The painful truth

In early February, Saskatoon Alliance for Life printed a tabloid called Unmasking Planned Parenthood to be inserted into the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. The insert was instigated in response to Planned Parenthood’s application for provincial funding.  The pro-abortion reaction ranged from hate mail and threatening phone calls to breaking alliance for Life’s windows and persuading the Star-Phoenix not to distribute the remaining 30,000 tabloids.  What caused the uproar was the insert’s expose of PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, and her ties with Ernst Rudin, founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygienics.  The truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?

Defining the family

On March 15, a special three-judge panel of the Ontario court ruled that nder Canadian law, a marriage can only take place between a man and a woman, and not between two homosexuals.  The court ruled that Pierre Beaulne and Todd Layland were not discriminated against when they were refused a marriage license because they were homosexual.  In his ruling, Justice Southey said one of the principal purposes of marriage is “the founding and maintaining of families in which children will be produced and cared for.”  No, we’re not making this one up.  These are the actual words of an actual Ontario court justice.

“Dr. Death” pleads the Fifth

In an incredible move, a coroner’s inquest in Roseville, Michigan decided to clear Jack Kevorkian of any criminal action in the assisted suicide of a chronically ill man.  Kevorkian, the suicide doctor, had been accused of assisting in the death of Hugh Gale.  Accordidng to Kevorkian’s own medical report, Mr. Gale changed his mind at the last moment.  However, it was too late to revive him.  Kevorkian, his assistant, and Cheryl Gale, the patient’s wife, all refused to testify at the hearing by pleading he Fifth Amendment.  Mrs. Gale has, in turn, filed a $10 million law suit against those who initiated the inquest.  Among other things, Gale’s suit seeks damages for defamation, invasion of privacy, humiliation and personal injury.  It also accuses Oakland County (Mich.) prosecutor Richard Thompson of caling Kevorkian “Jeffery Dahmer in a lab coat.”

Henry wants a piece of PEI

Word out of Prince Edward Island says that Henry Morgentaler is beginning proceedings to force the province to permit abortions.  Sources maintain he’ll rely on his favourites – banning abortion is against the Charter and the Canada Health Act.  Morgentaler will, most likely, work with the provincial NDP.  However, both Tory leader Patricia Mella and Liberal Premier Catherine Callbeck are on record as saying their parties will do everything in their power to prohibit Morgentaler and his activities from invading the province.  We’ve all heard this line many times before.  Dare we hope that this time they actually mean it?