Forgiveness in the judicial system

Laying down the Lawton To err is human; to forgive, divine. Though no one promises the latter to be easy. When it comes to criminals, we must not only question our own willingness to forgive, but also how that squares up with our legal system and its mandate for justice. Canada’s justice system – rooted both in civil and common [...]

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And then there was this …

Canada The BBC World News reported that, “Canada has become a hot destination for parents-to-be looking for ‘altruistic surrogates’ – women who give birth to babies they are not genetically related to.” Canadian legislation makes it easy for “intended” parents to obtain legal parenthood of a surrogate baby. Canadian fertility consulting agencies match up couples (usually infertile couples, same-sex male couples and [...]

Pro-life MP gives Christmas message in Parliament

MP Ted Falk Conservative MP Ted Falk (Provencher) took to the floor of Parliament on Dec. 10 to deliver a short Christmas message calling on his colleagues to keep in mind the holiday’s true meaning. “On a recent flight, I noticed a beautiful sunset unfolding right outside my window. A stunning display of light filled with a rainbow of colors. [...]

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Government-sanctioned euthanasia report offers little direction on killing children

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg said three reports do not offer much guidance on the issue of whether to expand euthanasia eligibility. The long-awaited reports from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) concerning the possible extension of euthanasia  to children (mature minors), to incompetent people who made an “advanced request,” and to people for psychological conditions alone was [...]

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Ireland legalizes abortion

Irish pro-lifers erected 1,000 white crosses at Arms an Áras an Uachtar Uachtaráin, the presidential mansion in memory of the children's lives that will never be. (photo Life institute) In May, two-thirds of Irish voters approved of scrapping Ireland’s pro-life constitutional amendment, clearing the way for the legalization of abortion in one of the last western countries to resist enacting [...]

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Is an Ontario woman dead or is she alive?

Hugh Scher said Taquisha McKitty's Charter rights were violated in order to declare her dead. The case concerning a woman who has been declared brain dead by a Brampton hospital is heading to the Ontario court of appeal. The issue at hand is the definition of brain death. Taquisha McKitty, 27, of Brampton, was declared brain dead on Sept. 20, [...]

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Alberta religious schools challenge LGBT mandate

Over two dozen religious schools in Alberta continue to fight for their right to not allow “gay-straight alliance” (GSA) clubs, six months after being blocked by an Alberta judge. Bill 24, or An Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances, requires independent religious schools permit the creation of GSAs if requested by a student, and forbids schools from informing parents when their children join [...]

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Ex-president George H.W. Bush didn’t start off pro-life

Former US president George Bush, with wife Barbara, was committed to protecting reborn children after Ronald Reagan picked him as his running mate. Former president George H.W. Bush died Nov. 30 at the age of 94 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Bush, who served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president from 1981-1988 and president for four years beginning in [...]

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Feelings vs. freedoms

Law Matters John Carpay Politically and philosophically, leading Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy and self-described “Christian truth activist” William Whatcott have almost nothing in common.  Yet both have been taken to task for expressing the opinion that a biological male is not a woman and cannot be a woman. Murphy was expelled from Twitter for “misgendering” JY, a biological male who [...]

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Some are more equal

Light is Right Joe Campbell Thanks to the animal rights people, I’ve developed a guilty conscience. After reading their literature, I realize that I’m unfair to animals. I’ve been unfair to them, I’m embarrassed to say, for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I dislike animals. It’s just that I treat them unequally. I discriminate, and that’s [...]

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Kenya, Niger shut down abortionists Marie Stopes

Obianuju Ekeocha of Culture of Life Africa has exposed Marie Stopes international's pro-abortion agenda and condemned the west's ideological colonialism exporting abortion to the continent. On Nov. 14, the Kenyan Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB) prohibited Marie Stopes International, the world’s largest abortion provider, from committing any surgical or medical abortions in the country and told the organization to [...]

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A call to rebellion

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I have argued previously that your average member of the public has more in common with pro-lifers than with pro-choice theorists, but I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize that our movement is the new counterculture, a reality which I think some pro-lifers haven’t really internalized. Our common self-perception is that of defenders of tradition, [...]

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Brave new world of CRISPR babies

National Affairs Rory Leishman Despite the intense controversy over the birth last November of the world’s first gene-altered designer babies in China, numerous leading biologists around the world are proceeding with similar, potentially catastrophic experiments. The crisis has been brought on by the invention of CRISPR Cas9, a revolutionary new technology for editing genes that was hailed four years ago by [...]

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Eliminate humanity for the good of the planet?

We recently reviewed Population Bombed: Exploding the Link Between Overpopulation and Climate Changein these pages (“Persistently incorrect population worries,” October), in which authors Pierre Desrochers and Joanna Szurmak argue that concerns about the environment are always -- always -- accompanied by the desire to control reproduction. Put another way, the solution to real or imagined environmental challenges inevitably includes depopulation control measures [...]

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Bubble zone defeated in Manitoba

The Progressive Conservative majority defeated a private member’s bill that would have established anti-free speech bubble zones around Manitoba abortion facilities and pharmacies that dispensed the abortion pill. NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine (St. Johns) tabled Bill 200, Safe Access to Abortion Services, that would have established bubble zones of 150 meters around facilities where abortions take place, outlawing any pro-lifer from “inform(ing) [...]

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