Ottowa – In February 1992 Jean Chretien announced the creation of a “Special task Force on Women.”  On April 22 the members of this Liberal Party Committee were announced, four to represent the Liberal Caucus and four to represent the party.

Seven of the eight members are pro-abortion feminists: Mary Clancy, MP (Halifax); Marlene Catterall, MP (Ottawa West); David Walker, MP (Winnipeg, North Centre); Joen Kouri, Pointe Claire, Quebec; Dr. Hedy Fry, Vancouver; Lucie Pepin (former MP) Montreal ; Ann-Marie Tingley, Tide Head, N.B.

Bob Speller, MP (Haldimand-Norfolk) is the only member who does not fit this general pro-feminist picture.

Clancy and Kouri are co-chairs.

One of the tasks of this Special Task Force, as pointed out in the pess released on February 19, 1992, is to encourage more women to enter the political process in the hope of making the Liberal party the political voice for Canadian women.

Needless to say, the Task Force will see to it that only “politically correct” women will be chosen.