Ireland death used to promote abortion may not be abortion-related

The reporter who broke the story that set off a storm of worldwide criticism of Ireland’s abortion laws is questioning Praveen Halappanavar’s account of the death of his wife, Savita. Kitty Holland reported in the Nov. 14 edition of the Irish Times that Praveen claimed his wife requested an abortion and was denied one because the child had a heartbeat and “this [...]

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491 babies left to die after surviving abortions:

Statistics Canada Pro-life advocates are calling for a federal investigation after Canada’s official statistics agency has confirmed that 491 babies died after they were born alive during abortions between 2000 and 2009. Statistics Canada confirmed the information in an e-mail to LifeSiteNews. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney of Blog for Life first discovered the data about the abortions in the federal agency’s online [...]

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Pro-life club wins battle at B.C. university

Oliver Capko A British Columbia campus pro-life group has won its fight to become a recognized club. Protectores Vitae, formed by students, and led by president Oliver Capko at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Greater Vancouver Area, obtained legal representation from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and announced, on Dec. 3, that it would take the Kwantlen Student Association [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada The Rasouli case, in which doctors from Sunnybrook Hospital are in conflict with Hassan Rasouli’s family over whether to remove his ventilator, was heard on Dec. 10 at the Supreme Court of Canada. Rasouli was deemed to be in a persistent vegetative state by doctors after suffering a post-operative infection that damaged his brain. Rasouli’s status, however, has since been upgraded [...]

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Daycare negatively affects kids’ socialization

Early childcare can have a negative impact on a child’s development. Developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld told the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC) that early interaction between young children, often heralded as a reason to send kids to daycare, does not lead to better socialization, which is defined as cooperating with others while retaining a sense of individuality. “Premature socialization [...]

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Bathroom bill is redundant

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, a private member’s bill creating special protections for “gender identity” and “gender expression” is unnecessary and may even be dangerous. In a Dec. 7 letter to Canadian MPs, Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel of the EFC, states that the “courts and human rights tribunals have already developed jurisprudence under existing human rights [...]

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Bank report pushes daycare, ignores downside

A new report by TD Economics advocates extensive investment in early childhood education once the economic situation improves. Issued on Nov. 27, “Early Childhood Education has Widespread and Long Lasting Benefits,” written by chief economist Craig Alexander and economist Dina Ignjatovic, concludes that “with an unquestionable number of positive effects, it is evident that more focus should be put on investing in, [...]

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Planned Parenthood running out of condoms

Planned Parenthood is facing a Canada-wide shortage of condoms after a major donor stopped supplying them to the organization for free. Ansell Canada Inc., in a program that lasted for about 10 years, supplied 30 affiliates of the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (the Canadian version of Planned Parenthood) with free lubricants and 500,000 Lifestyles condoms. The St. John’s, Newfoundland, branch, which [...]

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Dispensing with flimsy articles of faith

The Tyranny of Cliches by Jonah Goldberg (Sentinel, $29.50, 312 pages) Few people would disagree that we are, more than any other time in two generations, living in a divided society, where politics have pulled people to the poles and no one seems to be able to talk across the widening chasm because we can’t even agree on the definition of the [...]

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Toronto nativity scene vandalized again

The vandalized nativity scene in front of Old City Hall in Toronto. A nativity scene in front of Toronto’s Old City Hall was vandalized for the sixth time in seven years. On the night of Nov. 27, two days after its installation, a woman saw a man walk up to the scene, break the glass, and tear the head off [...]

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Support Sun News

You should sign the petition to keep Sun News on the Canadian airwaves. The hosts on Sun News, especially Brian Lilley, Ezra Levant, and Interim columnist Michael Coren regularly cover issues of interest to pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty Canadians. They deserve our support. Sign their petition to have the CRTC move Sun News to must-carry status which will allow the conservative news channel [...]

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Conservative parties can’t win without socons

Shortly after Barack Obama won the 2008 United States presidential election, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan ruefully observed: “Whenever Republicans lose an election, a factional dispute arises about ‘economic issues’ versus ‘moral or social issues.’ ‘Traditionalists’ and ‘libertarians’ blame each other, each claiming Republicans would do better without the other.” Now some libertarians are back at it again, blaming the Republicans’ defeat in last [...]

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Unnatural law

Light is Right Joe Campbell I don’t have a supple mind. Unlike some highly trained professionals, I can’t abide contradictions. When a British Columbia judge ruled that the right to life can also mean the right to death, I realized how inflexible my non-professional intellect is. I couldn’t hand down a ruling like that. Of course, I couldn’t. I’m not [...]

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A challenge for abundant life

In a recent video battle against gay activist/sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins quoted an old headline: “Dan Savage Explains Why He Started ‘It Gets Better’ Project: ‘When a gay teenager commits suicide, it’s because he can’t picture a life for himself that’s filled with joy,’ columnist tells MTV News.” Incredibly, Perkins used the image of that headline as [...]

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