As I pen these words, you probably think that, as a beginning-of-the-year column, I would be looking back at the previous year. Indeed, there were numerous glimmers of hope, showing that the abortion debate is far from over in this country.

Despite the globeandmailtorontostar’s view that those who oppose abortion are unfit to run for office, their loud protestations merely confirm that abortion continues to be stigmatized.

(For those journalists who attended public school, I mean by that that abortion still is not legitimate medicine.)

I’m going to look ahead and make a prediction. Stephanie Gray and her merry band of full-time activists are going to continue to make waves and change minds on abortion.

Her group, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, is going to continue to change and influence the abortion debate in Canada.

In fact, at this time next year, I predict we will be writing about how this new group of young activists has managed to get abortion back in the media again.

Of course, there will be protests. The tired old purveyors of choice at the globeandmailtorontostar will howl as people talk about abortion again.

Tough! It’s high time that we made people talk about it again. This dirty, filthy immoral operation called abortion deserves to be talked about. As more and more young people see that the human moral equivalent of the baby seal slaughter is abortion, they will align themselves with these brave new activists in droves.

Even the so-called pro-choice movement knows this. Why do you think they are cowards when it comes to debating this new breed of pro-life activist? In October, no pro-abortion advocate would debate Stephanie Gray at the University of Waterloo. This is hardly a unique phenomenon. They know, without a shadow of a doubt, they cannot win a moral argument when the stakes are human life. And babies at that.

Watch for the purveyours of choice to advocate restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly on these pro-lifers. On the streets and on campuses are the places where ideas are presented, where debates are won and lost.

So far – and they know this – the “choice” crowd is losing ground. So they will turn to taking away democratic rights in hopes of silencing the debate.

My prediction for this next year: it’s going to be an exciting one to watch.