anti-bullying law that forces Gay-Straight-Alliance clubs into separate schools. Instead, the parents are asking trustees to follow the bishops’ “Respecting Difference” strategy for tackling bullying. “A legal opinion we obtained (from lawyer Geoff Cauchi of RZCD Law Firm) argues Catholic trustees are obliged to refuse to implement Gay-Straight [...]

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Lancet study proves increase in Dutch euthanasia deaths

The long awaited 2010 nationwide examination of the euthanasia law in the Netherlands was published in the July 11 Lancet. The study found: the number of euthanasia deaths has grown significantly since 2005 (4050 in 2010, 2425 in 2005); the under-reporting of euthanasia in the Netherlands has grown since 2005 (23 per cent in 2010, 20 per cent in 2005); there is [...]

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Parliament must curb judicial tyranny

In a controversial five-to-four ruling on July 28, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. From a Canadian perspective, this judgment is particularly notable for the degree of restraint exercised by the Court in arriving rightly or wrongly at the conclusion that the act is constitutional. In reasons for the majority, Chief [...]

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What does the state have against normal families?

This June I interviewed Jessie Sansone on my Sun News TV show – the name of the man may not resister with most readers, but how about The Crayon Dad? This is the 26-year-old man who, earlier this year in Kitchener, Ont., was handcuffed, arrested, and strip-searched by the police, and whose three children were removed by the Children’s Aid [...]

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Reflections on the revolution in pants

No one denies that something radically new was fecundated in the mud of Woodstock. But whatever it was, it was not from the marriage of true minds. Taking their cues from the Orwellian discourse of revolution (war is peace; dictatorship is democracy), the sexual rebels prettified lust as love. For all of their free-thinking and iconoclasm, they lacked the courage to forgo [...]

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Lining up

I prefer waves to wires. It doesn’t matter. Wires prevailed.   For more than half a century, I received my television programs over the air, free of charge, via radio waves. Now I get them on the ground, for a price, via telephone wires. This, I realize, is a step backward, technologically and financially. Wireless is on the cutting edge [...]

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The appeal of the apocalyptical

Growing up during the Cold War, I saw the Earth end many times over. Mushroom clouds bloomed in films and TV shows such as The Day After, Testament, Threads, The War Game, By Dawn’s Early Light, On the Beach, The Bedford Incident, Fail Safe and Miracle Mile. Looking back from today, they might vary in quality but they share a [...]

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The West’s single issue

A survey of the headlines shows us our crises at a glace: in addition to mounting economic turmoil, growing unemployment, and spiraling debt, there is the simmering international kulturkampf which has emerged in the aftermath of the pax Americana. The world is broke and broken: insolvent sovereign powers have segmented the world into mutually opposed spheres of influence. And these twin dilemmas [...]

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Youth activists bring child’s coffin to PM Stephen

Canada Day celebrations in the nation’s capital were given a new twist this year as youth activists with the New Abortion Caravan descended on Ottawa with billboard-size abortion images. At 2 pm on June 30, they formed a funeral procession and delivered a white child’s coffin to 24 Sussex Drive – the residence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “Today we are [...]

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Pro-life advances throughout Europe

The pro-life movement is on the rise in many European countries. Marches with thousands of attendees were held in Madrid, Rome, and Paris, while other Western European nations, long purported to be bastions of so-called progressivism, have also seen some surprising signs of life. In Munster, Germany in 2011, a pro-life march of  200 participants carrying white crosses took place. A police [...]

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