You don’t get to give up

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke Some friends of mine have been floating around the idea of leaving the pro-life movement and retreating into family life or their careers. I have seen it happen before – students worried about becoming social pariahs or about potential employers seeing politically incorrect content on their social media or in a google search of their name [...]

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Pediatricians report euthanasia requests for babies, teens

A survey of 1,050 pediatricians found that about 11 per cent of them (118) report being approached by children, teens, or their parents about euthanasia or assisted-suicide a total of 409 times. The survey, conducted by the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program, a joint project of the Canadian Paediatric Society and the Public Health Agency of Canada, found that most conversations were exploratory [...]

2017-11-06T08:46:16-05:00November 6, 2017|Activism, Euthanasia|

Pro-life leader tells Trudeau to stop lying about abortion

CLC national president Jim Hughes corrects prime minister for insisting abortion is a Charter right. Jim Hughes, national president of Campaign Life Coalition, wrote an open letter to Justin Trudeau asking the Prime Minister to stop saying abortion is a Charter right. Hughes writes, “It is unbecoming for the Prime Minister of Canada today to deliberately utter a falsehood and [...]

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40 Days for Life organizer vs. Bill 163

Editor’s Note: Genevieve Carson, coordinator of Mississauga 40 Days for Life, read the following statement before the standing committee on general government on Oct. 20 during hearings on Bill 163, An Act to enact the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017. Genevieve Carson of Mississauga 40 Days for Life speaks to committee on Liberal bill banning pro-life witness at abortion [...]

2017-11-03T10:45:36-04:00November 3, 2017|Abortion Law, Activism, Politics, Pro-Life|

Bill 163 committee hearing

Silent No More, midwives, and a city councilor among presenters On Oct. 19, 17 stakeholders and other interested parties made presentations to the standing committee on general government to speak for or against Bill 163, the  Protecting a Woman’s Right to Access Abortion Services Act, 2017, which was introduced by the provincial Attorney General two weeks earlier and was being fast-tracked to [...]

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The myth of the violent pro-lifers

Pro-life activist Bill Whatcot at a Metro Police station after a June 1999 assault. On May 29, Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced that the government was planning on implementing bubble zones, or “safe access zones,” around Ontario abortion facilities. Considering that it was calling for something that cannot truthfully be interpreted as anything other than a restriction on the [...]

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Ontario aims to reinstate injunction against pro-lifers

The Ontario Liberal government is aiming to reinstate a 1994 temporary injunction that bans pro-life activity in front of abortion centers, claiming it was dismissed five months ago by mistake. The attorney general’s office brought an urgent motion last month to reinstate the 24-year-old interim injunction. It was issued by Justice George Adams as part of a $500,000 lawsuit for damages that [...]

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2017 National March for Life

On May 11, more than 15,000 Canadian pro-lifers participated in the National March for Life in Ottawa, and thousands more took part in regional marches in various provincial capitals including Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, and Halifax. Fredericton was the site of a pro-life march a week later. The theme of the 2017 March was “Life, We stand on guard for Thee,” tying [...]

Injunction bans New Brunswick pro-life protests

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Reginald Leger banned 40 Days for Life from protesting outside the Chaleur Regional Hospital in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Leger granted a permanent injunction against the pro-life activists demonstrating against the hospital where abortions are committed. The sweeping court order bans pro-life activists from demonstrating anywhere on the hospital grounds. Ronald Jessulat, a defendant, said members of 40 [...]

Queen’s Park hearings on euthanasia

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shunned by committee Alex Schadenberg The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, the largest international anti-euthanasia group, was refused a request to provide an oral presentation to the Liberal-dominated Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs at Queen’s Park. The committee is studying Bill 84, which will govern the implementation of doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia in Ontario after the federal [...]

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Volunteers are backbone of Campaign Life’s work

Every day, around 9 a.m., Nicole walks into the Campaign Life Coalition office in Toronto, sits down at her desk, turns on her computer and starts to take on the tasks that were assigned to her by the office manager. Updating the database and sorting through petitions are usual day-to-day responsibilities, but as a certified graphic designer and experienced photographer, she’s also [...]

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Woman risks arrest to pray in abortion mill

A pro-life woman who entered a Toronto abortion facility Dec. 14 intending to hand out pro-life cards and pray, was able to stay for a considerable time praying, avoiding arrest only after a man in the waiting room begged staff not to call the police. Making the event even more unusual is that the abortion facility is the exact same one that [...]

2017-01-24T08:01:24-05:00January 28, 2017|Activism, Pro-Life|

Student unions held to account on free speech

Law Matters John Carpay Campus free speech hits a temporary road block in October, wih an Ontario court ruling against Students for Life at Ryerson. Since 2013, these pro-life students have been denied their right to set up a campus club by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). Without status as a registered campus club, the students cannot set up a table on [...]

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CLC hires new youth leader

Marie-Claire Bissonnette Marie-Claire Bissonnette grew up pro-life. Her family has been involved in pro-life activism since she was a child, taking the kids along to LifeChain, the National March for Life, and Show the Truth. She jokes that part of her family tradition was to go to Show the Truth rather than summer vacation. In Grade 7, she gave a [...]

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