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And then there was this, November 2023

By J.M. Glover Protecting babies from abortion after rape is ‘immoral’: Vice president Compassion and assistance must always be offered to women who have been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. Blaming the unborn child by abortion is not the way to help and heal. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris justifies the murder of unborn babies conceived through rape. She supported the legalized [...]

2023-11-20T10:41:27-05:00November 20, 2023|Abortion, Society & Culture|

Abortion activist appointed California senator

Oswald Clark: On October 1, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) filled the seat left vacant senate seat following the death of long-time pro-abortion Democrat Dianne Feinstein two days earlier with an out-of-state abortion activist. Newsom vowed to fill appoint a black woman and named Laphonza Butler to fill the seat until next year’s senate election. Butler, a lesbian, was born in Mississippi and lived [...]

2023-11-20T10:38:53-05:00November 20, 2023|Abortion, Politics|

Маленький депозит – большие возможности: онлайн казино от 10 грн

Игроки, стремящиеся насладиться азартом с минимальными рисками, находят свое удовлетворение в онлайн-казино, где минимальный депозит 10 грн Эти площадки, дополнительно радующие геймеров бонусами за пополнение, предоставляют возможность не только попробовать свою удачу, но и выиграть крупные призы. Лучшие казино с депозитом 10 грн Перед тем, как приступить к игре, важно выбрать проверенные игровые клубы. Такие казино обязательно должны иметь лицензию, подтверждающую [...]

2023-12-20T03:46:25-05:00November 20, 2023|Issues|

Pro-abortion Robert F. Kennedy to run as independent

Oswald Clark: On Oct. 9, Robert F. Kennedy, who had been running for the Democratic presidential nomination for 2024 against President Joe Biden, announced he would instead make an independent run saying the Democratic National Committee’s rules make it impossible for any challenger to run a competitive race against the incumbent president. Kennedy is now turning his attention to qualifying to get [...]

2023-11-17T10:05:21-05:00November 17, 2023|Abortion, Politics|

The Devil Made Me Do It

Donald DeMarco: Fr. Paul Desmarais is a Catholic priest stationed in Rhode Island and an authority on the occult. He speaks of what he regards as the two great lies that Satan, the Father of Lies, uses concerning abortion. The first lie is prior to abortion in which he tells the woman that abortion is no big deal, just a sensible solution [...]

2023-11-17T10:01:21-05:00November 17, 2023|Abortion, Religion, Society & Culture|

Labouring under delusions

Josie Luetke: Interim writer, Josie Luetke, Talk Turkey “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few” (Matthew 9:37). Therefore, the labourers often get asked to do more labour than that for which they have time. In June, I was asked to delegate to the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board to request that they cease to fly the Gay [...]

2023-11-16T11:24:17-05:00November 16, 2023|Abortion, Josie Luetke|

Euthanasia and the churches

Rory Leishman: Nothing can better illustrate the theological degradation of the mainline Protestant churches than their pathetic twists and turnings in their conceptions of murder and assisted suicide. As originally enacted, Section 14 of the Criminal Code provided that anyone who unlawfully kills another person can be found guilty of murder, even if the victim begged to be killed. However, under the [...]

2023-11-16T11:24:42-05:00November 16, 2023|Euthanasia, Rory Leishman|

Saving newborns with safe haven baby boxes

Mary Zwicker: A newborn baby in America has become the fifth child in her state to be safely relinquished by means of a “safe haven baby box” this past year.  On the morning of Monday, July 17, firefighters from Station 1 in Kokomo, Indiana discovered a newborn baby girl inside their fire station’s safe haven baby deposit box, the fifth time in [...]

2023-11-15T08:40:48-05:00November 15, 2023|Society & Culture|

Conservative leader condemns B.C.’s LGBQT school resources

Paul Tuns: John Rustad caused a stir in his first question in the B.C. legislature since being acclaimed leader of the Conservative Party of B.C. in March. On Oct. 3, he questioned the government about its Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policies in schools – a move condemned by the Premier and the Education Minister. Pointing to recent pro-parental rights protests, [...]

2023-11-15T08:12:10-05:00November 15, 2023|Politics, Society & Culture|

Former CLC employee Marianne Dose, RIP

Interim Staff: Marianne Dose, a former Campaign Life Coalition office worker, died on July 12 at the age of 76. Dose worked for CLC from 2000-2006, doing general office work, answering the phone, and inputting names and contact information into the organization’s database. One year, she took part in the Silent No More witness following the National March for Life in Ottawa, [...]

2023-11-13T11:30:04-05:00November 13, 2023|Abortion, Religion|

Trudeau celebrates International Safe Abortion Day

Paul Tuns: On Sept. 28, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement affirming his government’s support for abortion both domestically and abroad to mark International Safe Abortion Day and tweeted his support for abortion. Trudeau tweeted, “In Canada, abortions have been a safe and legal part of health care since 1988. We’ll make sure that continues to be the case. We’ll [...]

2023-11-13T10:35:22-05:00November 13, 2023|Abortion, Politics|

The Death of Public School

The Death of Public School: How Conservatives Won the War Over Education in America Cara Fitzpatrick (Basic, $40, 375 pages) With a title like The Death of Public School: How Conservatives Won the War Over Education in America Cara Fitzpatrick’s book could be a victory lap by a right-wing writer at the growth of school choice in recent decades so families can [...]

2023-11-10T11:47:09-05:00November 10, 2023|Issues|

Ontario school board hides gender transitions from parents

Paul Tuns: A leaked York Region District School Board memo reveals that the public school board has directed teachers to keep gender transitions of their students secret from their parents.  The Sept. 28 memo was leaked to independent journalist Chanel Pfahl, a former educator. It states, “Parents should not be contacted without the student’s consent about any change in identifiers.” The memo, [...]

2023-11-10T11:25:40-05:00November 10, 2023|Marriage and Family, Society & Culture|
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