Before the little monsters, goblins and witches come knocking on your door bellowing trick or treat; a little word of warning. Besides opening their sacks for treats, some of the hopeful creatures may request a donation to UNICEF.

After the evening’s activity, the monsters and other hideous creatures remove their masks revealing innocent little children, excited with the fun they had and with the anticipation of their hard won goodies. However, when the mask is removed from the UN International Children’s Fund we find not innocence but a hideous monster.

The latest offering from UNICEF was their Report The Progress of Nations 1996. Looking at this report as well as their report entitled Girlhood: A Perilous Path, one is most impressed by the research findings presented and is ready to hoist the pro-life, pro-woman, pro-family banner over the wonderfully humanitarian UN organization. Let’s take a look…

These reports quote statistics and researched information that any pro-life researcher would have been privileged to have found. The Progress f Nations 1996 notes that about 585, 000 women die each year from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. It goes on to mention that for every woman who dies, approximately 30 more suffer injuries and disabilities such as rupture of the uterus, prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, and lower genital tract injuries, make life miserable for millions. Then, incredibly, this UN organization actually admits that one of the main causes of this suffering is abortion!

“Girlhood: A Perilous Path” goes even further by demonstrating the horror of abortion in its assault against women. Parts of the report are so moving they deserve repetition.

“Millions of women are missing. There is no outcry – no newspaper headline demanding action; no interviewer berating those responsible. These women were not victims of some horrendous war, flood or famine. They simply didn’t survive the perilous path of girlhood…The end result is that there are somewhere between 60 to 100 million fewer women than there should be. And this attack on women often starts in the womb. Before birth test which show the gender of the unborn child may be used to abort female embryos…”

Doesn’t this sound great for pro-life? Doesn’t it make donations to UNICEF via the ‘trick or treat’ boxes a great idea? No Way!!! This is a huge deception, it is a TRICK!

When one studies these reports further the true (anti-life) face of UNICEF is revealed. UNICEF’s pro-abortion stance is clear as one sees from the Progress of Nations 1996 report which suggests that although abortions are a major cause of women’s suffering this is due to the problem that the abortions are “unsafe.” Thus the solution is to “provide” family planning and “safer” abortions.

The second report Girlhood: A Perilous Path maintains the UNICEF deference to its sacred cow of abortion. Despite pointing clearly at the obvious discrimination against women caused by selective abortion they fail to condemn the procedure. The document’s solutions include better education for women and “Programs to tackle the social problems that drive girls and women into poverty and prostitution,” but conspicuously absent is any hint of negativism toward abortion.

It now becomes understandable that in order for innocent little children to solicit money for this organization they must don monster masks to be fitting representatives of UNICEF. Let the repeated chorus “Trick or Treat” be a sober reminder… UNICEF wears a pro-family mask – it’s a TRICK!

Pro-life supporters in the Toronto area might want to conider supporting the Canadian Food for Children organization, which donates food items to needy families in the developing world. Formerly known as the Co-workers of Mother Teresa, the organization has been providing important pro-life, pro-family work since 1984.

Canadian Food for Children is planning its own fundraising campaign involving Trick or Treaters this Halloween. Even if they don’t come to your door, a donation to the group would go a long way to helping developing world children deal with poverty, disease and a lack of opportunity for improvement.