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Pro-lifers applaud as Toronto’s Scott abortion facility closes after three decades

Pro-lifers block the door at the Scott Clinic during a rescue, circa 1992. Toronto’s Scott abortion facility, run by abortionist Robert Scott and his wife Maria Corsillo, is “closing its doors after 29 years,” according to an announcement on its website. “Yes, we are closed,” a Scott Clinic staff person verified in a telephone call from LifeSiteNews, but refused to [...]

2016-03-26T06:56:54-06:00March 26, 2016|Abortion|

Father’s parental rights case moves to final stage

The long court case in defense of parental rights by a Hamilton father against the Hamilton-Wentworth Disrtict School Board (HWDSB) is finally, after over three years, closer to reaching a verdict. Both sides will soon have presented their statement of facts which includes the legal argument submitted to the court and the justice sought. The father and applicant defending his parental rights [...]

2016-03-26T06:52:39-06:00March 26, 2016|Marriage and Family|

Ontario Liberals spent $6 million on sex-ed propaganda campaign

Education Minister Liz Sandals The Ontario Liberal government spent $4 million in taxpayers dollars on an online and television advertising campaign in September 2015 to sell its controversial sex-ed curriculum, LifeSiteNews has learned through documents obtained in a Freedom of Information request. Email correspondence from Education Minister Liz Sandals also reveals she opposed MPPs holding constituency community meetings on the [...]

2016-03-26T06:53:32-06:00March 26, 2016|Politics, Sex Education, Society & Culture|

Bits & Pieces

Canada Federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien asked the Government Operations Centre to review its tracking of lawful protests in the capital. A statement from the commissioner’s office said “we asked for a more detailed analysis of the privacy risks relating to monitoring of public protests and demonstrations,” and that this be given to Therrien to review. The Toronto Star reported that among [...]

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Death of dignity

Light is Right Joe Campbell I get the impression that the phrase “doctor-assisted dying” is becoming a media favourite. Don’t journalists know that we’ve been dying unassisted since time immemorial? We don’t need help dying. It comes natural to us. If anything, we need help living. I thought that’s what doctors were for. Doctor-assisted living, I understand. Doctors routinely help us [...]

2016-03-15T11:14:28-06:00March 15, 2016|Assisted Suicide, Joe Campbell|

What does Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto preach?

“There are many paths to God, and one of them is Christianity.” So says Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto on its list of bedrock beliefs. When I attended MCC Toronto a quarter-century ago, it billed itself as “a Christian church with a special ministry to the lesbian and gay community.” Grossly heterodox as it then was, MCC Toronto arguably still lay within [...]

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Against the tide of the anti-family agenda

Haley Csada Editor’s Note: Haley Csada, a Dr. Martin Leboldus Catholic High School School student in Regina, Sask., won first prize in the Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. This is an edited version of her essay. Informed by secular values, many claim that the well being of the individual is the best indicator of the vitality of a society. Interestingly [...]

A return to homeostasis of the family body

Rebecca Malcolm Editor’s Note: Rebecca Malcolm, a Sacred Heart Catholic High School student in Newmarket, Ont., won second prize in the Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. This is an edited version of her essay. Behind every great individual there is a family unit, acting as the backbone and support through which the individual develops and grows. In turn, the family [...]

The family of humanity

Mary Clarin Editor’s Note: Mary Clarin, an Archbishop Carney S.S student in, Port Coquitlam, B. C., won third prize in the Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. This is an edited version of her essay. From Neanderthals to Ancient Egyptians, from the Romans to twenty first century Canadians, throughout history mankind has consistently proven that there is strength found in solidarity. [...]

Church supports its gay activist pastor after sexual assault allegations

Rev. Brent Hawkes The Rev. Brent Hawkes was charged in December with indecent assault and gross indecency in connection with sexual assaults allegedly committed against a minor in the mid-1970s, when Hawkes worked as a teacher in Nova Scotia. Despite these charges, which were only made public Feb. 1, Hawkes is still scheduled to preside at Sunday services as senior [...]

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CARP becomes euthanasia advocate

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons, Canada’s largest organization for seniors, dismissed Susan Eng, executive vice-president of advocacy at CARP Canada for the past eight years, apparently because she was “insubordinate,” but more likely because she did not toe the now officially pro-euthanasia position of the organization. CARP is run by media magnate Moses Znaimer, a founding patron of Dying with Dignity [...]

Legislators must pass conscience rights laws

National Affairs Rory Leishman On Jan. 26, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario decreed that any physician who declines for reasons of conscience or religion to provide physician-assisted death upon request must promptly refer the patient to a readily available physician who has no compunction about killing a patient or assisting a patient in committing suicide. A similar [...]

2016-03-09T13:46:16-06:00March 9, 2016|Human rights, Rory Leishman|

Policy process for Ontario PCs

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are meeting this weekend in Ottawa for their general meeting. Many of the presentations concern nitty-gritty riding association-level mechanics that bore the average person: riding redistribution, membership retention, and fundraising. Parties at the provincial and local level need to do these things, but even delegates look like they'd rather be next door shopping at the Rideau Centre or eating [...]

2016-03-08T00:45:36-06:00March 5, 2016|Soconvivium|

Bishop Henry pushes back against Alberta NDP’s educational gender guidelines

Bishop Henry says gender guidelines are anti-Catholic. Alberta’s Ministry of Education issued guidelines on Jan. 13 to promote “learning environments that respect diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions” in schools. Alberta schools are required to submit draft policies that reflect the document (Guidelines for Best Practices: Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender [...]

2016-03-04T17:33:36-06:00March 5, 2016|Announcements, Features, Human rights, Religion|
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