Delegates at the recent annual general meeting of Alliance for Life passed a resolution urging all Canadian pro-lifers to join the Upjohn boycott, initiated by National Right to Life in the U.S.


Upjohn is the first modern pharmaceutical company to turn from making life-saving drugs to producing drugs whose only purpose is to kill.  Their Prostin F2 alpha is used exclusively for aborting the unborn.  Their Prostin E2 vaginal suppository is often used as an aortifacient.  They contend that their Prostin 15M shot is used almost exclusively to control post-partum haemorrhaging.


Upjohn continues to fund research on their prostaglandin abortifacients.  At a Planned Parenthood annual meeting in Los Angeles, Dr. Henry Foster reported on the use of prostaglandin vaginal suppositories for the induction of early abortion.  Of 60 women, the abortion was complete in 54, required surgery in five and was an “inexplicable failure” when a live, normal infant was delivered.  (Ob Gyn News, January 15, 1984).


Currently, Upjohn is researching a new drug, a suppository known as Meteneprost, that could be used for early abortions, possibly self-administered at home.


National Right to Life Committee president, Dr. John C. Wilke, has stated that “our good-faith, sustained effort to convince the Upjohn company to get out of the abortion business has failed.”


Upjohn refused to take Prostin F2 alpha off the market.  As a result, ‘we are calling on all right to life people, patients, doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists world-wide to boycott Upjohn products until and unless the company redirects its lethal energies to life-affirming actions,” Wilke said.


In Canada, Upjohn products are also used in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and are marketed under the name Tuco.  Boycott Tuco products also, find alternate brands.


Your boycott if Upjohn products should be accompanied by a letter of protest to let the company know how you feel.  Write to the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company, 7000 Portage Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001, U.S.A., and Tuco Products Company, 40 Centennial Road, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 3T3.


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